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  • Yeah.

  • If you want a simple yes or no, you're gonna have to finish the question.

  • I just sure the way you were staring at me, I thought you were gonna have speak for something a little more exciting.

  • Like what?

  • Use your imagination I'm using.

  • Let me know when you're finished.

  • They tell me she's a bit player.

  • Mingo, not the Joey A dinos.

  • That's Virginia Hill.

  • That's Flamingo.

  • I don't get no idea.

  • Has been no crazy, Joe.

  • We could get no woman's worth A bullet between the eyes and my right a row Depends on whose eyes and which woman.

  • Look, you're Ben Siegel and I'm Virginia Hill.

  • Okay, now, why you so interested in a gal who's going with your friends?

  • What friend?

  • Joey, A friend of mine is Associative associate.

  • You still with him?

  • If it was New Year's Eve, he would be my date.

  • Would you date be wife, wife?

  • Esther.

  • Esther.

  • Esther E S T A.

  • Good.

  • Let me guess.

  • All that s t lives her life faithful to her one and only Ben, who plays around like a jack rabbit on the side and lies about it through his teeth.

  • I don't like That's noble.

  • What do you do?

  • Confess your sins three times a day.

  • Now, what exactly does Mr ESTA want from this region?

  • Right now, Mr Esta is having a tremendous amount of difficulty imagining anything he doesn't want from Miss Virginia.

  • Are you ready for a divorce, Mr Siegel?

  • Never.

  • Wow.

  • My Oh, my, You pretty ferocious for moms concerned, aren't you?

  • The rest of the time, you just another good looking, sweet talking charm oozing fuck.

  • Happy fellow with nothing to offer but some dialogue.

  • Dialogue's cheap in Hollywood.

  • Ben, why don't you run outside and jerk yourself a soda?


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Bugsy (1991) - That's Flamingo Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

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