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Okay, so this is week three of our update on our stay at home life.
Um, so they has actually, April 1st when I'm recording this.
So happy April Fool's Day to everybody.
Right now the U.
Has the most cases were nearly 200,000 cases right now, and a lot of that is at the epicenter in New York.
They have been going through so much.
The hospitals are running out of medical supplies or protective gear and they don't have enough hospital beds.
So things are looking pretty dire up there.
So the governor of Florida put in a stay at home order today statewide, where I live in Tampa Bay.
Our mayor had already put in the stay at home order since last Friday.
So we've already been going through it for about a week.
So that means, is that you know, we just have to stay at home as much as we can.
And we can only go out for essentials like grocery shopping, hospital visits, dog walks, things like that.
And all non essential businesses have to close down.
For now, Restaurants can also stay open, but only for take out or delivery job wise, I'm OK.
But there are so many other people are losing their jobs getting laid off the U.
Government actually just put in this two trillion daughters stimulus package out.
That's actually starting this month, and some us our majority of the U.
Citizens will get $1200 to just stimulate the economy.
So we'll see how that goes and see if it will help out some people New York has been under lock down for for some time now.
So they ah, lot of the residents have been escaping in and trying to come down in Florida.
So Florida had to put a stop to that, too.
So if they caught people flying in, they would quarantine them for 14 days.
And now they're also patrolling the borders and screening anybody that comes through the Florida border if they drive in because Florida is already doing pretty bad.
I mean, our cases are, you know, growing a pretty fast, because just last week I think we're 3000 cases, and just today we're nearly at 7000 cases.
Now, I'm still enjoying my stay at home life.
I really enjoy it.
I like taking the time to myself and catching up a home.
All the things I've been putting off.
I love spending time with Kuma.
Um, yeah, actually, this week or next week, I was supposed to go back into work, but they extended it.
Teoh, April 17th.
But I think they're gonna have to extend that again because of the President Trump's message.
Teoh, stay at home until April 30th so we'll see.
Um but I'm kind gonna miss working from home every day, actually.
But I know for a lot of people, it is hard.
It is hard to stay at home all the time and not being able to, you know, have that human interaction.
Social media can be made This video just last week on how we stay positive throughout this time.
And so we did like this video of 12 ways to stay positive.
And so if you're feeling down about this whole situation, watch that video and see if any of those chips help you out Really?
Helps us out.
That decorating is You got this new wallpaper.
I actually got some wallpaper.
T I just haven't gotten to you yet.
Hopefully I'll get to it sometimes the secret next week So I could have, like, a nice background next time I stopped by the grocery store once only once this time I feel like last time I recorded it went like three or four times.
But this time I just had to go to get some ingredients.
Guess where that about Wome.
Our my new favorite, please.
Eso today is Friday, March 27th and I had to come grocery shopping again because, um, I didn't have any garlic.
I need a garlic and, um, the Pam cooking spray for, you know, baking.
Um So since I'm here, of course, I have to check if they have, you know, the essential things that everybody is looking for.
Still no toilet paper.
The whole row is empty.
I did find oil.
The oil was already start, so that was great.
She got myself about a vegetable oil and then I saw that the pasta section waas be stocked as well.
I mean, of course, almost empty.
But I did grab a box of noodles and kangas air being already stored too.
So things are being restocked and I am able to find most of the things I need.
I also started wearing gloves today.
I've had these powder free form fitting disposable gloves.
Actually got this a while ago.
About a month ago when my sister in Japan told me that I should get some sanitizer and gloves for what's to come.
And she was right.
These gloves did come in handy and a sanitizer as well.
So I have sanitizer in my car.
So I have sanitizer here in my car.
And then I also have What What wives?
The anti bacterial hand whites.
So on the weekends, you take too much of the dog park.
I wasn't sure if it was open, but I thought I should drive there to check anyway.
Assets just whose favorite park is quo.
But I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry, but you can't come here.
Coomer was very upset with me that the park was closed.
I kind of felt bad taking her there.
Just got in my home to see it was close because she knows the path that I go on to get to the park.
So as we're approaching, you know she's getting excited.
And then with when we didn't get the car, she was very, very heart broken, so I found another option.
So today is the first full day that the stay at home order is put in place.
I heard that Riverwalk was still open, and Riverwalk is an area near downtown Tampa or in downtown Tampa.
And it's a beautiful area where you can walk along the Hillsborough River and it goes off for I don't know how many miles, but it goes on for a while.
So I decided to come here.
I want to check out the dog park first that's around this area, and that was closed.
So then, you know, I really knew that I had the other option of being able to just walk along the river.
I hope this continues to stay open.
I hope it doesn't get too crowded either, but I don't know, because people are going to get bored and went out of stuff to do.
And it is a really nice area.
I think next time I might just try to come a little bit earlier to enjoy the walk for their less people.
So, yeah, it was nice to do something else for cool for me to It was nice to walk along that river.
I never really do it.
And it's actually pretty close to where I live.
So actually, like this option, I wish I could come off the leash so she could run around on her own a bit, but, I mean, I think she enjoyed it.
I am terrible at sewing.
So I saw that my sister in Japan, Cindy, she was making his face mask, and she was just having such a great time making them.
So I asked her if she could make me some, too.
And she did.
Look, I get this nice Mickey Mouse when she made No, that's if that's perfectly all right.
And then I can easily breathe in these two.
I mean, look how like, nicely made this is so I mean, these were just so nice and so thankful that she made these for me.
Thank you, Cindy.
Yeah, I think that's about it.
On my end.
Let's see what he's doing.
This is Week three of the quarantine.
I'm Candy and I will be here in California in the L A area, and there hasn't some changes.
Its its last week.
First things that changed was that the parks and trails are now officially closed.
So if you know you get hot walking around or hanging out in the parks, you could go to jail.
For us, it's something that's essential.
Your a lot of the house.
But just hanging out outside is not a lot anymore.
On Friday, my girlfriends and I and Crystal, we decided to start our own online social hour, so that was actually really fun.
I haven't actually talked to them in a while, so it was nice to catch up, and I can't believe we were.
We were on the call for, I think, four hour while I was on the phone with my actually my friends on Sky.
That's when I got the public health alert from California that you know, all parks and trails.
We're gonna be closed, which was, you know, when you get those and Bowler, it's on your phone.
It was just like that.
I'm still having issues finding eggs, toilet paper and paper towels.
People love pasta.
I mean, I'm just curious, like even the premium pasta is sold out because it's a simple didn't just just amazes me like how Boston's just so I found a place where I could get eggs at a decent price and I don't have to stand in line.
And that was all from a friend whose her friend told her where.
And sure enough, there were x there and there was no line.
There was hardly new people in there, so it was a small business.
So that is the key.
I find me.
Um I also names on this s eggs or necessity, but it is something that I basically eat every day.
So I kind of hate it when I don't have eggs in my fridge.
But thank you to my neighbor for letting me know where to get eggs at a decent rides and with no lines, I will say I am seeing more people now wearing masks and gloves.
A lot of stores now are handing out plastic glass wall.
Your shopping?
Oh, absolutely.
I'm seeing a lot of the employees not even wearing master glows, So that's kind of interesting, but I started wearing a mask and gloves when I go shopping.
I haven't really done it on my walks just because I'm not around anyone on my walks, but I don't know, sometimes I'm like maybe I should I might start doing it, but it's like I want the fresh air when I go out.
I don't really want to be wearing a mask, so we'll see.
We'll see if things change.
And if I'm, I start to get a little bit more worried.
But right now I'm just wearing my mask and my clubs limb shopping and really, I'm only shopping for food.
I don't really go out to do anything else.
I did get in the mouse on new organic cleaning products, and that has been nice because I've been finding myself washing my hands all the time now and they just getting super super dry and I wash my hands.
I put alcohol and I like alcohol on everything, and my my skin is starting to crack.
So I got this new organic cleaning products and also spray, and it has a lot of oils in it.
So it's been really nice to use that after I clean things and also still keeping up with the usual I am exercising from home this week.
I did exercise outside because the weather finally is nice and it's not rating I wish I couldn't cook the way I used Teoh.
Kind of having to change a little bit the way I cook.
But, you know, I'm still grateful that there is food out there and I'm not really, you know, in dire need of food.
I didn't get a day online, which just arrived the yesterday.
I believe so.
I haven't hooked it up yet, but that will be something that will come into use if I am not able to find toilet paper.
When I ran, I ran out of the ones I I currently have.
Well, that is all for week three.
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SAFE AT HOME Life in Florida and California - Week 3 Vlog - April 1, 2020

93 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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