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  • With the rise of Instagram, it seems like you have to be a multi-millionaire to have

  • some kind of an interesting life.

  • I mean people are posting pics of how they are traveling around the world on a private.

  • Doing crazy stuff, trying new food and vacationing on a yacht.

  • that's like a punch on your self-esteem because you look at yourself, you got nothing,

  • you have your boring job and on weekends you just go to the same bar with the same old friends

  • and do the exact same be fair, at some point of my life, That was me, I mean

  • I was lazy, I wasn't much into life, in fact, I didn't even believe that there is

  • a way to make my life interesting but thank god after getting into self-improvement.

  • I did some changes to my lifestyle that actually started making my life much more interesting.

  • Don't worry, I am not going to tell you, don't be lazy, go and try something new or anything,

  • like or not, you can't be doing crazy new stuff every day, you cant be trying a new

  • food every dinner.

  • most of us have a certain routine we gotta follow to stay productive, including me.

  • But regardless of this routine, there is still a way to make your life much more interesting.

  • And I have made sure that these changes do not require any money, I mean you can do them

  • right now even if you are broke.

  • So no excuse!

  • Get rid of your preconceptions

  • this might sound quite simple and yet it's one of the most difficult things in life.

  • at a certain age, we lock ourselves inside a bubble and think that this is who we are,

  • this what we are interested in and this is what we do, when in reality, we are the way

  • we are because we grew up in a certain environment.

  • If you would have grown up somewhere else, you might a completely different person.

  • That's why I try my best to be open even if that means challenging my deepest beliefs.

  • Because the moment you lock yourself, you stop growing and that's exactly why life gets

  • boring.

  • The reason why life is much more interesting when you are a kid is that you don't have

  • all of this preconception.

  • you are excited to try everything new, excited to new ideas.

  • The moment you get rid of these preconceptions, you will find yourself trying new things,

  • meeting new people, visiting new places.

  • your life starts getting more colorful!

  • Find out what you care about

  • As you get elder, the number of bills that you have to cover grows, the only thing that

  • starts to matter is money.

  • So your entire life is just about making money and paying these bills.

  • There is nothing wrong with that, In fact, I consider making money a noble thing, because

  • you are feeding yourself and your family., but unfortunately, at some point, that makes

  • life meaningless because you have been doing for so long.

  • find something outside your job and fight for it.

  • It might be a passion that you had back when you were a little kid, or you might care about

  • certain people or cause, to become a political activist and fight for it, Like Leonardo DiCaprio

  • who is now climate change activists.

  • Who would have thought?

  • He should get back to acting, I really miss his movies.

  • Or you might want to educate the world as I do here on this channel.

  • I really enjoy sharing my ideas and experiences with you, it gives me so much pleasure.

  • Back in college, I use to work with NGOs to collect money for orphans, homeless or refugees

  • because I really felt like I wanna make a difference in their life.

  • Instagram your life

  • I have never thought I would ever suggest this but social media is becoming much more

  • important than ever, people even judge others based on their Instagram profiles, and the

  • cooler you look there, the more people want to hang out with.

  • Of course, Instagram doesn't really represent anyone's life, just the moments but even these

  • moments could be faked.

  • However we can't really change peoples perception so instead of fighting this reality, how about

  • you embrace it which is what I have started doing recently because for the last 3 years,

  • I have uploaded 3 pictures and since I have started being active, I realized how some

  • peoples perception who don't really know me close enough started changing.

  • So, be open-minded, find what you care about and Instagram your life!

  • And until next time!

With the rise of Instagram, it seems like you have to be a multi-millionaire to have

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3 Ways To Make Your Life More Interesting

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