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  • Our parents are the most important people in our lives and regardless of what kind of

  • life they could give us, we should never complain because they probably did their best.

  • In this video, It will seem like I will be complaining but

  • I am not P, I am thankful to my parents with my life but as a realist, I believe that are

  • certain things that if my parents would have taught me earlier.

  • I would probably be better off.

  • I am not blaming them because they are humans and they aren't meant to be perfect as everyone,

  • but if you are a dad or a mom or when you become one, you gotta make sure you teach

  • these things to your children, and if you are a teenager, learning these things will

  • make your life a hundred times better.

  • my parents grew up in an extremely poor family in a post-soviet republic where they had to

  • go through many hardships to find their way out . life wasn't easy for them since the

  • beginning and all that they dreamed about was to make sure I and my siblings won't

  • suffer like them.

  • they simply wanted us to have a better life than the one they had.

  • that's why they got us into a better school, they paid extra attention to our grades and

  • wanted us to get into college and eventually find a good job in a good company and have

  • a stable income.

  • As much as I appreciate that, that plan would have never made me financially free, I would

  • be living paycheck to paycheck all my life.

  • Only when I grew up and experienced life by myself I realized that, if I want to be on

  • the other side of the spectrum, I have to take some risks.

  • our parents love us so much they are afraid that we will get hurt if we take the extra

  • risk, SO they encourage us to take a more traditional path.

  • But unfortunately, by doing what everyone is doing, you will end up where everyone is.

  • So in order to make more money than most people do, you have to take a different path, which

  • is often more dangerous and risky.

  • and that's something that most parents hesitate to teach their kids, including mine.

  • P

  • we almost didn't talk about money at home.

  • It was something that only my parents would discuss and for some reason, my parents thought

  • that as I will get elder, I will learn everything on my own.

  • Now I am just a little kid, I don't have to bother myself with this kind of things.

  • I gotta go out and there and play with other kids and when I grow up I will somehow understand,

  • but the truth is, just because you get elder doesn't mean you will get financial literate,

  • they are not connected.

  • the only way to learn something is either experience it or learn it from someone else.

  • Do you remember your dad explaining to you why some people pay more taxes while others

  • are less?

  • Do you remember your parents telling the different types of income, why one person manages to

  • make millions while others struggle to make ends meet?

  • Money works in a certain way, it has its rules and principles that you have to understand

  • if you want to make a lot of it.

  • Yes of course, when you grow up and face financial problems, you will learn, but isn't it better

  • if you learn them while you are still a kid so that you make wiser decisions along the

  • way and get financial free earlier.

  • And lastly, social skills can make you more money than you think.

  • This is something that I have learned too late in my life.

  • when you get into the world of business, you realize that alone you won't go far.

  • You need to learn to get along with people, you need the right people on your side, you

  • need to be able to convince people to work with you.

  • Even if you are absolutely genius, without social skills you will probably won't go far.

  • Sometimes all that it requires a great first impression to secure that loan for your business

  • or attract a valuable partner.

  • Even if you are just an employee, the better the socials skills you have, the faster you

  • will be promoted and eventually be paid more.

  • Of course, money isn't the only thing in life, but it's definitely one of the most

  • important things and the earlier you learn how money works and how to make more of it

  • the better it is.

  • So good luck!

Our parents are the most important people in our lives and regardless of what kind of

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