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What is the most downloaded app in the mobile game history?
Yes, you guess it right!
Its angry birds!
It's not another app on the app store, yes, of course, it began there, but the app was
so successful that it took the entire company that created it public and was valued at a
more than a billion dollars.
It's really insane how a simple game on the app store made its founders one of the richest
people on earth.
There aren't many apps that worth over a billion dollar, that's why let's take a
look at how these guys built a multi-billion dollar app.
In January of 2014, the number of downloads across all devices crossed 2 billion.
They might not that popular today but they broke all the records in their time.
In 2012, they made over a 150 million dollars in revenue and a few years later, the growth
didn't stop there at all, in 2017, they doubled that number made almost 300 million
dollars in revenue.
These numbers are insane considering that its just a simple game on the app store and
google store.
- How it all started
However, It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.
In fact, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2009 and almost didn't make it.
Let's take a look at history.
Angry birds wasn't the company's first, second or even third game.
The company made 51 games previously, but none of them worked out.
Before they closed down and declare bankruptcy, they decided to give it another, this time
there was no room for mistakes, they had to concentrate all of their resources and build
one more game.
They sketched multiple games but at the end of the day, they chose this little angry bird.
Using their experiences and the lessons they have learned from past failures, they made
a simple game that's entertaining and addictive.
don't forget that they were in a tied budget.
When the game was launched, it was probably one of the simplest games out there.
And the business model was even simpler.
There was a paid version on the app store for less than a dollar and a free version
on google play but with ads.
However, the founders didn't really focus on making a profit but rather gave the priority
to audience retention and making a profit was second on the list.
That was the reason why they could keep most of their users interested in the app for a
much longer period.
They made sure that updates are always available and users are enjoying the app.
The company made over 100 million dollars in revenue but only recorded 7 million dollars
in profit because everything was reinvested back in the company to give the users the
best experience possible.
And it seems like Their long term strategy term paid off.
When the founders realized that angry birds have become more than just a game, a well-established
brand by itself.
They jumped in and took advantage out of it.
The company launched angry birds toons in 2013, an animated series around the game.
The series was so successful that it was even viewed on Netflix and many other platforms.
In fact, just in its first year, it has received over a billion views.
of course, they didn't stop there, they released angry birds on the run, angry birds
movie in 2016, angry birds star wars and so on.
ANd of course, they have their own merchandise that sells everything from toys to t-shirts.
It might not seem like a big source of income, but they have sold over 10 million angry birds
t-shirts, for example, you just have to do the math to realize how much the company has
They monetized the game to its maximum potentials.
Angry birds are living proof, that success doesn't come overnight.
Even if you fail at your 10th or 12th attempt, it doesn't mean you have failed.
Failure is when you quite, remember, angry birds was their 52nd attempt.
But you shouldn't try again with the same tools and in the same way and expect different
results, that's what insanity is according to Einstein.
How about you step up your skills first and then give it a shot.
here is a little surprise for the first 100 of you.
A 2 month free trial at skillshare if you use this link, it will be in the description.
Skillshare has like over 20 thousand courses on everything, if you are into investing,
for example, you must take this course by business casual, its short and fully animated.
You are going to love!
And of course, don't forget to smash that like and subscribe button first.
thanks for watching and until next time.
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This Game Made Him A Billionaire

26 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 8, 2020
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