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Luck is such a weird thing that's it seems like its impossible to understand.
Your friend who struggled in college gets your dream job, your loser neighbor finds
a super attractive girlfrien d or the dumbest guy in your class stumbles across a multibillion-dollar
idea. and because we don't have any kind of logical
explanation to these events and we don't wanna feel like we are the loser, we call
it luck!
But have you realized that lucky people are usually lucky?
Of course, every now and then even unlucky people get lucky, if you are one, you know
what I am talking.
In this video, we will try to understand what is luck and how does it works, because if
we do that, we can use it to our advantage, I mean come on, who doesn't want to be lucky.
I know that it sounds quite weird, but before you make up your mind, hear me out.
Richard Wiseman, British psychology professor at the University of Hertfordshire conducted
a little experiment to figure out this question, why some people are lucky while others are
The experiment was really simple.
He gave a number of people a newspaper and asked them to simply count the number of pictures
inside it.
Easy! right?!
Most people took around 2 minutes to answer the question because you gotta count them
all one by one, But some people did something different and
figured out the answer in a few seconds.
On the next page, there was a message with large shrift - Stop counting, there are 43
photographs on this paper.
Unlucky people started counting the photophores right from the beginning, which is what an
average person would do, but lucky people, on the other hand, didn't jump right into
counting, they looked around, flipped the pages and saw the message on the second page,
and consequently got to the answer much faster.
The conclusion Wiseman made out of this experiment is, lucky people just don't make fast tempted
decisions but rather first observe, take another look and try not to rush with taking action.
I remember there was a little fire in the building that I was living in back when I
was a little kid so every floor was filled with smoke.
So everyone took the stairs to get out because you can't use the lift when there is fire.
Everyone was stressed out and scared because once we got to the ground floor, the door
didn't open, we almost broke the door because the entire crowd kept pushing.
The funniest part was that there was a girl amongst us who said that, how about you guys
try pulling the door and guess what, we got out.
We didn't even think about that since everyone was scared and so focused to get out!
Quite often we are on emotions so we do not think or observe.
The point is, being lucky or not is a matter of attitude, it's about the way you approach
life in general.
Keep in an open mind always, do not assume that you are right even if you have done it
a hundred times, maybe by giving it a fresh look, you might realize something new.
You might stumble across a new idea if you think outside the box.
What happens usually is that, when you are stressed up or anxious, it's really difficult
to keep an open mind, so be optimistic, regardless of the circumstances.
Don't you always want to be lucky!
In fact, when you have a positive attitude, you naturally come across positive ideas,
you attract positive energy.
just a little disclaimer, it doesn't mean you will suddenly get super lucky and win
the lottery tonight.
Let's just be realistic, but a positive attitude will result in a self-fulfilling prophecy.
And finally, if you smash that like that button, you will definitely get lucky today, but if
you want to be lucky all the time, then you have to hit that subscribe button and turn
on your notifications.
Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.
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This Simple Trick Will Make You Lucky Today

36 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 8, 2020
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