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- Okay, put this one way in the back.
- You guys are finally doing that road trip
you've been talking about, huh?
- Yep, we're WHEEL-y doing it.
- You wanna come with?
- Where are we going?
- Dunno yet.
I'm just gonna throw this dart at a map,
and wherever it lands, that's where we'll go!
- Ohhhh, right in the Oxnard! Hahaha!
- Oww! Owie owie owie.
- Okay, this might sting a bit.
- Santa Barbara, that hurts!
- Sorry, bro.
Just doing the ol' dart-at-a-map thing.
You understand.
- Y'know what I DON'T understand?
Why didn't you just ask ME where to go?
- You? You a travel agent or something?
- Pretty much.
I've been all over these fifty nifty United States of ours.
I've been everywhere, man!
I've been to Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo,
Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota-
- K, we don't need your life story bro.
A simple recommendation would be fine.
- I'll tell you this much,
don't go to Oxnard.
Not this time of year, anyway.
That's wine country.
They're crushing every grape in sight
for the next few months
and any fruit in the area
is liable to become collateral damage.
- Wow, I had no idea
Central California was so dangerous.
- So lemme ask you this,
where have you guys already visited?
- I mean, we don't really get out too much.
Not since the ol' Nerville days, anyway.
- Okay, so where, might I ask,
is this kitchen located?
Where are we right now?
- Um...
- Uh...
- Hold on.
You guys don't even know
where in the world you LIVE??
- If I had to guess I'd say riiiight
You hit me in Louisiana!
- Nothing gets BAYOU! Hahaha!
- Ughhh.
How 'bout this:
what's somewhere you'd LIKE to go?
- Ooh! Ooh!
Little Apple wants to go to St. Paul.
- I do?
- Sure-
you'll feel right at home in MINI-sota.
- GRR!
- I think we should tour the Northeast-
Boston, Lexington, Gettysburgh...
- More like Gettys-bore. Hahaha!
- (sighs)
Orange, you have no sense of history.
Do you even know where
the Declaration of Independence was signed?
- Sure. At the bottom.
- Ughh.
- Okay, okay--
let's plan a trip for the Northeast.
But once we get to Buffalo,
I say we WING it. Hahaha!
- Does he always make bad jokes like this?
- Buddy, that's the best joke he's told in weeks.
- Okay, might I offer a suggestion or two?
Cuz I've been all over these 50 states,
and there's so much to see.
Sandy beaches, spectacular vistas,
lighthouses, windmills--
- Ooh, windmills? I'm a huge FAN. Hahaha!
- UGH. Okay, well what do you guys think
about visiting the Pacific Northwest?
- Could be fun...
say, what's the capital of Washington?
- "W." Hahaha!
- Say, you know what's nice this time of year?
Kansas City.
- Sounds good.
- Whoa-really? You All agree on Kansas City?
- Sure, why wouldn't we?
After all MISSOURI loves company. HAHAHA!
Listen, can we just hit the road already?
I can't stand being cooped up in the kitchen
with this orange.
Somebody just fold me up
and we'll be on our way.
- Okay, let's see here...
- No. The other way.
- Um-
- The OTHER other way!
- Little help here, fellas?
- Little help?
I know just the apple for that. Hahaha!
- Sorry bro, this is just really hard and-
- ENOUGH! This is not working out!
The folding, the puns...
I think it's best
if everyone just took a deep breath.
There is no reason we have to leave right this moment--
I just want to relax, collect my thoughts...
let's just put a pin in this.
- Map's right, you guys--
let's put a dart in this.
- That's not what I--
(upbeat music)
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Annoying Orange - Annoying States of America!

21 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 8, 2020
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