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from the person who worked craft services on LA La Land.
You have to watch this nominee Oscar winner were important.
No, I'm not true Story.
Cameo way Got guns, but you know it's gonna get for an Oscar.
Looks familiar, right?
Well, welcome to awards season.
Oscar buzz is a buzzing, and we see the trailers to prove it.
But have you ever wondered if there's a formula for crafting an Oscar bait trailer each year in order to lobby Oscar voters?
Studios spend an additional 3 to $10 million for film.
Why would a studio wanna win an Oscar So bad Academy?
In previous years, best picture nominees could see a bump of up to 90% increases in box office sales.
But since 2013 no best picture has made more than seven million at the box office after winning an Oscar.
So while the Oscar bump may bring less box office money than it used to, it's still all about the Prestige one.
Amazon's Manchester by the Sea or Netflix's Roma are best picture nominees and even win in other categories.
It signals top filmmakers that streaming platforms are viable alternatives to the traditional studio system.
In short, Oscars have tremendous value.
So what tools and tropes.
Two trailers used to bait audiences into believing that they are worthy of an Oscar.
We're gonna play a little wears Waldo.
You hear the truth?
We're gonna posit we're gonna see how many weekend identify Ready.
Women are everywhere.
We'll let them play golf and tennis now charged on the phone because you called me a skirt.
You can separate there.
So we got what big issue Oscar loves films that make a point of changing hearts and minds.
So whether it's addressing racial inequality, gender discrimination, rampant sexism or other hot button social issues, trailers bring subtext to the forefront.
So you know, just what Change your supporting by seeing the film.
Wait, am I gonna be the story?
No, no, I'm gonna be the story.
Nobody stops.
Prosthetic action.
Make a formative.
Whether it's drastically gaining or losing weight or adding jaw dropping prosthetics, Oscar worthy films are no stranger to actors taking their performances to the next physical level.
And those transformations air usually revealed an Oscar bait trailers as an additional selling point audio ready to go to war.
Oh yeah, All right.
So we've gotten bombshell, which is a little different than the next trailer, which is going to be heartwarming, but a biopic.
What is it?
Would you be mine?
Put your mind, please.
Vote my neighbor.
You got the shot of tea, Hank.
Right here, Mr Rogers.
Card again.
Do you consider yourself a hero?
Truth, as I say, is stranger than fiction.
So it's no wonder that the Oscars, often on her filmmakers for mining the history that informs our present.
In fact, since 2010 30 best picture nominees were based on it.
So we're sticking along the lines of Based on a true story.
Things have gotten A with Friends Academy Award, where Robin Dinero Pacino I Can't Do It.
It is his with three Academy Award winners in a row.
And, of course, one of the easiest ways to lure audiences is to make a point of showcasing all the star power of film has to offer.
Every single trailer we've seen has been a quote unquote Oscar, baby, what is it about them that they're trying to get us to do?
And did they succeed?
I think to a large extent, they have succeeded because just upon watching these, I feel is, though I need to see them.
It does create that fear of missing out and not being a part of the conversation.
And these air these look good.
They've struck the notes that I respond to and the draw me in.
So while each Oscar bait trailer might not use the exact same formula there, definitely using the same ingredients Thean result obviously doesn't definitively translate toe Oscar winds.
But it engages you in the same way a winner would.
And while the right trailer could make just about anything seem, Oscar worthy audiences still have to actually like the movie itself.
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The 3 tropes of an Oscar-bait trailer [Advertiser content from Dell]

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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