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- Yo, what's up, this is Lil Yachty,
and this is everything I eat in a day.
(calm music)
The first thing I do when I wake up
is usually check my phone.
Then I get up, and I don't really eat, unless it's, like,
a morning time thing, I wake up
and I have to go do something, but usually when I wake up
on a daily basis, I don't really eat.
I just got into chips.
I didn't eat chips for a while,
I didn't really care for chips, but chips are kind of cool.
The right kind of chips.
These chips from Japan, well, they from Canada,
but they sell them in Japan, and they maple chips.
They taste like syrup, whoa.
It's these honey cheese, no,
it's these honey hot cheese puffs.
I sound like a fat kid, but they are crazy.
They're not Cheetos either, that's this off brand,
my mom found them, shout out to my mom, she found them,
and they go crazy.
They so hot and so good that you can't stop
because if you stop your mouth is hot,
so you just got to keep eating them to stop the heat.
Phew, crazy.
I also like Lay's Honey, I think they called
Honey Barbecue chips, yeah, I think they Honey Barbecue.
I like barbecue chips, too, but that honey barbecue,
that's like the gold bag, those go crazy.
Cheeto puff popcorn, I ate too.
Not the popcorn, but the puffs.
Not the puffs, but like the puff popcorn.
I love Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.
I got about 40 boxes at the house.
- [Interviewer] 40?
- Yeah, okay, so it's this thing.
When I realize that Girl Scout season is approaching,
I start ordering them, and then I be forgetting
and I order them from somewhere else.
So I order like 15 from this girl, then my mom order me,
like, six boxes, and my grandma got me some,
then this chick had got me some,
sold me like (beep)ing 20.
I don't know if that just added up to 40,
but I have like 40 boxes.
I'm getting tired of them.
Aw, man, I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bars.
There's two different kind, there's the long kind
that says King Size, and then there's the smaller kind,
but they're not the same brand.
Aw, man, me and my security one time,
we drove around Florida, Miami, for an hour.
I wouldn't say Miami, because I think about that time,
we was getting to the end, we were getting out of Miami,
for an hour, looking for these Cinnamon Toast Crunch
cereal bars, we couldn't find them, they're so good!
I wanted them so bad I wouldn't stop.
We just kept going different gas stations,
we kept going, we kept going, we kept going,
we kept going, we kept going, we kept going.
Demar, did we find them?
- [Demar] No.
- We didn't find them.
But it's all good though.
I love sour gummy octopus, yes.
Also, there's this candy from Japan that's like, Hi-Chews.
It's like a Hi-Chew with Nerds in it.
So there's these Smarties squeeze candies.
You making me think about all my snacks I like,
it's so good!
You know Smarties, right?
Like if you could take Smarties and unwrap them,
but crush it up and make it squeeze candy,
oh, man, I got like six boxes, they were so good.
Until I started wearing them out,
I had so many I kept eating it, then it start getting nasty,
you know, because like if you eat something too much,
I mean, it's only good for so long, right?
Cool, so I like SpongeBob Krabby Patty gummies, too.
You know those, like the gummies,
like the Krab Patty gummies, those go crazy.
And the gummy pizzas, now I don't like the gummy pizzas,
but the gummy hot dogs, like it's like a hot dog,
but you can tear it apart and it's a gummy.
We love yellow M&Ms, that's a classic.
That's probably the first candy I can remember.
My mama used to eat Mr. Goodbars when I was younger,
but Mr. Goodbars made me feel like an old man.
They just sound like an old man candy.
- [Interviewer] Do you ever eat fruits or vegetables?
- I've never ate them, no, no.
- [Interviewer] Even if someone makes you?
- Who gon' make me do what?
- [Interviewer] I don't know, like, a doctor?
- Side rep, you crazy.
You got me thinking, I could keep going, I mean,
even more than candy, though, I (beep) with, like,
I love exotic sodas, like bubble gum soda,
cotton candy soda, red cream soda from Barq's,
I love cream soda, so many cream sodas we could go down.
Orange cream soda, vanilla cream soda.
Canada Dry, they make, I just found out, not just,
but maybe like a year ago, they make sodas
that aren't ginger ale, like, they make regular sodas.
They have a vanilla cream soda.
That was a moment of silence.
They have a vanilla cream soda that goes so crazy.
Now let's move on to Sprite.
Sprite Tropical Mix, now the Tropical Mix, my theory is,
it's a reincarnation of Sprite Remix.
It's the best flavor Sprite of all time.
Well, look, Sprite LeBron Mix was crazy too.
But that was a long time ago.
Mistics, whoo, Mistics go dumb, and for anybody
who hasn't had a Mistic you missing out on life.
Mistics are hard.
I don't drink tea, tea sucks.
Anybody who drinks tea is going to grow old quick.
Any wing spot that has peach juice
probably has a low rating.
It's probably dirty in the back, but it's good.
What else you want to get into?
- Who loves orange soda?
- Yeah, I don't (beep) with orange soda, I just don't.
I don't know why, don't judge me.
I used to really love root beer, you know why?
Because me and my dad used to go to Cracker Barrel
when I was a kid and when we would go to Cracker Barrel
they'd give you a root beer and it'd be in a bottle,
and I would drink it like it's a beer
and I would act like I was drunk.
Oh, shit.
That shit going to make me look crazy, but, okay,
that's everything I eat in a day.
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Everything Lil Yachty Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

11 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 7, 2020
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