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Mr Moody X Order Ministry malcontent in your new defense against the dark arts teacher.
I'm here because Dumbledore asked me End of story.
Good by the end.
Any questions?
When it comes to the dark arts, I believe in a practical approach.
But first, which of you can tell may many unforgivable courses that are three, sir There, so named Because they are unforgivable.
You spending one of the world are new A one way ticket to us.
The Minister says you're too young to see what these Carson's do.
I say different.
You need to know what they're up against.
You need to be prepared.
Need to find another place to put your chewing gum.
Besides the under side of your desk, Mr Finnegan.
The old cause You can see it.
I'm here across classrooms.
So which course truly see first Weasley?
Yes, son.
Gives a course well with.
But Dad did tell me about one.
The imperious cause Your father would know all about that.
If the Minister quite a bit of grief a few years ago.
Abstinence will show you why.
No beauty, Won't you period a harmless?
He bites.
What do you last night.
Get What did I ever do that at the window drowned herself?
Scores of witches on wizards claimed that they only did.
You know who's bidding under the influence of the imperious course.
But here's the rub.
How do we sort out the liars?
Another another gonna bottom, is it?
Professor Sprout tells me you haven't aptitude for herbology.
That's the, um, the crew she artists Brent.
Come, come.
Nasty torture cars.
Okay, doing it.
Um, you could give us the last unforgivable Kearse.
Miss Granger killing cars.
One person is known to have survived it, and he's sitting in this room.
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The Unforgiveable Curses | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 7, 2020
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