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  • Yeah.

  • You wanna play some dress up?

  • Hey, Vogue.

  • And welcome to my lovely boat.

  • Come with me.

  • Okay, so can you go ahead and truffle up, believing the cards, trust the cards.

  • You got the princess of this.

  • You're pretty cool person.

  • So a night in for me consists primarily of revitalizing myself.

  • So I dio a lot of meditation.

  • You the terror cards, bats to help myself.

  • Here's my bedroom.

  • It's my lovely safe space.

  • I'm gonna put on a record.

  • I'm taking Britney Spears off.

  • Typically in my own time.

  • I'm not really lets into Britney Spears.

  • They're McChrystal's.

  • We have a much, um I'm in tune with my lipid ally because it really helps me with my intuition.

  • Keep some of my third eye, which is the shocker that it pertains to.

  • So I would really, really recommend for you guys to get some good old Doc Marine are at least a tiger's eye.

  • Arka Marine tigers.

  • I just kind of helps everything flow and call me and protect me at the same time.

  • I'm kind of the person that gives a book to all of my friends all the time.

  • I am reading Woman who run with bulls.

  • It's an amazing book if you're a wild woman and you kind of already noted, that means if the if you are one, I really, really, really love this deck.

  • I am no expert in terror cards, but I try my best.

  • You can start with the basic past president.

  • Future reading.

  • As I shuffled on, I'm gonna think about my life and in general, sent today.

  • I got success.

  • I'm feeling pretty successful.

  • Here's some of my Florida water dab, some of it on.

  • It's good for protection in my bath day.

  • I'm using which queen herbs and blessing to prepare me for tomorrow to make me grateful up today.

  • Gotta keep the coconut oil and the shame Oyster close.

  • Tell me Central's Tibetan bulls are a way we can conjure general beats and actual sonic tones, which are really helpful in aiding with you to meditate.

  • This is a part of the evening routine.

  • Every night, apart of going out routine, a part of the whenever I need it routine, your body is always speaking to you, and you need a little extra umph when you're feeling that so vibrant these air, one of the things that can really help you to get you Do we need to be?

  • They're really, really, really relaxing.

  • If you don't buy your own, you can go to a sound bath ceremony and you would really love it.

  • You're really benefit from it.

  • There's so much happening in our busy lives that it's so important to take moments where we stop.

  • Were you going?

  • I can't lie.

  • I play the place issue.

  • It's my guiltiest of pleasures.

  • I'm really good at games in general, I never play longer than I've ever meditated.

  • Like I Longest meditation session is something about a good like for you guys.

  • Definitely a breaking my zone.

  • But let me check this whole There's no way Mrs My roommate Teoh, You wanna play some dress?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Dress up is something we do often as women.

  • We just love it.

  • Hey, Beau gets in there.

  • Scott here.

  • I just wanna let you guys know that my videos were filmed before the break out endemic Corona virus.

  • There are many ah, hope of pillar of amazing things you could do inside to keep yourself entertained.

  • But it is very important that you do that.

  • Please stay inside.

  • Please practice social distancing.


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