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(Upbeat music) - Don't mind me.
Just freaking out a little bit here.
Hi guys, it's Matt. (orchestral music)
- Welcome back to my kitchen.
Here on Tasty we've made tons of great recipes
on how to make your own fast food at home,
but there is one thing we've never been able to capture
and that is the speed and convenience of fast food.
So today, in order to put that to the test,
I'm going to attempt to make one of my
favorite fast food burgers, the Big Mac,
in the same amount of time it takes
to have one delivered to my house.
We'll see how this goes.
(dramatic orchestral music)
This is the most nervous I've been for a video,
because as soon as I start, I cannot stop.
Here we go.
Confirming order, preparing your order.
We are unable to authorize your card.
Okay, McDonald's is preparing my order.
First thing I'm gonna start with is my special sauce.
I am going to add,
my pickle,
a bit of mustard,
and then onion powder,
garlic powder,
and finally, white pepper.
This bowl is way to small.
You know what?
Just gonna mix it anyways.
They have assigned a driver.
I am so screwed.
Oh my freaking god.
Okay, special sauce is done.
Going to quickly dice up my onion.
Got my iceberg lettuce.
I'm only gonna use a quarter of a head for this.
And I'm just gonna shred this.
Finally, I just want to prep my bun.
Because it has that middle bun,
I just want to trim one of the bottom pieces to use for it.
Okay, John has arrived.
I gotta get the burner.
Where's the burner?
Prep my burner.
As my burner is heating up,
I'm going to butter my buns.
And I'm just using sesame buns for this,
but you can really use whatever buns you want.
Just let these get nice and toasty.
Everette, you're looking at me,
why you looking at me?
Is John on his way?
Okay, perfect.
Buns are almost done.
Set those to the side.
Alright, so for my patties I'm keeping it nice and simple.
I'm just doing 80/20 lean to fat content.
So I'm gonna put my beef down.
(meat sizzling)
And I'm just gonna smash.
Let's do salt on top.
Cracked pepper.
Everette, how am I doing?
He's still at McDonalds?
I could win this, I actually feel good about this.
Looks good.
And I'm going to flip.
Oh perfect.
You can see that it's a nice golden brown.
I'm just gonna top one slice with my cheese.
I'd say that's probably good.
Wobash and wobash.
Alrighty, so I think I'm in the clear at this point,
but before I jinx myself,
I'm going to start with my bottom bun,
add some lettuce,
some onion
couple little dill pickles
got my middle bun,
some of that special sauce, secret sauce.
Is it secret or special sauce?
Top with a little bit more lettuce,
little bit more onion,
top with my final piece of meat,
add two more pickles,
special sauce on my top bun,
and wobash.
That is a homemade Big Mac.
Where's John at?
I think I did that in under fifteen minutes.
I'm gonna -
(meat sizzling)
(clock ticking)
We've got two Big Macs in the time it takes to order one.
(clock ticking)
(Dramatic orchestral music)
So right off the bat,
mine looks pretty good.
It's got a lot of vertical height to it.
Feels like a lot more burger,
and honestly it looks like a good comparison
to the delivery one.
So the moment of truth.
It's time to try my burgers.
It's good.
It's a Big Mac.
It's exactly what you'd expect.
You got he balance of the sauce,
and the lettuce, and the onions,
and the pickle.
So let's give the homemade a try.
The homemade one is awesome.
It's got the char from the griddle.
I feel like McDonald's burgers don't always get that
nice, sorta browning on them that you'd like.
Got the crunchy lettuce,
you got the fluffy bun.
This is a great homemade interpretation of it.
Any body want the one I took a bite out of?
And there you have it.
In a race against my delivery,
I was able to make two Big Macs in the time it takes
to make and deliver one.
Let me know what you guys think
in the comments section below.
If you guys have any other ideas,
or any other delivery options you want us to try,
also let me know in the comments below.
And until then, take care.
Oh yes.
(joyful orchestral music)
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Can I Make A Big Mac Faster Than My Postmate Delivers It? • Tasty

99 Folder Collection
erikayokoyama published on August 5, 2020
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