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[music playing]
HOST: Life in the Sonoran is full of surprises.
It rains in the summer, sometimes
violently, making it just wet enough to sustain
a semi-arid version of the Midwestern grasslands.
And with grasslands come the US's most iconic
grass cutter, the prairie dog.
[music playing]
Prairie dogs are, of course, not dogs at all,
but are in fact closely related to ground squirrels.
Old-timers named them for their dog-like bark.
That's no simple yip.
Scientists currently believe that prairie dogs--
--have the most sophisticated vocal animal
language ever decoded.
[music playing]
They needed to warn each other.
Because in the Sonoran, of a lot of things like to eat them,
including the badger.
[music playing]
They dig a complex system of burrows.
But most mornings, they have to leave to harvest grass.
It's a risky time.
So while one feeds, another will keep a look out.
It takes a very social animal to be this co-operative.
They groom each other a bit like monkeys do.
And young prairie dogs love to play fight.
[music playing]
The center of prairie dog life is
the family, ruled by a dominant male with a few females.
Families can live in large neighborhoods of thousands.
Even as organized as they are, it's still
tough to be a prairie dog.
Only half live past their first year.
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The Prairie Dog Life | Destination WILD

34 Folder Collection
Angel Choy published on August 5, 2020
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