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if you felt less productive lately
you're not alone according to a recent
thrive global study seventy-five percent
of us are feeling less productive or
feeling overwhelmed and working from
home is not helping it's full of
distractions whether they're kids or
dogs or sounds anybody interrupting us
your sleep is probably suffered it's
tough to make progress when you are just
feeling so chaotic and isolated but in
trying times like these here's what you
can do to feel more productive so
redefine what productivity looks like
and you know despite your best efforts
it might be really tough to feel
productive these days living and working
in this coronavirus environment means
finding new ways of defining redefining
productivity and measuring your success
that might mean that you get through
zoom call with out your dog interrupting
you or that you successfully reconnect
with your team members just to check in
and see how they're doing take a break
to get a perspective research tells us
that we do need to step away and can't
be constantly working when we can press
the reset button by pulling away and
pausing that allows us to access the one
thing that we can control which is our
perspective remember to cut yourself in
your brain some slack so during periods
of ongoing stress our brain is actually
wired to kind of shut down that logical
thought process and move into reactive
mode which is never a great idea so just
be kind to yourself remember it's your
neurobiology be kind yourself and give
yourself a break distinguish between
being busy and being productive you know
when we're all caught up on zoom' calls
and our days are filled with to dues
we're definitely busy and it's easy to
feel like there's too much going on but
when you really come down to it Izzie is
not the same as productive productive
leaves you feeling accomplished busy
just feels overwhelming so be sure to
establish boundaries to say no to things
that are no longer necessary or urgent
so you can focus your attention on the
things that will help you feel
accomplished and productive take one
action toward your goal however small
you know a Productivity rarely is about
grandiose gestures it's really about
taking those small actions consistently
over time that's really gonna get you
the progress that you desire remember
that old adage about the hare and the
tortoise you know slow and steady wins
the race and it also means you get to be
more productive and finally don't forget
to track and celebrate your progress you
know it's easy to get caught up in the
crazy momentum and chaos at the times
and forget that you've actually moved
the needle you need to track that either
in a journal or just somewhere and then
use that at the end of the day at the
end of the week to review so you can
remind yourself how far you've come and
feel more productive you know when
you've been working from home for months
it's easy to feel like you're not making
progress and you're being super
unproductive but you're not alone and
with the tips that I shared you're gonna
feel like you've made more progress and
you'll be kind of yourself which will
help your productivity in the law
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What To Do When You’re Feeling Unproductive | Forbes

131 Folder Collection
Annie Huang published on August 5, 2020
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