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("The Flood" by Christophe Beck)
- Destroy the dam, come on, throw your boulders!
That's it.
- Got her.
- Anna!
- Hang on!
(crowd chattering)
(crowd oohs)
(birds chirping)
(Nokk the horse, neighs)
- Oh, ah!
("The Reunion" by Christophe Beck)
- Is it really you?
- Anna.
- I thought I lost you.
- Lost me?
You saved me, again.
- I did?
- Anna, Arendelle did not fall.
- It didn't?
- The spirits all agree, Arendelle deserves to stand, with you.
Arendelle deserves to stand, with you.
- Me?
- You did what was right, for everyone?
- Did you find the fifth spirit?
You are the fifth spirit.
You are the bridge.
- Well, actually a bridge has two sides and mother had two daughters.
We did this together.
We'll continue to do this together.
- Together.
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Sisters Saving the Day, Together | Frozen

129 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on August 4, 2020
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