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With the economy in crisis mode
and deaths continuing to soar, obviously this is all bad
for President Trump's re-election hopes.
And today Trump came up with a brilliant new strategy
for the election: just don't have one.
Fox News alert. Some breaking news this hour.
A tweet from the White House. President Trump tweeting out
a short time ago
on the upcoming presidential election.
To be very clear, the president cannot do that.
The Constitution is unambiguous about this, that Congress--
not a president who may have
their own self-interest in mind-- gets to decide
when the leader of the United States is elected.
And to his other point, there is no evidence, of course,
of widespread voter fraud through mail-in voting,
even in states with all mail-in votes.
That's right-- Trump isn't actually allowed
to delay the election.
Although not being allowed to do something
has never stopped him before.
Like, we'll still have the election on November 3.
But he'll probably just add 100 days to August.
And sure, maybe the court overturns it,
but that might not happen until August 73.
And, I mean, this is an absurd suggestion, I know.
We can't reschedule the election.
For starters, both candidates are, like, 200 years old.
I mean, we got to keep things moving.
I'm not even sure that Trump understands
what an alarming proposal this is.
Because this is basically the move of a dictator.
But Trump is casually throwing it out there
in a tweet with a bunch of question marks,
like he's on a group text trying to bail on happy hour.
Hey, y'all, November 3 is not great for me.
Maybe we reschedule, 2021? Thoughts?
What do you guys think, huh?
And just, by the way, you remember a few years ago
when I said Trump was an African dictator?
You remember that? Yeah? Yeah?
People acted like I was crazy.
But this is how it starts.
First they just suggest
that maybe you postpone the election.
Then they suggest
that some of the votes are not valid.
And pretty soon they're saying,
"You know what's really unfair?
(foreign accent): "That there are two political parties.
"Why are there two political parties?
"Let's just have one.
"Then you don't have to worry
"about making all these decisions anymore!
America is mine!"
Oh, and by the way, I don't know if you remember,
but three months ago
Joe Biden predicted that Trump would try
to delay the election.
And this is how Trump reacted back then.
I never even thought of changing the date of the election.
Why would I do that?
November 3-- it's a good number.
Uh, no, I look forward to that election,
and that was just made-up propaganda.
Oh, I love me some fake Trump outrage.
"How dare you?
I won't sink that low for at least three more months."
And just by the way, "November 3 is a good number"?
What does that have to do with anything?
Elections aren't decided
based on whether the date is a cool number.
If it was, every election would be held on June 9.
But, look, regardless of his insane tweets,
the chances are that Trump will not be able
to move the election,
which means he's going to have to come up with a plan
to win it the old-fashioned way-- by using racism.
President Trump is facing scrutiny for his words
about affordable housing and the suburbs.
He made the comments while discussing the rollback
of a housing rule aimed at fighting racial discrimination,
as Trump works to court white suburban voters.
There will be no more low-income housing forced into the suburbs.
I abandoned and took away and just rescinded the rule.
KENNETH MOTON: The Obama-era rule forced local governments
that receive federal housing funds
to assess patterns of racial housing discrimination
and submit plans to eliminate it.
On Wednesday the president tweeted,
"I am happy to inform all the people
"living their suburban lifestyle dreams
"that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt
"by having low-income housing built in your neighborhood.
"Your housing prices will go up based on the market,
and crime will go down. Enjoy."
Later in Texas, the president reaffirming that message.
I've seen conflict for years.
It's been hell for suburbia.
We rescinded the rule three days ago,
so enjoy your life, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your life.
Okay, first of all, suburban lifestyle dream
sounds like the world's lamest Katy Perry song,
but just in case it wasn't clear,
Trump is saying that he's going to stop Black people
from moving into white people's neighborhood.
I mean, it's not even subtle enough
to call that a dog whistle.
It's too loud.
It's more like a dog steel drum.
♪ I won't let the Black people live near you. ♪
Now, look, I don't know why having Black people
move into your neighborhood is a bad thing,
but apparently it's so scary,
the Trump campaign has already made it into a horror movie.
NARRATOR: They were living the dream lifestyle.
They thought the high property values would never end.
Until one day...
-(screaming) -From the team that brought you migrant caravans...
...comes a whole new election season fear.
What happens when your street goes from suburban to urban?
(doorbell rings)
(woman screams)
This fall.
Damn, I'm Black and I'm still scared.
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Trump Wants to Delay the Election & Stamp Out Affordable Housing | The Daily Social Distancing Show

31 Folder Collection
Tom Smith published on August 4, 2020
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