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only in Japan.
Hearing our Tokyo game show 2015 Every September, people from around the world come to Tokyo to Moscow.
Hadi to check out the newest games but took your game shows a lot more than just games.
You wanna know review of this event?
Check out a video we made a couple of years ago.
Tokyo Game show.
Let's gaming begin, but this time we're just going to go around and have some fun.
Sony's virtual reality station.
Let's go check it out.
One of the big attraction to Tokyo game show.
This year, I tried Sony's headset monitor units for their smartphones in 2013.
It brought you closer to the gaming action, but it certainly wasn't virtual reality.
Now it's 2015 and VR is ready to go big.
The headset units look stunning.
Do they work?
There's only one way to find out.
Enter the VR world at TGS.
Visitors get that opportunity.
Wow, This plane This came with the disclaimer, but feel sick.
Notified the staff immediately going with the VR goggles are surround sound headphones.
This is as real as it gets outside of the real world, that is.
It's overwhelming to be thrown into a new world without being prepared for it.
This is awesome.
360 degrees.
I looked this like a whole new world.
I could turn my little my big robot monster thing around.
Look at that.
So the six players in this game, each of us attacking one another for world domination Hey, I'm inside the machine.
Wait, This is this.
That's up it up there.
After several minutes, I was still getting used to being in a new world and I learned something important.
I really suck at this game.
You can fly, shoot, jump.
But I didn't care.
I just wanted to explore people to make a long story short.
After 10 minutes, I still suck.
I guess there's a learning curve, but who cares?
This is super cool.
I lost pretty bad in that game.
I don't think I really understood the rules, but I don't think it's about I think, the first time you tried virtual reality.
I just want to know, take in the whole world everywhere you look 360 degrees.
There was something there.
Whether you're rocketing up or getting shot down, you feel every single motion.
That's really, really cool.
So in the future is now the future is everywhere.
TGS Let's go see some more.
I live in England.
Let's give it a try.
Love Live School Idol Festival allows players to enter the Idol world as one of these characters in a dance off after a short tutorial on stage Ah group of tech nerds and I were ready to get it on.
The game requires foot, eye coordination and dancing skills.
Some of us on stage had none of these essential skills.
The result.
Thumbs up.
TGS is overflowing with stuffed to see.
It's hard to do it in one day.
There are a lot of popular games with long lines.
If you get lucky, sometimes you can find an awesome attraction that just opened up like this one.
Why play it when you can literally enter it?
I was promised an assortment of mega sized weapons.
Just hold on to this handle and the power is mine.
The gate guy got out of the way fast.
Wonder why that's big.
Wait, what's this button do?
So no one respects you in the office, huh?
That's right.
Now they will bow down to your mighty gun stage clear.
I also got a chance to pose with some tough looking warriors from the game.
There's just so much to see and do here.
Amazon and Google.
Under the gaming world this year, the craziest booth was definitely granular fantasy.
It had an entire ship inside that caused players could sort of sale.
And then there were the booth girls and cause players breaking news.
All attention has been turned to a press conference already in session.
What news could attract such attention?
A global peace treaty.
Has man landed on the moon?
Something bigger?
Ah, a waterproof smartphone.
And what better way to prove it than in the bath?
Such a beautiful smartphone, Wonderful lines smooth and clean and smooth.
Now back to regular programming.
This is just scratching the surface of Tokyo game show during a quiet Friday afternoon on media.
The weekend is even more amazing when it opens up to the public.
That's Tokyo Game show 2015 Bright lights, loud music and lots of beautiful booth Girls don't even get me started there.
That virtual reality game that I tried over Sony totally awesome.
I've never tried anything like that in my life and that's the point.
Coming to Tokyo game show.
You get the opportunity to try all of the new stuff.
So if you come to Tokyo in the middle of September, come to Tokyo game show, you will regret it.
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TOKYO GAME SHOW Virtual Reality VR Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN #37

63 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 3, 2020
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