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  • I've done a number of like red carpet dresses for a special moment before, but this would be the first for a wedding, especially for a close friend.

  • The gratifying side designing our Haley in this case is one of her personality.

  • Her I wanted something fun and youthful, just the same, but still traditional.

  • What I think is most important for her on the today is showcasing the woman that she is.

  • I've known Justin for a couple of years as well, to I wanted to make something that made him look in Hayley's eyes and see that you know she's the most beautiful woman for him.

  • So that's a lot of of what the dress silhouette was inspired by is bringing an emotion to the moment that he sees her walk down the aisle with the veil are sort of listed up.

  • Hi, I'm Serena on the what the woman said Designer, we're here in a Milano in our way, started at least one years ago, decided with alien villages together, and we do free, different fitting.

  • And now is the final one on these dresses work a team a off the stunt people for the whale and 10 people.

  • Also for the dress.

  • All the other party is this classic on broader with flowers.

  • But you will also see some off typical off symbols like the Arab.

  • So to make something that is really classical, with some symbol that are really from the streets.

  • So that's why this is off white.

  • Okay, so we're only last fitting, were parking very quickly and by tomorrow will be in a I'm literally not be able to do this on the rial day.

  • Why?

  • Because I'm just gonna be back.

  • You're crying.

  • The signal.

  • Kenny.

  • Walk.

  • You needed to practice your walk.

  • Wow.

  • Hey, look.

  • Thank you.

  • Long day when I said I want Virgil to do my dress, I didn't want somebody who was a wedding dress designer.

  • I just feel like my style and my street style is so such a part of who I am.

  • And Virgil has kind of just, like, always been in my corner since the beginning, and I just feel like it's cool to see such an intricate gown from him.

  • I was specific on the sleeves.

  • I knew I wanted them to be, like, long onto my hands.

  • I knew I wanted it to be this silhouette I knew I wanted my back to be showing the things that we added along the way were the embellishment, the embroidery Virgil and I talked about, adding in logo, which he did throughout the dress.

  • So if you look closely, there's pearl details kind of all over.

  • That has off way look at which is just so cool.

  • And in the back, the wedding dress.

  • In his classic quotation marks, I feel doing beautiful Rio.

  • It's cool than the veil was sort of the extra icing on the cake.

  • Shoutout Teoh, Virgil off way in their whole team.

  • Sabrina.

  • Yes, it's perfect.

I've done a number of like red carpet dresses for a special moment before, but this would be the first for a wedding, especially for a close friend.

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