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Hello, everyone.
I'm Emma.
Ready, and we have just finished up A big trip in school.
Got its being so much fun.
But we're leaving now at the airport, and we went around and bought a lot of Miyagi A souvenirs.
So we're gonna be trying a lot of them you guys today and check them out.
He's a role specialized Teoh.
So there's a lot of things to try.
Yeah, we got from the airport that so many things to do.
Wait, wait, Some wait.
So I have an occasional longtime way money.
Just It's really good that moment.
Eichel underneath Michael Spice Spice more into it.
I even better.
It was like another layer.
Spice pastry is ready.
So this speech is from the area.
The place with me and Emma went to soothe with that.
I think it works really well.
We've been shopping.
Seven is for a while, but there's so many things here that you could eat straight away.
Don't have to take it smooth with no get I got a way.
Also have I'm gonna need to go die for good because guys famous model which is kind of strawberry deceased inside much agreement in a way it's so sweet.
Do you interest in this?
Wow Not much agreement, sir.
So sweet, Right?
So beautiful.
You can do that out of your account for the's a role specialized Teoh.
So there's a lot of things to try to open the 1st 1 In my logical, it is a pseudo no call.
So it is the cranes egg eso this one.
It's a marshmallow sounds with a view mixed with a white bean paste.
Who does?
So this is kind of like the traditional very old sweets.
It's quite all sweet boy in Hakata, and it's bean like one more than 100 more than 100 years.
So fluffy.
That's crazy, that is being probably a little more than 100 years.
21 wing wing wing.
It's much more than that.
So is it Japan that has every known every prefecture, but lots of reflectors have a different pattern.
Cola bottle, carefree door, far foods.
This is a whole area tonight, because the fever here last year only it's screamed.
I guess you guys can watch our 24 hours in the video.
You can see what we got up to in football good.
Everything's what it was so good and the food is way.
So the next thing we have is aged dried mint Eichel.
Tyco is a sack of fish eggs, so it's a sack of Cold War that has bean spice.
Yes, so it's a little spicy.
Very, very, very popular and famous.
And the company has this kind of the dry cycle, which is kind of new thing, according to the shop Midi.
But we kept a young ammonia on the one with payments, then take off brands one.
It's kind of like us, like more than 11 Speak happens, kid.
Well, he or she already has a lot of just one.
Just one guy, I guess that's supposed to be cut and eat, but we don't have a knife.
So we're just gonna bite it because of you.
While we're wild, wild people.
People call this a minute like with Jackie Jackie, my first.
Oh, it's really strong already.
So fishy.
Smell so strong.
I feel like it's very concentrated.
My dry.
It's quite appreciate.
Normal cycle meter, Definitely no woman title.
It's just a little bit fishy, but has so much more flavor and this one, I feel it's it's all overpowered fish.
Sorry, Dr Psycho.
Sorry, that psycho Jackie.
But if you liked drinking like any morning shoe or short, I think it goes well, that's our strong witness.
Next one is knee.
While God save pates and paying a yes, it's no same day.
They said, Yeah, Sunday is fresh crackers, but I don't know what Some days I just say this run call their own sim be sent.
Yeah, the package.
Things really cute on the other side.
It is local dialogue, local spying.
Turkey is a machine and they rescue Cito.
That's I like you asking.
Diane, look.
Definitely some sounds cute Kyushu dialogue.
It's very popular.
Girls, you go speaks lovin you dream men's e No idea.
I don't know anything.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I thought it was gonna be savory, so I'm pleasantly surprised Faces because of the same one.
But you can be some someone else.
As you know, we're finished with the biscuit.
We're gonna go into 20 months.
Thought 40 months.
This is apparently a really popular souvenir.
I saw it on a website so soft, kind of cakey give it about?
Oh, no.
There's a really good I can taste that.
It's moist.
It is sometimes don't like the word moist.
I'm sorry, but only the one must.
I think it's OK in relation to fix and wait, Wait, come in.
Knowing the whole box they want so many will me again that it's been years.
The last thing we have is a meant Eichel, Simba or a member.
And then that's why includes, like squid and little Billy Ray pickles.
See seafood Psycho.
And we got the mayonnaise version.
So usually that doesn't include the mayonnaise, but we've included a mayonnaise.
Somebody is really popular on me again.
But it's so that's why you cannot take it.
The media gets at Sylvania.
Yeah, for long distance this donation, that's why.
So you can take it somewhere way?
This is a good choice.
I don't want to drink local governments.
Such amazing food.
Seriously, Never the best food journey.
Um, there's been so much fun here in Fukuoka.
We've done so much stuff in so much food and have the best time.
So what?
What do you think these guys?
Definitely, definitely.
So good.
So good.
I still beating.
Sold PICO sweetly.
Thanks for coming along.
I'm enjoying food.
Local food with us.
Which one of dishes that we ate.
Did you like the look off.
Which one do you guys want to try?
Coming on the trip with meaning food.
Watching guys.
We'll see you next time.
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Must Eat Foods in Fukuoka, Japan

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 3, 2020
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