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You guys know what beetle really wants to promote right now?
Your show youth and consequences, which has all episodes up on YouTube red right now
And you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to watch. How did you know but anyway back to the video?
I've been thinking lately about how
Inspiring my friends are
I want to be you when I grow up. Someday, kid. Someday.
My friendships have become such a source of inspiration and support in my life. Especially my female friendships
I am surrounded by women who are driven,
compassionate and intelligent
And I'm just so grateful and honored to know them. Whenever I get to see them, I feel so grounded and tranquil
I've always extra
Astounded whenever these people put themselves down and for a while I used to address it like this: girl stop talking like that. You're
adorable amazing artistic
irresistible hilarious pretty
ha thanks, yeah
And it never worked
I mean why would it - I would roll my eyes at the same thing too like your friends of course are gonna say stuff like
That because they're your friends, and they're gonna compliment you and they think you're awesome
So I started doing a new tactic... it looks like my soulmate is either gonna be a Libra
Pisces or cancer. Mmm go for the Libra. You don't want another water sign. Ohh
Pisces and cancer are water? I didn't know.
Yeah. I'm such a loser for knowing that haha
Stop being mean to my friend! And though it's like hella aggressive
I found that it actually works because something about it kind of
Reframes the way that you're talking to yourself it reminds you that you wouldn't put up with a friend saying that to you
So why should you say it to yourself?
Plus it's really fun. Especially if your friend's across the room:
ughh I don't know why I became a writer everything I write is freaking awful! Stop being mean to My friend!
Or if they don't know that you heard them
Ughhh I'm So ugly! Stop being mean to my friend!
even if they're just thinking it: huh why should I even bother tweeting, all my opinions are stupid
Stop being mean to my friend!
So yeah, if your amazing talented friends are putting themselves down, be a good friend and stand up for them
against themselves
Especially against themselves. Speaking of, thanks so much my friend on Anna lore for being in today's video
Check her out. She's not only an amazing dancer, but she's a hilarious comedian and a great watercolor artist
She actually painted that little photo of me where there's like space around my head, so yay! I'm Anna Akana
Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring today's video if you go to Squarespace dot
Com slash Anna you can get 10% off a domain name your online store
Whatever you want to do 10% off your first purchase
By going to Squarespace dot com slash Anna I know you guys are used to like the cool
Animated ads at the end of my videos done by Bethany, but actually today if you go over to squarespace's channel
I have made a dedicated video for them
It's about how good work takes time and provides some insights into the creative process
And how not to let yourself get discouraged
So please go ahead and click the link in the description below to check out that video and you can go to Squarespace dot com slash
Anna to get 10% off your first purchase
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stop being mean to my friend

25 Folder Collection
nico published on August 1, 2020
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