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today we are a way to show you some pack safe anti theft accessories, in particular their belts.
Their wallets, like a combination of hidden and it's hidden, were wearing it right now and you can't even see.
Oh, you are familiar with practice safe.
They make a ton of anti theft at bags, accessories and even clothing.
So today we're just going to focus on two belts, in particular.
Other calm wallet, belt belt wallets, whatever you wanna call it.
But that's what you eso first.
Okay, so I have the wallet Beltone right now.
It's very then, actually, but it expands to.
So I haven't underneath my shirt here, and it's a must take it off.
But as you can see, you can barely tell that I have anything on underneath.
So that's really good that you're hiding it.
Yes, it doesn't look like Yeah, so yeah, like obvious.
Yeah, so, yeah, I just comes in about like this.
It's adjustable on it comes in the plastic school, so it's easy to take off and yeah, and the good thing about that being plastic, you go through security without it going off.
It's not metal.
Like a feature eso that comes off easily.
It's very easy to Justus.
Well, with this, uh, it's elastic adjustment here.
And this is the actual couch that you use to story your belongings that you don't want everybody to see eso right now.
I have some cash in here, but it also expands pretty wide.
So you could even put your phone in here if you wanted to.
Or other important belongings that you want.
It's very stretchy material.
Very, very strange.
Expands to, you know, like this.
I mean, personally, I would just put money and maybe credit cards in the past four.
I like to carry my phone and something else anyway, so I probably would have I personally would have been just But you could buy Put your passport in here.
You wouldn't get a passport, because again, it is a stretchy material and they are fighting safe.
So you do want if you don't?
If you worried about your information being stolen off your passport, your credit card is a good place to put it.
So for money was just pretty.
Cynthia, my a little bit bigger, but can't see it.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay, So one thing I love about this is they put the buckle right here.
So you're not trying to find it back here.
Like, where's the buckle?
Could easily take it off like that.
So it comes off like this.
Very thin.
See how thin it iss like that, IHS, I first didn't know what this feature waas right here.
But if you're wearing this and you're eating out and you start Teoh become a little P You know what you mean when your stomach expands a little bit instead of you having to adjust, which will maybe kind of like a pain if you're like eating and China Justice felt you don't have to tax expands for you.
So that's a nice little feature.
Um, I I don't know like if that will ever come in handy for me, why not candy me?
But it's great to have the nice thing also about the fabric of the straps.
It's nice soft fabrics, even if there's like a little bit of friction on the skin, it's not annoying, like those tabs really strong, like fabric or thick fabric or just abrasive fabric is not really nice to have against the skin.
If you're not wearing a tank top underneath.
That's like covering your skin.
So that's nice that they thought about the nice material here on this draft.
Just like Christos.
It is adjustable.
And what I like about when you adjust the straps, they add this little, uh, what do you call this elastic?
So that you're so this is not just hanging like this.
So you can actually, it'll lay down flat.
And that's what I like about that.
I hate it when I have just, like, strings coming out my butt like I have a tail.
So that won't happen with this.
And then the nice thing about this pouch, it is our I say, just like crystals so you can put your you know, your wallet.
Your wallets are your money, your credit cards, your passports and it will be protected.
And so I put in here.
I just like to put in a credit card and some money and what I really like about the inside of this it actually has a compartment divider.
They connect to divide your belongings, which makes it easier to find things, even though this is not a really big bag.
But it is nice that they have that feature there.
Another great feature I thought was really thoughtful was whenever you zip this up so that the zipper isn't just hanging out because I might be a little bit, you know, might stick out a little bit It actually, they created it so that a tux nicely inside like that.
So I really like that feature.
Makes a really nice and smooth, very well thought.
I especially like from the beginning from the buckle, because that's one thing I'm worried about.
It's like What if I'm wearing this and I want to take it off?
It's such a pain and take off like find the buckle, Help me.
Or if I wanted Yes, that is not an issue with this.
And yeah, I feel like pretty much covered everything.
Very, very handy accessories from pack safe and also have us in different colors.
Have this a black Well, I actually like this one.
I feel like this might be geared towards men your woman can wear to.
You know, what you're wearing is also I feel like the design.
If you don't have to hide it, you can actually wear it as a fellow, right?
I don't know.
Probably belt loops have to be big enough to fit this.
I just got some some pants have, like small.
But if I think men's it should be pretty.
Yeah, women just keep that in mind.
Actually, we'll put the measurements in the comments below.
On how?
This is, if you're serious about why that IHS should be good.
Yeah, that is a lot wider.
This is very Yeah, this is very thin.
So this is not a wide So if you like this video, please give it up.
And if you want to watch more of our videos, please start toward channel.
We oppose videos weekly, usually on Mondays.
So make sure to subscribe and watch more videos they watch.
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Pacsafe Anti-Theft Hidden Waist Wallets for Travel - CASHSAFE 25 and COVERSAFE V100 Review

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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