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I be the greatest We'll stop the news.
Physical life means took a great there.
So today we're going todo Oh, I can touch my toes from him.
Wait, Have a second injury of today.
Don't believe.
Oh, yeah, Right now we're gonna play in American terms.
It's called Knockout in British terms killer.
So you guys understand what that is, then?
Maybe don't listen to this explanation, but if you don't know what it is, does that make sense to balls and the person behind the person behind first shooter?
If they make the basket before the first shooter on that first shooter is knocked out for killed and then basically, as soon as that person has to keep making the baskets in the person prior who shoots it first makes it, then they just keep on giving the ball to the person behind the line.
Miss Chris.
No way.
No todo Jodi defense 20 Daniel.
So it looks like but is sore so sure not gonna get my foot massage?
I got the left.
I get right.
This is not a good e.
I want to run.
And it felt like someone like through a tennis morning.
So I look down, see what just hit me but is like my car way Shoot your break.
Oh, no step would be so disappointed in you The o, please.
Yeah, You have to be straight editing videos and exercising more.
I was afraid.
That's why.
Thank you.
Oh, wait.
Try to shoot it.
Thank you, guys, for tuning into this video.
Orange team just kicked.
Other team just sucked way Have team Ed and this.
So if you guys like you said, videos will be doing life at Cirque Credit videos month me, uh, tell us what support we should play next week.
Do foot song or volleyball or badminton or pink phone.
Or maybe something that calls less injuries.
Anyways, that's going to wrap it up for the video game way.
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Life at Tokyo Creative: We play Basketball on Fridays

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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