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just checked into our hotel at Grand Hotel.
Vien is a central location in Vienna.
This hotel is very luxurious, is very historical.
Everything looks very royal.
They have like, these old school beds.
Definitely not modern.
They're definitely going for historical royal.
Look, start over here.
They have this phone on a little notebook and I love these pans.
I might take it.
We'll see here TV on guessing this restaurants and bars.
So I know they have.
Like they said, they have breakfast upstairs for 36 years, which I will not do.
They have a nice desk, another phone, another cool pan.
More information on the hotel.
So this is the nice sitting area in a little table?
Was there always nice And they also provide water.
I thought it was gonna be expensive because they usually are in hotels, but it says with compliments.
So it's free Was a glass bottle too.
The view I can't really like, see through to be used like sheer are There we go.
The view is just the building.
It looks like it goes in a blue Really inside of that loop.
I think I have this, like, really grand chandelier light, which is really pretty more pretty lights here than the hallway in this bathroom.
Like all gold plated.
The thing to thinks double thinks they're always nice.
Oh, yeah.
On then, They also have close up mirrors.
Which candy would love should be going crazy over this?
Um, yeah, Let's see.
They got a shower cap.
Uh, shampoo, body wash conditioner.
And those typical stuff.
Yes, I have a shading kid.
Dental floss.
She felt a cold from Q tips on dental give.
Oh, like lots of watch class and this nice soft towel.
I love soft towels when they have, like, this little chair here to where you could sit down and do your makeup.
There's a whole school skill and dryer in there on this shower.
I look so, uh, royo, if they're like gold plated everything, more money washing their to the towels, um, toilet in a separate room with a day in front of it, Still have not used in the day.
Everybody tells me that I should try it.
Also notice in this bathroom that they provide little baggies for woman and you know, they're period time.
That is so thoughtful.
I have never seen that before.
They should really start doing everywhere.
Have you really, really nice for the ladies?
Oh, back here.
They have a row.
Two roads.
They feel pretty nice.
What's in here?
Big closet closet with an umbrella extra blinky from hangers.
Um, what is this trouser press?
I've never heard of this.
Have you ever heard of a trouser press?
Yeah, I have to come.
Look at this later.
But I have never heard of this trouser press things.
They pull your trousers in here, and then you and I offer, like, 45 minutes, and I guess it plan never.
Nice is pressed way.
Might be using that.
Uh oh.
They have a nice, um, shopping bag with Grand Moto being in front of it.
This feels like slippers.
Yes, there, slip, they provide slippers.
Um, and, uh, shoeshine, I believe you have for your shoes.
See what's in this store.
Oh, yeah.
That's where the coffee is.
So coffee leave?
Don't know.
T just team thing is just tea.
Unless that's this.
Oh, maybe this is the copy.
Oh, it's like, um, it's like their version of cure IG or espresso.
Did you have coffee?
Okay, so that's in this little Georgia.
And what is this?
Okay, this is the safe, but oh, you use your card key to open it.
Let me try that.
I've never done that before.
I Actually, if it does work with the card key, I prefer that use with your card key, because I always get scared that I'm gonna get locked out with using a code.
So let's see.
Let's open this.
You know how it is Open, honey.
That's open that No.
Oh, I don't know.
So that was a little tour of our room.
Um, I'm very excited to stay at the hotel because so far on this trip, we stayed at Airbnb ease and the rest of trip will be staying at hotels and their babies were great in, uh, well, the one Airbnb Debbie State and Budapest was great, but the one in Bratislava, Even though I love that city, the Airbnb was like, OK, there's, like, a lot of noise around there, So I didn't get that much sleep.
And I'm, like, really tired today now because of it, there's people party till 6 a.m. In the morning there.
I didn't know there was such party people, but at least in a hotel room.
I mean, it sounds very soundproof in here, so I don't have to worry about noise.
And I could sleep peacefully.
Um, yeah.
So that's pretty much it here, and I won't get back to you on how I enjoyed my experience.
So is the last day.
I grant Hotel Vin and we're checking out now.
We're not checking out now.
We're actually getting ready Teoh pack as much as we can because we're gonna go explore a little bit and then come back and check out check out his usual he at news.
But I asked for a little bit of a late check out at 12.
30 because our training is that 1 40 uh, and just want Explorer a little bit more of Vienna until we leave.
So they were like, Oh, yeah, talk.
There is no problem, but just want to know a few more things about our stay here.
I noticed that in the bathroom.
The mirror is anti fog or anti fog.
Um, you know, usually when you come out of the bathroom, it's super the mirror is all fogged up, but you can't seem to like weight.
But in the middle, like all of it is like some anti fog system.
So the bed's beds were the most comfortable.
But with that being said, it was the best lead that I got, um, my whole time in Europe.
So even though is not the most comfortable bed I slept the best, which is weird.
So the sound the sound proof system is that Quinn in here?
I didn't hear any noise and, uh oh, they have turned down service.
So there now services when they come in and ask if you need anything else before you go to bed and they tidy up the room and stuff.
But we didn't really need it since you were tired.
And, um, yesterday we weren't in our room most of day since we're in Salzburg for the whole day.
So that time they came back, we the room was still like Christine and clean and so like No thank you.
Then I give you like two of these little chocolates, so that has collected those.
There's also restaurants here.
There's there's a Japanese restaurant tried to go, but, um they were full or they're like booked.
But it only got there because we just asked if we could have a table for the night.
And they're like, Sorry, we have a big party.
We're all books.
So couldn't do that.
There's a mall actually connected to this hotel, too.
So if we have time, we might go check it out.
The location is excellent is only five minutes from the main meeting point where all the tours, our eyes.
Actually, Vienna Tour office is like a huge mentor office nearby, which is five minutes.
And it seems to be the meeting place for everything.
So yeah, within walking distance to everything there are, You know, hotels that I noticed, like in that main square, are in that main area, this super busy area.
But this is kind of away from that.
Um so you have, like, the best of both worlds.
Like you have a little bit of piety, like deal with all those tourists walking back and forth on the street.
You have a little bit of peas and then you go into, like, all that chaos in Vienna because it's a busy city.
Leaving Vienna feel this time.
And this hotel we're checking out now.
Um, it was really a lovely stay.
I did get to check out.
The mall is actually really lovely as huge.
There's, like three floors and right around the corner.
When you turn right there is kind of like a Walgreens type store drugstore where you couldn't get some basic necessities toiletries and then on the bottom floor.
On the first floor.
They had some groceries to some fresh looking grocery.
Looked amazing.
And then I stopped by Cafe Shaper, which is only a five minute walk from here.
It's kind of like around the corner, because they have, like, their famous cakes, and I just had to try it out.
Um, it's, uh, I just had, like, black coffee and their famous chocolate cake.
It's a tort.
I believe this one is called.
There's usually a long line there, but when I went at 11 30 in the morning, it wasn't that bad.
There's probably about 10 people in about me and only 15 minute wait.
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Grand Hotel Wien - Wonderful Historical Hotel in the Center of Vienna

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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