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in this video, I'm gonna show you guys an awesome hello Kitty hotel experience and what else to do in the Oshima area.
All right, we're back in Iowa Jima in the needs again.
No more the area.
If you guys caught the first part of this areas, you know that we were in the Noto and Bhutto Park.
If you guys miss it, the link is in description.
And now in this video, I'm going to be showing you what else we can do in this area.
Things to do, things to eat and where to stay.
And if you guys love Hello, Kitty, then you're definitely gonna want to see what's next.
But before I start, if you guys want to see what I'm doing, the daily didn't definitely check out my INSTAGRAM account.
And if you want help some of the channel, then definitely check out my Tokyo much.
So I'm thinking my horse in Old Town Road and we're staying at the Grand Chariot, which is inside of the animal parks.
Need again No more Now.
Got the horses in the back.
So let's go inside.
Wow, this place is amazing.
Look at all this.
Would after a fun day with not So now we're gonna have a relaxing day.
It smells like Use it.
You get a cream, Berlet.
That's nice.
It's kind of urgency like this.
Nice of a sweet sex served at a welcome reception at her hotel.
I like it.
So if you come into this place, it's kind of like a village, almost.
And it's kind of a little bit different than your regular hotel.
All right, let's go.
So my man here insisted on carrying my luggage to my private cocoon, even though I told him a roller.
In fact, when he arrived at the lower parking lot, the hotel even had a car service to transport guests to the lobby.
Always gotta take his shoes off because it's Japanese custom.
Oh, you're so cute in here.
All right, so this is pretty intense.
Were in a room filled with Hello, Kitty.
And I'm gonna be on in city guys.
I'm not Hello, kitty fan, but I know some of you are.
So I wanted to kind of show you that right?
Things with a knotted apart.
You can stay here at the grand chariot and you can stay at a plea of deluxe super duper Hello, Kitty Room, and it's gets crazy.
Everything is literally Hello, kitty Loser.
Hello, Kitty.
The tables.
Hello, Kitty.
The teacups or hello, kitty.
That glasses are.
Hello, kitty.
The towels Air.
Hello, Kitty.
I don't even know what this is.
It looks like it's for cigarettes.
It's also Hello, Kitty beanbags.
Hello, Kitty.
Michael was playing around with it earlier.
What you doing?
What you doing?
I don't know.
I think people that love her look did he would love staying in this room.
So if you're gonna check out, not adore you check out the photo amusement park.
Then it's worth just staying here also.
I mean, it's perfect with the kids.
It has dual beds that it has bunk beds in the back.
So you could definitely fit a family.
It has living space, like literally.
This hotel thought of everything.
Even the drinks are complimentary.
It comes assumption of pain.
For you have some beer is, like all made in Ojima called meister hands.
Appear to one of them.
The room also provides complementary hello kitty products and snacks and a quickly through the hello kitty glass door.
There's a pretty spacious deck overlooking the park.
And look, I'm just catching the sense it over the mountains.
Oh, yeah, and just above the living area and bedroom, there's even a hello kitty skylight.
When I turned off all the lights in the room at night, I was able to see the stars from my bed.
Anyway, it's getting dark.
Now it's time to get a grub on.
I want to show you guys this.
You don't have time because you have to go to dinner.
Oh, look at this view.
It's amazing.
From the observation deck I was able to take in the entire landscape from ology Kaiko Bridge, Kobe to the left and apparently even Osaka on a clear day.
All right, so now we're going to dinner.
It's just down here like these.
Like cottages are quite nice.
I don't cottages, villas or whatever you call them are actually pretty nice and private, Um, and talking to people when he checked in that it said, it's like kind of the kind of designed them after glamping, but like, kind of like a higher class or the luxury class.
I have a private you overlooking, so meals here are produced, surprisingly, by a serious real deal.
World class master Chef How do you?
Keum Asta, who owns 13 restaurants worldwide, is known for its evolutionary Japanese food, and here you could enjoy a full course.
Also included in the hotel feet.
The first appetizer is a Manaka sandwich with a secure a sea trout cream cheese for appetizer.
We have this grandchildren cake.
Open it up.
It's like a cream cheese on, almost like smells like tuna.
But it's not tuna.
It's Ah, Matsu fish.
Oh, that's good.
Wow, It's supposed to like cream cheese, but you don't get a huge sense of cream cheese in there.
The outer shell itself, like an ice cream cone kind of shell that has that kind of same texture to a meal.
You know, when you have this coming the appetizers, you're gonna have a good meal from the appetizers.
We move on to the daily catch, sea bream carpaccio and daikon.
Carter Fatah, you're telling us, you know, for off who look at that jiggle that silky smooth, even taste a phobia in this challenge.
Wishy, I'm quite pleasantly surprised.
It's just like a very, very subtle taste of the focal up and it's nice I don't It was a message he started by cooking the Congress deal with a healthy portion of butter.
Probably not great for my heart, but great for my soul.
And I've never had Congres New before in mice Chiaki.
So this is going to be a unique treat.
One thing I learned during this ship is that there's a difference between watching you and ology be figure is the Japanese word for being so I thought it was all the same.
All kennel raised in are considered a logic you, but only the highest quality of what you is branded at a logic beef.
And oh, lucky me Today I'm having a wa GB whole, right?
Ebright here.
We just got this Chiaki well prepared, my man.
He's right behind me.
He has somewhere stuff and check this lovely dish out.
You haven't on center mug on it.
And what's interesting with Scacchi?
If you can see here, there's money in here and that's amazing.
That's like unheard of.
You've never seen sea urchin Florence Chiaki.
And on top of that, you have really undergoing here, which is eel And so you have ology be if you have money and you have on ago but unknowns in Tamargo all in one dish.
It's freaking amazing.
Let me just pull up this alleged people.
You can see the readiness as not all the way cooked.
In fact, just perfectly cooked and factors supposed makes all of it together.
So let's just do that right now.
Look at that loveliness.
This is this, like a combination of flavors Hall.
All right, I'm just gonna wrote this in my mouth and just have a party that is some epic me.
It's nice and tender, and it's picked up all the marination from the skanky sauces.
Like little bit sweet.
Oh, what a nice, delightful flavor.
All you guys really need to be here.
Flavors are This is like an epic meal.
Now I'm gonna eat the rest of the woody beef mixed in with fresh Awaji vegetables.
I love this trip no more.
Roger, you cannot beat this.
Let me know if you guys have ever had sea urchin un ago and beef all in one dish.
Well, this is so good.
It's immense.
I'm just gonna, like, finish all this and then we're moving on to the next spot.
I'm glad I got to show you guys this one, Theo.
Wow, this is so eerie is walking through here.
I just love the sounds of everything that's around and the lights just quite amazing.
Let's keep going.
So a few minutes shuttle ride from the hotel, Still inside the need again.
Nobody park.
There's a fun night attraction called Pino Tony.
Night Walk You Notorious Direct translation is Firebird, but more commonly known as Phoenix in English.
And it's based on an old manga by, you know, Tory by Tezuka Osama.
The park uses projected mapping technology to transform this debt as night forced into an immersive Alice in Wonderland meets Tron experience.
It's your job.
You I There's English and Chinese translation on tour.
So no need to worry about the language barrier that Okay, the warship's Yes, I found the Phoenix.
Now go back to my Hello kitty cuckoo.
So this day also includes a complimentary breakfast.
All right.
Good morning.
You know, we just had that night walk.
I hope you guys like that.
Oh, got some good sleep last night.
And now it sounds have some breakfast to look at this.
This is like your traditional Japanese breakfast.
You have all sorts of little dishes in, like the main box set.
We have salmon roe, pickled cucumbers and seaweed.
Yes, and G onions and salad.
You Have you been able?
She which is a pickled plum, some dried fish eggs.
We have some grilled salmon and then you have a nice suit way.
Have somebody like your typical breakfast that you would expect to get at a nice hotel.
Like such like we're staying at today.
So there's actually so much to do and needs again.
But we didn't get all of it.
That was actually another adventure park called.
She and John can do like a rope scores, and then you could do a zip line.
Quite a fun activity all around this area.
Like, is that earlier?
If you just like gonna visit Kobe, then you don't have to stay here.
But you can just, like visit the park, and I check it out during like, just to go one day activity.
It took, like, less than an hour to get here.
So definitely worth just like coming here and expending the day Oh, and one of the other rooms here.
Themed after she and John.
If your job, then maybe stay there instead of Hello, Kitty Room that we stayed in.
Or just a in the regular room.
Anyways, I'm gonna finish this meal.
I want to think yes for sticking around and watching this entire video like the video.
Help me out and hit that like button.
If you want to see what I'm doing on the daily, definitely check.
My instagram account is going to help with Channel and check out my Tokyo Merge.
I released a video every weekend on Saturday mornings your pan time food after making That's seven and the Government and I'll catch you guys in the next one.
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World's ONLY Hello Kitty Wooden Igloo Hotel in Japan

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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