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this is almost really difficult to watch.
Like, first of all, I just looked so different.
Second of all, what was the today?
We're taking a look at these 12 tapes right here, and I couldn't be more excited about this.
So a little background for those of you who don't know.
I've been living in Japan since about 2000 and seven.
But in 2005 I took my first trip here.
And these 12 tapes is that trip now?
Almost exactly one year ago, I traveled back to Canada for the first time in like, three years.
Playlist linked here.
And I found these tapes recently.
I was on a Japanese TV program.
I made friends with one of the cameramen.
He offered to digitize all the tapes for me.
And here we are.
By the way, there might be another exciting TV spot coming up.
But, you see, there is a bit of a catch.
I had never watched any of the content of these tapes.
And yesterday I sat down and watched these tapes For the first time ever, we're gonna jump right into a But before we do a few disclaimers, number one I was young and I mean young in every sense of the word.
Like I looked young.
I was young Second, I knew nothing about Japan at that time.
And boy, does it show on these tapes.
And finally, I was traveling with a Japanese friend at that time who don't really show in the videos.
Just, you know, protect privacy in all that.
This first tape actually covers me, leaving Canada and going to Japan.
Like my first days in Japan and everything like that, I think it kicks off with my going away party.
It's amazing.
Some things just don't change.
We were playing GoldenEye at this point.
I love that game.
I've got an end 64 right there under the TV, and one of my most commonly played games is still go than I skipping forward.
All right, it looks like we're at the airport now.
I think I just remembered I probably recorded, like, a lot of airport stuff because this was my first time in my life a ever being at an airport or be ever getting on an airplane.
I kind of feel like the majority.
This whole first tape is gonna be airport and airplane stuff.
Let's let's just skip ahead of it.
I still couldn't hold the camera.
Still to save my life.
Oh, my God.
I've never been a Okay.
I'm just gonna pause it right there.
So I had never been on one of those moving escalator things.
You know what I mean?
Like the moving walkway things.
Way to be landing and waste time standing.
About five for three, 21 and zero.
I really delayed that.
And zero.
And it wasn't even close either.
We weren't even touched yet.
Ah, if I'm not mistaken, I think I went through Chicago the first time.
So this is just like I'm not even in Japan yet.
I also remember the transfer of the Chicago O Hare International Airport being a bit of a pain in the butt.
Have you ever done it of the 43 minute mark of this and I've started recording out the plane's window again.
I'm just gonna skip ahead.
I stopped recording of the window long enough to have a meal, fresh fruit salad and a creamy piece way.
Cool game.
I don't remember this.
I can see why I was really into it.
just a little note to self.
So I remember this for later.
Sauce meal is absolutely amazing.
I never learned how to make it.
By the way, we're 3/4 of the way through this footage and 90% It's just been airplane windows.
We might take a look.
The second tape.
Did you threaten you?
I think we're about to break through the clouds like the definitive.
No, I didn't get it.
You see, the old me would actually listen.
Those announcements that said, please turn off all electron ICS for landing.
And I probably just shut off my camera because I remember coming in Japan, one of the most like, definitive moments that actually stuck in my memory was only broke through the It was when we broke through the clouds and I could see the rice fields.
I remember that so strongly.
I love that.
And I didn't catch it anyways.
Okay, back to it.
But came on plane.
Hey, Nixon.
Settlement record that.
No commentary here.
My first steps in Japan.
There's the welcome to Japan.
Sign like that.
I've been a bad first time.
I mean, you just know I look like a tourist to believe my first encounter with Japanese vending machines.
Those are neat bottles.
I've never seen those back home.
Why did I always hold the camera?
Like down here?
And it seems like the rest of it is just me heading into Tokyo.
So let's change up to tape number two and see what we've got.
Judging from the background here, it looks like this tape starts off in Shibuya on British.
Of the very first thing I did when I arrived in Japan was head straight to Shibuya.
So here we go.
It's pretty typical, right?
Just checking out the signs.
Oh, my God!
That neon sign This neon sign right here.
This was like the pinnacle of Japan to me.
When I first came to Japan, This particular neon sign was really popular.
So this was Wow, It just takes me back there.
They're gone now.
They're all gone.
They were everywhere when I first got here.
Yeah, we're, uh Gilvary drove by that lost in translation Right before I left.
One of my friends was like, Yo, you gotta watch Lost in translation.
And I did, and I was all excited every single time I found a scene from Lost in translation.
It definitely made it onto my tapes that first hectic and crazy Chibi a crossing moment.
Wow, she is McDonald's looked so different back then put it down and that right there that right there basically sums up everything about how I felt on my first trip to Japan.
When I carry my camera, I feel like a tourist.
But when I put it down, I feel like I'm missing so much.
Some things never change, All right?
I love this right For my very first day in Japan, I'm finding some way to get up to the high angle so I can get those legs.
I wish I had a wider angle lens on this.
I've always just really liked the view of Tokyo from above.
All right, the first morning.
What is up with?
There's something going on every radio.
This is almost really difficult to watch, like, first of all, I just looked so different.
Second of all, what was the supposed to go up?
You could hear somebody's brushing their teeth in the back.
Also the walk with I was so shocked by the fact that there were no sidewalks being a little completely natural to everybody.
Just so interesting.
Have you ever watch the news?
You know, a couple years ago.
You see a lot of this.
The masks this is so like, very really feels that those very first moments INGE of hand, right.
Like reacting to how narrow the roads are in the fact that there are no sidewalks and talking about people with masks.
And wow, this is I remember this area for the life of me.
I can't remember exactly where it was.
I think it was near Gold Honda in Tokyo, But let's skip ahead of it So funny.
You know, when my little brother Alexander came back in August, I kept giving him heck, because he wasn't paying attention to what was going on the road.
And you almost got hit by a car.
I don't even know how many times.
And here I am, my very first like moments in Japan, and I'm not paying attention the roads and almost got hit.
All right, I'm gonna pause this one right here for now.
I think that's a pretty good start.
The one thing that's hitting me right out of the gate with This is just how young and like, like inexperienced I am.
I was inexperienced travel.
I knew next to nothing about Japan.
Every little thing was surprising me as I came to this country.
It's things that have just become so normal to me now, back then, just were not.
And if I'm not mistaken, it only gets better from here because my overall comfort with like, filming and filming myself and talking to the camera kind of developed during this time.
I'm pretty sure even did the same thing that I've you now where I like the camera down and, like, walk by and stuff like that.
All right, so I just want to do a little bit of a wrap up here at the end, a little bit of a reflection, because this this was a weird experience.
I actually recorded the next section in the same day, but I think I'm gonna leave that for another video.
In fact, if you guys really enjoyed this, I might even turn this into a little bit of a Siri's.
But who was that weird?
Just a watch.
All those.
I still haven't seen anything else out of those 1st 2 tapes.
But I know all the rial adventure starts.
Basically, from this point, I started travelling the entire country I go to like Hokkaido.
I go to Sendai Goto all these different places, and I've got all I just do.
But what did you guys think?
I'm definitely gonna be hanging it with us down in the comments on the release of this one.
So I don't know, Let let me know what you thought about that, and you know it.
For those of you who have stuck around this long, let's just roll that with some raw footage of the trip and me knocking over the microphone.
All right, so here we are on the night before I leave Japan.
We're well hanging out.
He's a video for the night before I leave.
Show these units that this thing has money from so many countries.
No, I look at your tourist a football.
He's a rice farm.
This is my first thing ever.
The plane came through the clouds.
Okay, this is running an estate.
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My First Time Going to Japan

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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