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Andy and I are going.
Teoh Maritime Museum of San Diego It's been around his India go since 1948 on.
They're supposed to be different types of sea vessels there.
So with good day to chicken out, it's Thanksgiving Day on.
Since you have family here way thought, you know, we look up what was open for Thanksgiving Day and the Maritime Museum was.
So if you're looking for things to do on Thanksgiving in San Diego, that's one thing you could do.
I mean, that's what something definitely never really done anything like this before.
So excited about it.
What tip and I was thinking about.
It feels like whatever.
And I wore it.
Now are you look like you're going around our museum.
Have you got your ticket and get Yes, Have you in that way?
Are you going to go that way first?
Which way?
Well, it's better to go anyway.
But way I can recommend that when you go in here.
Got all of this to see them.
Go look at your dolphin.
Come out back in glass.
Medea, look around.
Sand salver Californian Back on the dock there.
America's in Catalina today so you can see it.
Way just doesn't belong to us anyway.
Then you go inside to be 39.
Then you go in surprise.
They go on the Star of India.
That was good.
We're going the right way.
A pirate.
Go check out.
That's booth engines and boilers.
That's a boiler room.
Watch out for your head.
So yeah, this is a boiler room.
Um, I don't know what all this stuff means.
There's a lot of water pumps.
It just keeps going on.
I think it's over.
Like no over.
Well, it's only got this guy scared me.
I thought foreseen.
Just like his hairs in the wake out from way.
Looks like he's pondering about something he did there.
Pondering is like, over just his.
I just, like, very focused, so or not focused.
Oh, look, they made a deal right here.
It's gonna have a have some little snacks.
They made some rocks.
I think that's through this part is just telling us that these seamen drink a ton on it.
Didn't say contrary to probably believe they did drink more beer than Rome.
You would be wrong.
Kind like you associate see with Rahm, but no never sphere.
So But all you can tell with this table like, Yeah, I guess those are beer mugs.
And then there's like wine bottles, but I don't really see.
I feel like they're wind.
There's wind.
There's there, Are you I wonder if that's like that old school way over your jacket.
A lot of drinking.
That's what dedicated full section there to drinking, drinking.
I don't know.
It's all the way, you know.
That's interesting, that one so complicated.
It's a tiny so many definitely I don't know how to do it laws only not to do one of the now in the way.
So far, I'm just having such a good time, this maritime issue.
So I guess this guy was like smuggling, smuggling the, uh, rum turn.
So you've got coconut wrong.
That's a good choice.
I do like coconut.
Always like having his FedEx.
It goes bad about Looks very sad.
He's over.
Yeah, it's just like Super Truck was depressed isn't a boat I am.
So then other Split over here is a speak evening.
He's just a brick home behind the picture of all the guys.
Happy you so we just learned something new.
There are two types of places a speakeasy and a blind pig.
And the difference is that the blind pig was basically you just buy alcohol there, but speakeasies find alcoholic drink there.
There's music and a lot.
A lot more going on speaking.
They say it's more all right, the next section a good time.
So it's like a very narrow here.
Uh, this is sold our control room.
Lots of old school equipment and there.
So apparently this things don't work, but I don't know what it looks.
Oh, there it is.
Right here.
There's a big lens.
Somebody out there.
I don't just a couple come looking.
This is really cool.
Let's do that.
Can you believe, like this was actually operating like a real something that worked out?
Wow, it's in there.
You know, that thing is a mess Hall gallery.
Like a kitchen eight.
With the end of this tour is another submarine.
So I guess this boat was like rich people, Salvador for small.
A pirate ship there.
What, did they keep it here?
Everybody really likes this ship.
Oh, on a giant.
Do it crystal Good.
One good one.
Good one.
Have to steal it.
It is extremely cramped inside the submarine.
So in order to pass the test, you have to go through this to make sure you are good to go.
You did it.
I did it.
We're going in this submarine.
The guy way met in the other submarines that this one is even more narrow in the areas.
Like there's a cross.
So we'll see if that's true.
Way to go Possible.
Awkward too.
You can sleep on that.
So they have tiny people before.
So you medical exam exam people.
I touch something like you go.
You go through much better than I where they had their 30 minutes of entertainment on board a foxtrot.
It is played four games or something.
Get this thing himself.
You just like this.
I always want you here.
Okay, so we just got done with the Maritime Museum.
It was actually a really good time.
Yes, we've been here for 2.5 hours.
Would stay longer Every word hungry.
It's already like passed.
Yeah, I skimmed through the last one that India should warned us because we were you know, we're getting angry.
Yeah, I actually have a little claustrophobic, and I was afraid of the submarine.
But once you get in there, it's so interesting.
That's really cool that you kind of forget about those fears.
I really enjoyed summary covering.
Definitely because there was, like, some working part.
Still, you kind of like experience.
How small?
All these like quarters were like their beds there play room.
I mean, I'm like, Wow, this is what they had to do stuff.
It's such tight quarters that I can't even imagine being stuck down there for, like months.
But it was a really good time.
We've learned the lots we got to see, like how many was that?
Like 10 ships or so way went on about seven ships.
You enjoy this video.
If you want to watch more video, make sure subscribe to our channel we videos weekly.
And this mostly about all our travel adventures.
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Maritime Museum of San Diego, California - Old Ships & Submarines!

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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