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Uh, yeah.
Welcome back to my channel, your virtual to get to Japan and welcome to my newest Siri's, which will teach you how to travel around the country effortlessly.
I'll show you all the cool hacks, tricks and tips there is to explore the land of the rising sun.
Today we're in the busy city of Tokyo in the middle of Shinjuku, one of the most popular stations and transfer points in Japan.
Shinjuku is amaze.
But if you plan on coming here to enjoy city life, there's much to do.
You'll find various kinds of attractions in Shinjuku, like the robot restaurant and Golden Guy, which is perfect for a night out.
Shinjuku can be a confusing place and navigate, so you're probably gonna need some free WiFi during your travels to locate these places.
Today, I'm going to explore some of what Shinjuku has offer using Tokyo free WiFi.
You guys welcome back to my channel.
I'm in Physician do Today.
We are in the middle of the most popular spot in Japan.
You guys are probably going to come through here a lot when you're traveling, So I thought today would be a really good idea to discuss WiFi in Tokyo because there's a lot of WiFi hot spot and things are places to go when you need to search for things or post things on social media.
You have an emergency or something like that.
I know that the 2020 Olympics air coming up.
So I'm sure a lot of you guys are gonna want answers on how to travel easily in Japan.
I think Shinjuku is the most confusing station into.
Fans wanted to show you up on the board here.
So when we're talking about WiFi WiFi, it's everywhere in Shinjuku, but not only in Shinjuku.
It's also outside of the main city, anywhere around Tokyo.
You confined Tokyo through why WiFi train stations are really confusing.
Don't be intimidated anywhere else.
Like socks.
I know Socks has a really popular place in Tokyo to go Die Abad, Toyo Zoo like a amount in.
A lot of people go there to go hiking and things like that.
Today we're going to spend time in Shinjuku and maybe try to connect some of the WiFi hot spots and show you how to use it.
Okay, way set off to our first hot spot in Shinjuku, right in front of the altar building on the east side of the station.
We're heading in front of Studio Alta.
This is a classic side of Shinjuku.
There weren't very many told buildings of the time when, you know, this side was a popular spot for, like, meeting and things like that.
But over there is where we're headed to get the first about Tokyo free white WiFi.
So to get to studio Alta, you're gonna want to go through the east exit head straight across the street, and it's right.
It's literally right there.
We're gonna head over there, so let's go.
WiFi signs are everywhere.
Not only that, there is a digital tourist information centre right in front of this building, and they're everywhere as well.
So let's get connected to WiFi.
Okay, so we're in front of alter right now.
On this is the first Tokyo free WiFi hot spot.
We're looking for a restaurant sushi restaurant.
So we're gonna show you guys how to use this because it's really simple.
Very easy.
So I'm gonna show you gonna switch to my phone, show you guys how to connect to the WiFi.
So The first thing you want to do is find Tokyo free WiFi within your WiFi settings.
Once you're near a hot spot, I should say Free WiFi in Tokyo, a screen will come up asking you to touch the button.
Access the Internet here, click on that.
It will take you to the free Internet access page to enter your email address.
Or you can log in with social media.
Once you do that and email will be sent to your inbox, click on that link.
The link will confirm your connection and give you access to the worldwide wet.
The digital visitors map we just saw before will reveal all the Tokyo free WiFi hot spots on the map, which are the ones and flew super convenient.
We looked for a sushi restaurant nearby using the WiFi, and it was a success.
We're just gonna go get some food way, haven't spent too much time and changing.
I think Mariana has spent a lot more time in Shinjuku, so I got so many noises.
If you want to experience the heart of Tokyo, this is a place to be.
One of Shinjuku is main attractions.
Is the large Godzilla statue towering over the city.
Don't forget to snap some photos to upload later.
Okay, So the restaurant that we chose is like right in the Godzilla building.
You can't miss it.
It's really cool.
It was like Godzilla as taking over Tokyo.
Good photo spot.
You guys were gonna upload photos on Instagram you see behind me?
You see Godzilla?
I've never actually been in this building.
Actually kind of excited that the sushi restaurant is America.
Sushi is a must try in Shinjuku as there are several restaurants to choose from.
Sometimes you want to be spontaneous.
So using Tokyo free WiFi will help you select the best of the best in your surroundings.
Everything was made fresh here.
If you've only eaten sushi and Western countries, I promise you eating sushi and Japan is a whole nother story.
And of course, we had to take a selfie for instagram because I'm all about that life while traveling and exploring.
The cool thing is, And once you're connected to Tokyo free WiFi, you'll automatically be connected whenever you're near a hot spot.
My friends and I found a hot spot close to where we ate and decided to try and upload the stories and instagram photos.
We took their and it was success.
Honestly, you'll be doing a lot of walking and keeping up with friends and family while you're here.
I remember when my parents were here.
They were so worried about getting lost.
But now that Tokyo is installed plenty of free WiFi hot spots, it's so much easier to get around and keep track of everyone.
Some phone boots are Tokyo free.
WiFi hot spots.
Search for the logo and get connected.
Another another.
My by spot.
It's a telephone booth.
Incheon todo like It's like full service.
It's clear you'll see the sign right here.
It's a white light Tokyo free WiFi sticker right there.
Yeah, this is another hot spot.
So we just showed you three hot spots today.
It's very easy, and everything's in walking distance.
So not only phone booths, but tons of convenience stores, shops and cafes also have free WiFi to use.
I feel like finding hot spots was fun because we discovered so many cool places to shop and experience along the way.
The streets are closed off on some weekends, so it's easier to get to your destination and walk around all the people we stopped in the middle of the street since this whole street seemed to connect us to WiFi.
Shinjuku free WiFi is a partner to Tokyo free WiFi, so you should be able to automatically connect to the source as well.
Way looked up a cafe that would serve some Japanese style pancakes.
Japanese style pancakes are thick and fluffy, almost like cake.
It was a sugar overload.
Shinjuku, maybe a busy city.
But it has a lot of setting places to relax and take in the nature.
We were lucky walking past Shinjuku go and park because they sold Japanese treats jam and apple pie.
So I decided to buy some here.
Taizo du Temple was just up the street.
I've never been there, so we decided to take a look and see what it was about.
We're at a temple right now.
Tysoe Ji temple is 500 years old and it is a shrine to pray for good health.
This is a great place to take a breather, unpack your bento lunchbox and have a little picnic.
Okay, so we just got to the station and we're gonna head to Shibuya and just walk around for the night.
I'm not sure what else we're gonna dio, but we're just gonna maybe go to karaoke E or something.
I'm not sure we're gonna look up how to get Teoh from here to Shibuya using the Metro free WiFi.
So you know the most stations and connect metro fee WiFi and check your where your next destination is.
It's not all the stations, but if you check on your wife by it should come up.
Either go to a WiFi spot or you could go to a station.
Check where you're gonna do that right now.
We're gonna look up how to get Teoh very close.
So, yeah, you do that.
Connecting to the Metro free WiFi is justus easy.
Once you near a hot spot, it will immediately connect.
You accept the connection and you're good to go.
He has a very convenient place.
The WiFi is provided by the government so you don't have to worry about getting lost or being separated from people.
I highly recommend you use Tokyo free WiFi.
If you're coming here for the first time, I think it'll be very easy to navigate.
No, worries.
I got you those of either coming for the 2020 Olympics.
I think this would be very useful for you and your family.
I hope you enjoy this video and I'll see you guys in the next one.
If you have anxiety like me or just nervous is travel.
I hope that the free WiFi and Tokyo will encourage others to stay connected, meet new people along the way and share their stories on social media.
Accessing the world online through my travels has given me so much knowledge about the places I've been and things I'll soon be seeing.
So it's lucky that this country has made it so easy to explore and break from your comfort zone to experience all of what Japan has to offer.
If you have any questions, are planning the travel during the Olympic season.
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Travel Japan Stress & Worry Free with TOKYO FREE Wi-Fi

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林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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