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I know what's wrong with you.
So before we even jump into this video, this is actually part two of a Siri's.
If you haven't seen Part one, this video probably won't make that much sense part one of a lot of fun.
It is linked right here.
Check it out for the rest of you who have seen it.
Welcome to Part two.
You guys said you wanted a Siri's and a Siri's is what you've got.
So a little bit of a recap on my first trip to Japan 12 years ago, I used money it in half to buy this year camcorder and Philip these 12 tapes with my entire several month trip two and across Japan.
The last episode had me leaving Canada on arriving in Japan, and today we're kicking off with that first day, me heading right into Tokyo and me ending with leaving Tokyo and once more discovered disclaimers.
Yes, I was young.
I talked really lazy.
I was traveling with a friend who I don't really show on camera for privacy reasons and all of that, and also also today, just as I was about to shoot, this postman showed up and He's like we had a bucks for you.
This box right here from rain, angry who?
Thank you guys.
We jump into this in a second, but I'm just really curious as to what's in the box.
Also, never cut towards yourself.
It's incredibly who is coffee?
And there's a merry Christmas note.
Thank you guys very much.
Now, I was considering doing this with a guest and like watching it together, I'm telling you, I'm actually really glad that I watched his first couple of tapes on my own.
Maybe future episodes will have a guest.
I believe this episode starts my first full morning in Tokyo on the train heading right in.
Let's just jump right in Here we go deposit right there.
Yeah, I've blurred out the faces of the kids and everything, but that was like another huge culture shock for re when I first got in Japan was like thes kids on the train.
Completely alone is this Where are we?
Is this Ikebukuro?
Is this Shinjuku?
Think it's cable and I'm wondering into a pachinko parlor for some reason, I think it goes back to that whole lost in translation thing.
I was like Oh, I saw this in Lost in translation.
So I have to do it.
I've got to go into the pachinko parlor.
Japanese KFC grills.
I don't think they have that anymore.
Yeah, this was definitely gave you over here.
We have God.
Oh, yeah, Because I think back in 2000 and five, Tamagotchi wasn't popular in North America anymore.
Maybe it was.
I don't know.
I didn't have one in 2005.
Had one before that.
Oh, my God.
I've like and for Alexander.
Here's some Dragonball Z stuff here.
If you don't know Alexander is my little brother.
He was here in August.
There's a playlist link up there.
It was pretty awesome.
Misprint out, Haram in shop.
This is actually my first experience eating Muncie.
And you'd on the beef bowl with, like, beef in sauteed onion and all that is if I remember correctly there was something really cool that happened right after this.
A bit of an adventure.
I remember this.
We'll be able to catch him.
I've never just wait to see it gets even, like, weirder when you see them from the front.
I think I actually managed to get in front of them.
I can't believe I actually hunted them down like it is.
Oh, my God!
Be one of the most psychotic things I've ever seen.
Would it not be judging, Norm?
Alright, Deposit right here.
Back in like the late nineties early two.
Thousands like this style Dark tan and everything was actually fairly popular.
Others like Gadda and yet Mamba and all these different crazy styles.
I'm sure the culture is still there.
It's just not as prevailing as it once was and being in Japan on your very first day and seemed hop Here we are first moments in Shinjuku.
I remember being very unimpressed with Shinjuku.
When I first got there, I was like, What?
I don't really know anything about Not a lot.
A lot of my friends really love the Shinji Crary.
All of that.
My very first like free tissue in Japan.
First Japanese game center.
That style, though, like those sunglasses, the dress shirt with a vest like Look at how ready I am.
107 was a little bit better.
Yeah, and somehow I cost uh Oh.
All right, So you guys ready to see the worst joke you'll ever see.
This is I'm gonna put it in.
This is just a really bad joke.
This is so cool.
I actually just saw an engine.
Here's the thing.
All right.
I try and do really discreetly, but I got to get this John.
Look at that fade in transition.
That was all in camera, by the way and begins.
Okay, I'm heading up to Sapporo this day.
Pretty sure got five state.
I love that attitude.
I found my car.
I'm pretty sure I made my seat.
But if I have made a mistake, they'll let me know.
There it is.
Oh, this is really exciting here.
Oh, wow.
I'm just gonna pause this for a second.
I did a video this past May where I went upto all morning on machine guns and and I talked about my Shinkansen tradition and how the very first time that I ever got on machine guns and I grabbed her one of these bottles of green tea and a rice ball.
There it is.
There it is.
Right there.
It's how I was so taken aback by a full grown adult male just sitting there reading Mangga at the time.
So normal now, my first time in our morning, who you can already see some of the cherry blossoms to.
I went all the way up to sap.
It'll on this trip, like, just for the purpose of seeing carried losses because they were finished in Tokyo.
And I was like, I've got to go see the cherry blossoms, right?
So, yeah, I think it was like 10 hours of trains.
I was so excited to see this, too.
Was two fighter planes, like flying through the mountains or something.
They were flying through the mountains.
In my memory.
They were Memory is a funny thing.
That was cool.
Well, that's a creepy tower.
I don't know if you've ever played half life too, but it reminds me of the Citadel from half life.
Too old bad smoking on the train.
And it blew my mind.
I was, and I didn't realize that I had sat in a smoking car.
I didn't realize that there was a difference.
So I'm just recording his old man and the sap.
It'll beer Tower, huh?
Miss that.
I think I was only in support for like 24 hours and then I was going back the next day in noon or something.
I don't know.
Not really nervous, but I think I should I think I should be.
I have no idea where or how to hold a camera straight.
Anything station.
I've been here almost an hour.
Let's pause right there.
Way over.
And I was in the station for an hour.
I wanted to make sure I was insanely familiar with station and the area before actually venturing outside.
And so it took me forever to leave the station.
And then once I left the station, it took me forever to actually separate myself from the station back then, things like iPhones and Google maps and all.
That was not a thing.
Paper maps were a thing.
And I think after this I actually went to the station.
It was like I can I get a map cell?
But I think I have finally gathered up the guts.
Teoh, actually leave this building way.
There we go building.
Probably a good two hours of this thes react thistles.
Something else I've stepped outside.
What's wrong with you?
I'm so glad that I watch these alone and always somebody.
You know what?
We're just gonna pause it right there for today because this feels like a separate episode, all in its own.
The Sapelo Adventures episode going to take these off, guys, that coffee is spectacular.
Thank you.
It could be a little bit embarrassing toe watch these back.
But I think in the end, it's really, really worth it.
One of the reasons that I chose to record everything is because humans by nature, are so forgetful.
There's an abundance of scenes in their room.
I remember this and I totally forgotten until I watched them in there.
I think my favorite part of this entire thing are the little culture shots back then that are totally normal to me now, just like last time.
I'm gonna take some of the footage from this, toss it together to make, like, a little vlog s segment at the end.
And I'm sorry.
It's so shaky.
It's it's It is what it is.
What do you guys think?
Should I have a guest?
Watch the next one with me?
Let me know.
So right now we're having to the train station so we can make our way closer to Central Tokyo, started yesterday.
Last night I came here, wait to throw five bucks in this arcade.
Here comes a car.
Get out of the way!
And here at the station.
All right, so while eating our large, we still needs to Really freaky looking people.
We're on the hunt for them now.
So with any luck, we'll be able to catch up.
I don't really have a lot.
I don't really know anything about it.
There's not a lot of interesting stuff in this area, but way.
All right, way really famous way going building.
Here I am in the station.
I three take first guns and otherwise known as Americans is the bullet train.
And this one 56.
I do believe this over here is my train.
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My First Day in Japan!

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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