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Chris and I are at Frost Me Cafe and Bakery, and this is our second time here.
We love this place so much, especially because of their morning bun way had to get another one and they just came out of the oven just like the lot Yesterday we acted just came out of it too, because it was so crunchy, like he gooey on the inside.
So them in flavor This is my favorite spot anyway, So getting back to process cafe and bakery, it's located in a little.
And you might hear some noise in the background today because farmers market is today.
So all the vendors are setting up right now.
So it's like you come here, have your practice, coffee and tea.
And then when you're done, you can start walking around the farmer's market.
Can you introduce the place?
I'm just gonna, uh, have you watch me?
Thing is so amazing.
The outside is really crunchy and flaky inside is very cool.
You talk about my face, I like him.
So So I came here to mornings in a row.
Oh my gosh, It's Frost way.
Just had breakfast at their other look, but they are known for their desserts.
And I'm kind of curious with dessert.
Love their pastries.
So good.
So cute.
Oh, my.
Okay, I smell so good.
So cute here.
Lavender ago.
Lavenders of things way actually went to the prospect this morning in Little Italy way.
Didn't know there was one here.
Gluten free.
I kind of want for later on the way back.
Yes, yes.
Not carried around.
I don't want it to melt.
Guess what?
We just found out that crossed me bakery is actually a champion or one of the champions of cupcake Wars from way.
Didn't even know there was gonna be a frost Me here on.
We just went there for breakfast in Little Italy, where they have pastries and coffee.
So we got here were like that process.
Well, this is their original location at Seaport Village, and it's all cupcakes here.
And the cupcakes are so cute.
Oh, my gosh, They look so delicious.
And they smell really good, Like, right when you're walking.
But I'm I'm pretty full from the first of pastry Got from frost me So I don't walk around a little bit, get a appetite and then come back and be like, All right, so we're back way.
Just can't get enough of this way.
Fans of this service, like really great Teoh So friendly.
Very informative.
Yes, one very polling shows, like Little I'm trying Like everything lavender like a new trend under ice cream straw lavender last night 11 I got, like talk with, like, way down very hard.
It's a very long name for the cup to remember.
God would say, Hey, how about that?
So chocolate on caramel with having So how is it?
So it is a little bit hot, but it's like towards the end, kind of like a fun surprise you.
It is very moist.
E Yeah, very, very moist.
And it's actually having air assault like that's what you like hot flavor.
But it's really not that this one, the award winning one from the company digging into my lemon lavender blueberry.
Okay, like a spot as really like you can really taste that love you anyway, but then citrusy lemon picks, interesting flavor, like I really like it like this.
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Frost Me Cafe & Bakery in San Diego, California - Cupcake Wars Champion!

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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