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Hello, everybody.
Welcome to take your creative play, host Emma.
And she is Natasha.
And we are still in Fukushima right now.
We're on the third day off.
So Japan Post Group office, three different kinds of tools.
You can do a five day to a seven day two and a 10 day tour on the 10 day tell you can actually go all the way to oh Qaeda.
Oh, that's so cool.
So we're very happy for this to be sponsored by Japan.
Post this tour include so much.
Oh, yeah.
There's a lot of stuff that you get with the tour.
So you get a pocket WiFi, you get the Jr rail pass, you get accommodation.
And also this handy dandy guy Burundi Dandy Guide book.
So now we're at Superga Jo Castle, which is still in eyes, is still in Fukushima.
But we're gonna check it out because we didn't get the chance to yesterday and we're gonna send some postcards of the cool special mailbox, and then we're gonna have to send eyes.
Let's do it.
All right, So we're at the pie spokes, and I'm here with a special guest.
It's Sandy Cameraman.
I want to post these at the castle.
I hear that this post boxes near the castle.
Special poster books.
Oh, okay.
We can participate in the special, but you're gonna send one.
The price cuts, right?
We said to my parents, See?
And not a nice I'm sending mine to my friend in Tokyo.
Shall we wish A whole.
It's such a beautiful place.
It is.
Travel safely.
First cards.
Finally, we have made it to Sendai.
We're finally here in the first place.
We're going to Zooey Holden now.
Zoe Hardin is a Muslim but is dedicated to that date.
Masamune Masamune was one of the most powerful feudal lords of Japan in the Edo period.
And his remains are here.
So what?
The data Clint is a She want most famous kinds in all of Japan.
Unfortunately, this place was destroyed back in World War two, but it was rebuilt in 1979.
And so the place that holds his remains is actually only open for special occasions.
Yeah, but we can view the buildings around.
Everything else is just not the remains bit Rooth.
You remember?
So you know the police?
We were just at that was the remains off this guy, This man right here, Masamune.
So, yeah, that was the mausoleum for today.
Masamune it.
And here is his statue is actually the founder of Sendai.
And he was apparently really powerful in battle, and everybody knew to fear the present mood on his helmet.
It's very clear sign that death is coming out when they saw it.
Its strength beyond that, I think, is going to get a lot of people.
Yes, so I was just reading up about it.
Apparently, he's missing one eye.
People say that it like when he was a kid, he had smallpox and he lost the use in his eye.
But people like, why is his I fully gone like smallpox?
Shouldn't have meant the eyes gone.
But there's, Ah, myth, a legend that he was told by one of the Klan's members that if is I would be a weakness in battle.
Someone could pluck it out.
So he plucked it out himself to just be like, Yeah, you know it.
Beat him, Teoh.
Yeah, All right.
So we've had quite a big day of traveling and seeing a lot of sites and amazing things, and I'm quite hungry and thirsty as well.
So I want to go and try some of send eyes, special snacks, shakes.
We'll see everyone's This is really good.
Yeah, I'm excited.
Way back at the hotel were relaxing way.
Don't relax on.
We got ourselves a treat.
A little treat That is special to Sendai.
So this is a Zenda shake.
Zenda is animal.
I think you guys would be familiar with vitamin babies.
I see them and I think they push them up.
And in this vision, that sweet is a lot of like, any moment, Sweets.
I don't know how it's gonna be, even if it's just a text.
Like beans kiss, Ches.
I don't suck it up.
But look at this.
Well, I like I don't get it.
I like it.
I think I like it too more having at the moment during.
It's actually a little gritty.
There's chunks of being here, but you know it's not fake.
Yeah, All right, so this is really good, but we also have some most next from Sunday.
Well, Sendai speciality snacks, and we're gonna have them with friends.
One extra.
His older, vast Sendai snacks is doing, oh, way, start with savory.
Hopefully, it's called dongle.
So with these fish balls, we were given some catch up for them.
So this fish cake on the inside it's being deep fried in batter.
And then we're gonna add minus.
So it's gonna be like a corn dog.
I think.
Oh my God, look at the inside.
It's a corn dog.
But for me, I feel like the data and Japanese ones is a sweet truth be told, I haven't had a daughter many years, so maybe I'm wrong.
Well, I think that's a great start.
Told Really excited for the cheesecake, Wendling says.
Little stick.
And we followed cheesecake six years later, years being It's very subtle, but just get is always good and just appreciate that they try to put ingredient in.
A lot of different people don't like he's cake.
There is something else for you to eat.
This might look kind of suspicious, like in the packaging.
All in the stall, there were like, rules and rules of it.
It was interesting because it feels like I just had a mouth of tea and a yucky Okay, so the bottom is actually skin of the show.
Potato, You probably 11 0 so the bottom part is like mushed up sweet potato.
And that's top part, I guess it's like them some kind of pace they made out of it with.
Yeah, Yeah.
This is just like video.
So the final thing, it's one that we're actually quite excited for.
Its the apple and sweet potato pie.
Really appreciate.
I love.
So this re potato against is a paste with the apples of apple adds texture.
But the sweet potato paste gives it like base running and sweets.
It's offering.
Finish the sweets.
I think we're gonna go out a little bit of a look at the nightlife around Sendai.
Maybe have a little bit of a word of mouth is the Sendai has really good like life.
You want a night life person here?
I want to eat.
Cheeky drink.
No, I'll support you guys on your TV.
Well, take.
You drink.
You can witness just way way made it.
Teoh Ohio Coco, which is an alleyway of lots of different foz and places to get food.
So we've come here, we're gonna be having some dinner having a nice drink and winding down from the day we had a great time.
And Sunday I seen a lot of stuff in a lot of food.
And now we're gonna symbol existed.
Let me have another city.
So while we grill out me, I just like to say thank you again.
Japan First for sponsoring this video and post group fall.
If you guys interested in this kind of to hold the links in the description down the light to check it out we have two more days left.
And where the next?
Really interesting.
I'm really excited to stay change in the next video.
But thank you guys so much watching.
And we'll see you guys again soon.
Thank you.
Changes video.
Amazingly, it's ready.
Made Very delicious.
Lead her life.
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Best Things To Do In Sendai, Japan

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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