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This is a day in the life of a Japanese couple moving in for the first time together.
So this is my friend Eugene and his girlfriend, and it's a special day for them since today they're moving in for the first time together.
But at this moment they're just realizing that the laundry still hanging on the balcony and it rained last night.
Eugene is 27 years old, works for an I D solutions from in Tokyo as a salesperson and has lived in this Tokyo apartment by Yoyogi Park for two years now.
But he says 26 they've been going out now for a strong 11 months, as you can tell by the tooth brushing routine, so Eugene usually takes baths at night and the morning.
While many Japanese take best Onley at night.
I guess he likes to be extra clean to save water, though he reuses the bath water from the previous night.
Luckily, his bathroom automatically reheats about water with a press of a button this features common in new or Japanese homes.
So I'm in front of Eugene's house right now.
Let's go see how he's doing, how far you with packing.
So the movement, they're supposed to come early this afternoon, but it looks like Eugene still has a long way to go.
So I brought over some red bull and coffee to help like them up.
Anyway, let's get to know this couple a little more.
Traditionally, isn't the man supposed to get permission from your parents?
I said go up.
Didn't mean that they're using under the bus, you know, I mean, it becomes Oh, damn, It seems like he's already packed up all the chopsticks.
Hey, are you mad at a recent about the laundry?
So you teens now headed to the coin laundry to try to dry the clothes off before the move in Japan, Drying clothes outside is quite common as many households on Lee have washing machines.
It's another way Japanese save on electricity.
Why did you decide to live together?
We're actually in the middle of golden week right now, which is about a 10 day period starting at the end of April, where banks, government offices and many businesses closed down, although a great time to move apartments.
Apparently a terrible time to go to the coin laundry.
Oh, Eugene just left his laundry on the street in front of the store.
In fact, people are quite trusting in Japan and calmly leave their belongings as they know they'll soon return.
You'll even see this in many coffee shops, as people will leave the iPhone on the table or bag on the seat unattended.
But they go to the bathroom personally.
I have left my wallet on the train before, and it was returned.
He just had to buy something so he could get some job.
That means I'm back home and has always said when a Japanese person Cantone Eugene, how much is the rent for this place?
Lisa, How about your rent?
And how much is the rent for the new apartment?
For the new apartment, they've agreed to open up a joint bank account to cover the rent and utilities, but they're still negotiating the split.
At the moment, it sounds like Eugene, 60% in a resa 40 or maybe even a 70 30 split.
He's asking for an 80 20 split choice.
Ducky must always said before eating.
It's often translated as I humbly received, but these days it feels more like let's see and notice that they're eating soup with chopsticks.
Is that normal for more year from the movement?
They're supposed to come between one and three today.
They don't really tell you the exact time because they have other jobs that they're doing.
And most of the stuff is packed, even though they had a late night last night.
It's not done yet, but they don't care so much.
But I guess that's just them.
If you were me, I'd be a little bit worried.
But it's just, you know, personality and look at them.
They're just so young and happy right now.
So what they're eating right now.
Let me just show you around a Japanese apartment, and this is how it looked before all the packing started.
So they're moving out of this one.
K apartment.
One K means one room, plus kitchen and bath.
It's a pretty typical size for a single person's apartment in Tokyo.
It may be small, but since the rooms on the ninth floor, it hasn't pretty decent view.
Also, the main room has two clauses, which is nice, since Japanese apartments tend to have minimal storage spaces, and this right here behind me.
This your standard kitchen.
You can see you have a small sink, two stoves, and then you have a little fish grill underneath.
He has a medium sized fish, as you can't really fit anything larger than this in the kitchen.
It's filled with your standard drinks, fresh vegetables, so sauce anti in the bathroom area, there's a washing machine sink in.
Toilet Toilet itself has a standard Japanese day and controller, as expected, most new apartments.
So as they're packing right now, one thing I wanted to mention is that when you're moving out of a Japanese apartment, if you don't leave it in the way you actually got it.
Mind, it's like normal wear and tear.
They actually charge you the deposit.
That door that's sitting right there needs to be put back right there before he returns it to the landlord.
In fact, when you move into an apartment, it almost cost about half a year's worth of rent.
The reason being is in Japan.
When you move in, you have the first month's rent.
Two months deposit, two months.
It's called breaking its thinking.
The landlord for letting you moved into that works out to be five months, and then you have to pay an agent fee, which is about half a month of rent, looking at almost six months of rent before you move in.
That's kind of like pretty standard here in Japan recently that a lot of places are doing zero raking or zero gift money or one month get money.
But it really depends on the place and on.
The owner was renting out the apartment.
Looks like they ran out of boxes, so Theresa is going to grab a few more from her apartment.
Luckily, she's only a five minute walk away.
This is a good time to ask Jesus some questions while using.
You want to get married soon When you do go out for dinner, does he pay?
So this Behind me is where Addy said has been living until now.
This apartment is only for women, so I'm not actually able to go in, so we'll just have to wait for her here.
But I think she's coming now.
So she says she wants to get married.
Maybe when she's around 30 which is 3 to 4 years from now.
All we should ask, using the same question later on and see if he feels the same way now that they've got more boxes.
Time to finish up packing.
How are you feeling about the move, Eugene?
But the doctor there.
So who comes home later on Workdays?
Jay Z, How about Eugene?
Sounds like the working hours and sleeping schedules are a bit different, which may be concerned when moving in together, but they have agreed to at least have dinner together on the weekends.
I'm hoping it works out for them.
Oh, no.
They found an old frozen bamboo and happen UK me dia Good ice cream.
Oh, the treasures refined during a move on Look, they have a que little lizard named Eve each other.
Everything is packed up.
I think they're all ready to go.
We're just waiting to be reversed.
Got done a lot earlier than my thoughts.
Yeah, just hang out.
And this issue day, he's Eugene's friend and he's come to help with the move.
But at this point, there's not a lot of packing left before the movers come, But at least he can help take out the trash.
So this apartment has a 24 hour trash disposal room in the building, which is pretty common in Japanese apartments.
The trash sorting system is very strict in Japan, and you need to separate.
Put out your burnable Don Berna bulls, cans, bottles, glass boxes on specific days.
But if you have a dedicated Sposa room, you can pre sort your trash and the building management will take it out for you.
Hey, Eugene, when do you want to get married?
So do you to say I love you to each other.
You know the Japanese phrase I stated I stayed with you.
Continue to you anymore.
Against the the phrase I Syria has quite a strong romantic meaning in Japanese, and you would never say it to family members.
In fact, most Japanese couples of feel uncomfortable saying, I love you in Japanese, even when they're in a serious relationship.
Instead, they often use a lighter phrase skeet, meaning I like you or, as usual explains, they express their emotions nonverbally saved by the bell.
So you didn't selling the movers exactly what needs to be placed in the truck and what to bring down in the trash area as he's not taking everything to the new apartment.
They basically do everything for you, which is why most people in Japan use the moving company, even smaller single residents like Eugene.
It's also mandatory for the movers to protect and cover all the building walls, including the elevator on their moving out as they're liable for any scratches or damages caused by the move.
Oh, if you don't know, it's customary to take your shoes off when entering a Japanese home.
This custom holds true even during a move.
As you can see, the movers take off and put on the shoes every time in and out of the apartment quite a balancing act when they're also carrying heavy furniture.
Oh, they even prepared a tall box with a built in clothes rack to make transporting close even easier, and they cover large image items like mattresses, tables and flat screen TVs.
They'll even break down your bed for you, so we're finishing up right now.
It's not about three, and it's about 4 15 right now, so about 15 to 20 minutes it will be done and we'll go Eugene at the new apartment.
How was it?
All right.
So as you can see, we're all done three things clean and ready to go to the next spot.
That wasn't too bad at all.
So the moving van has gone already and we are now in a taxi.
Moved TV because I don't want moving people to take her excited to get to the next part.
Is evey doing all right back there?
By the way, this is a new type of taxi in Japan designed for the 2020 Olympics.
I love them because the passengers he's are a lot more spacious.
Yes, we finally made it to the new apartment.
I'm quite excited to see what it looks like inside.
Well, even though they might not say it in words, doesn't look like they love each other.
We'll look at some of beauties.
All right, so this is Eugene's new places, friends in here.
But I wanted to just collect kind of show you before the movers come in.
So basically there's two bedrooms.
They have the kitchen, and living in the dining are kind of combined, and then you have a separate bath.
Eugene actually told me that he's gonna turn this room into kind of a private office right behind me is a toilet.
The water used to wash her hands is reused to fill the toilet.
And it also has a basic today.
And then we walked here.
This is the bath.
Here you have your sink.
And then just behind me is where you're gonna put the washing machine.
And then next that you have the bathtub area and entrance, which is called King Khan, has a built in shoe closet.
And it even has a balcony with enough room to hang the new laundry in the future and then moving into the main area.
This is like the living dining room section.
Could see right there, have a kitchen.
It has two stoves that has a fish.
Krill has a storage you need, and it looks like everyone else is in the master bedroom.
Interesting is that this place has come with curtains.
I'm usually a lot of apartments don't come with first living in but this place Did you know what you think?
Finally, all the buses coming in the movie will actually reconnect major appliances like TV.
Washing machine and fridge is very helpful.
As many people don't know how to reconnect appliances like a washing machine are wonder.
Which box has the wet clothes, though, so it's time to pay the movers.
The total came out to 42,200 yen, about $393.
Apparently, Eugene was initially quoted 70,000 years, but he was able to negotiate the price down.
In general, though, it's often considered rude and Japan to negotiate on prices.
But sometimes smaller service companies could be flexible with a price.
Also, did you notice that the mover knelt down, collecting the payment?
It's a sign of gratitude for the business.
You often see this when the maintenance pressure comes effect something inside your house as a final check.
A person from the movie company's main office calls Eugene over the phone to confirm that everything was delivered and there were no damages or other issues with the movers.
Does this happen in your country?
I It's customary in Japan for friends, A visit on the day of your movie.
It's kind of like a on the spot housewarming party.
In fact, it's tradition to have soba, also known as Koshi soba, meaning moving sober with your friends.
Nowadays, though, people usually just do something easy, like order, pizza or sushi.
His friend even brought a nice bottle of sake as a housewarming gift, and he be done seems to be happy as well.
All right, so Eugene Visa have finally moved into the new spot.
What do you guys think?
But since the movers moved everything that they really didn't have to help so much just here to have a drink, have food and just enjoy the rest of the night.
Also, I'm making other Japan Day in the life Siri's.
So if you want to catch those videos, catch my Japanese guides.
Definitely get that's prevalent in the Melbourne and I'll catch you guys in the next month.
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Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Couple Moving in Tokyo

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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