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I normally don't show bathrooms in a video, but I just want to the bathroom.
And because this is an older building that's been restored, they try to keep a lot of the original fixtures, or they try to keep the fixtures when they redo it.
Kind of similar to the old school style to the bathroom to show you high where crystalline Kanye travel pockets were sisters who are half American and half Japanese, and we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much way Post videos weekly and would love free to subscribe to our channel always along on all of our adventures show you are through, and this is one of the hotel rooms where you have to put the key in here and that way all the lights come on, so it's to help conserve energy.
I, like hotels, do that.
The building itself is over 100 years old, so a lot of the pictures are original.
But of course, they also update a lot things, too.
I really like the bathroom.
The one thing I like about the bathroom is the door I've never seen, like a door like this in a hotel.
I just I just like that It's black and it just looks really cool to me.
The shower is really good size.
There is no bathtub, just a shower, but just fine with me.
I rarely ever take cabs in hotel.
It's got a nice rageful shower.
I also like that they used to have a big bottles of shampoo conditioner.
I hate getting those little bottles and hotel around because it's never enough shampoo conditioner form except so much hair.
I like how they also kept, you know, some of the vintage vibes to it.
So when they restored it, like, obviously, that's new.
But it still has, Like that vintage five, um, is a toilet next week, a small area, plenty of towels out.
This is actually did.
So Could you tell us?
It's actually pretty hot, so be careful when you touch it.
I do like a super bright in here.
I do not like hotels were super dark, so they give you plenty of light for us.
Ladies like to do our makeup in the bathroom.
I also like the magnifying mirror.
The only thing I don't like about this bathroom, if I had to think of a negative, is Spain's the counter space.
There's really not a whole lot of space to put my makeup so destiny thing.
But other than that, I love the bathroom.
It's a great cute 50 bathroom.
Okay, so then, of course, there's a safe.
They have tea here with all sales, have wine glasses there.
Um, an iron and ironing board.
Uh, this is our flattened since strict a flat iron, but they do give you a blow dryer.
I did use higher works.
There's an ironing board.
We've pretty hung up color codes.
Uh, they give you two slippers.
I'm using one of them crystals like I don't need slippers.
So and I'm also using the robe.
And there's an extra but crystals like I don't need a row because it doesn't need robe and slippers Like ideo.
I noticed when I was in the bathroom, I was like, There's no flood.
Sounds like how am I gonna dry my hair?
I was looking around for a while.
Where is the plug?
I wish they had a fine, but I did find it.
So on the bottom of this, there is one plug.
So, uh, if you need to blow dry a hair, this is where you dio and not in the back there.
There's like a plug in for a shaver, but that's like a different plug.
So you can't use that for the blow dryer.
So that's what this is here for.
And for those of us or those of you who like to do you actually have a yoga mat and I'll even know those room in here yoga.
But maybe if you're true, Yogi, there are.
I mean, you don't really need my space.
I don't know.
I'm not really good at U.
Oh, so this is our bedroom way initially walked in because I've got a narrow hallway when you walk in, it seems like it's just this bed right here.
But then way see the next stands more so we're like, Oh, that's a lot of room.
And then we also have another over there.
But I go there and this, um, we slept last night very comfortably.
We think that these rooms, the windows are soundproof because we're next to a pretty busy square were actually in the Russell Square location.
And there's a lot of cars going, going by or buses.
People walking around.
But we heard none of that.
I get a nice reading lamp here.
You don't want to bother your roommate and get these cool phones.
I love red phones.
They made it old school, too.
Also, if you want to purchase one of these red phones, they have for still downstairs.
They have two points here, and I also have USB chargers, which I'm charging my phone right now.
And you just turn on these these guys and they'll show you that is charging with that red light.
Oh, also, if you do forget a converter, they provide you one in the drawer down here.
So this is what they're converters look like.
Make sure you get one of these.
I almost forgot to bring one.
So Candy reminded me she didn't come with me.
I probably had one, but at least the hotel has one.
Just for people like me.
This is candy side.
I'm using this side.
Candies of genocide on her size.
You have a big TV on.
Same thing she has a drawer over there and some plugs USB Chargers thing dio and then over here is our little living room.
Isn't this cute way actually use it last night as a little tightening room?
Because there's lots of great restaurants around here.
Restaurants like fast food have a places, so there's pizza.
There's tacos and burritos.
There's Asian all where you could take home.
They call it take away.
So you take it to go or you can eat it there.
So candy and I got the burrito and can you got pizza?
And, um, it's called Franco.
Monica is the pizza place.
There's a lot of people there yesterday, so we think it's a pretty popular place and I'm a Candies pizza in a heart shape, which I thought was really cute.
And the burrito place was pretty good, too.
If you want to save some money, those great places to go because our Neil was probably 67 pounds each, which isn't that bad.
So here is our balcony.
We can't actually go out and step out, and if you wanted some fresh air, you can open this.
So this is where it's improved because there's a sliding door here and then you have to open this part.
So this is actually probably the the original part of the hotel looks.
It looks like a hand over and it still looks old and, like, this part is being done, but just this and then it's like a little locking system on the bottom where you can't open any more.
Read across over there is Russell Square, and it is actually really nice.
Today is 64 degrees and the air coming in is really nice.
So if you just want some fresh air, that's a great way to If you want to hear some London ambience, you can open the door.
Um, so, yeah, I think originally groups Originally when you shut the door, it was just this without this lighting nor part.
I don't think it was that soundproof before, But now that they've added this, it makes it really soundproof.
So which is really thoughtful of Kimpton?
No, I dont show bathrooms in the video, but I just want to the bathroom.
And because this is an older building that's been risk door, they try to keep a lot of the original fixtures.
They tried to keep the fixtures when they redo it.
Kind of similar to the old school style about to show you This is the old school.
My exempted flush it this and I think they kind of kept original hot water.
And I was like How the sink is in your own stall.
I think a lot of us have been into London.
The sink is in the bathroom stall, which kind of like privacy like that.
It's because a lot of the bathroom many women, So we didn't really gym clothes.
But this gym here iss pretty amazing for intelligence.
Usually the intelligence are tiny, and there's not a whole lot equipment, but three treadmills uses like water Teoh, and you're like, This is size, but there's two section They've got really heavy weights using like, not too heavy, like they have two different sets, like a really heavy set, a smaller said and thinking I've never seen a gym offer outpolls is how I feel like Hey, Ash closed.
So our time here at the Kimpton Fitzroy London hotel has come to an end.
Has I really liked my stay here, one that it was super convenient for everything we did around London because of the train station or the underground is basically like right next door.
So that's where to run before, right around the corner.
So it waas yeah, just wake up and I get on the train like very central to everything.
But you know, you still have from food options nearby and cheap food options to our fast food was probably around 6 to £8 a meal.
And they have a lot of options.
They're good meals to they are.
It was like McDonald's or anything like actual, like homemade pizza.
What else was they?
Tacos and burritos, which was probably my favorite, even had, like a Japanese store weakened by price, falls and rice.
Did Bryce bulls have curry do that sushi to called wasabi?
I believe there's also then, but across the street from the underground is a convenient store so that that was awesome, Teoh warned by water.
Or just like bites on the go like granola bars or something, or medication, very standard medication Or once they like ibuprofen and stuff like that, like you get there.
So, yeah, I was like a very convenient location and write it and then I'm like Austria on the other side.
Is this really nice Park?
Mursal Square Park?
And it's a really nice place to just hang out and relax.
If you're into that.
We went there and a lot of locals were just hanging out.
Yeah, small water fountain.
So lots of great things about this hotel that we'd like to talk about.
There's so many that I will never be conventional.
Forget something.
As soon as we walked in, they greeted us.
They're super friendly shows to be, um, front dads.
Uh, the concierge was super friendly, Really liked Paul.
Hey was so excited to show us around the hotel because this is a very historic hotel.
So, you know, he even took us upstairs and likely that check this out and gave us information.
Not like the marble, because this is a buildings over 100 years old.
I was actually pretty amazed by the stain class was it's still the original stake class, and the red marble is all original original.
They have a couple of dining options within the hotel.
They have this cafe downstairs.
That's really nice.
We love the decor of and they sort of really healthy foods.
Ondas opens the general public to It's not just for hotel.
Yes, great food off selections.
Very healthy.
I think they like yogurt on the menu for breakfast.
We actually got toasted eggs, which is we just like simple stuff like that.
And the eggs were so is phenomenal.
So going back to the room, another service that they have this turn down service.
So every night, I was around eight ish.
They will come by and check up on you to see if you needed any more towels.
Maybe they'll make up the room for you again if you're not in the room but haven't always use a room.
And as if we needed anything and they always gave us two bottles of water.
And if you extra towels or anything else, they would, you know, give us that we needed.
Wanna think I h g for this wonderful stay.
We could ask for a better hotel a day and in London.
Oh, yeah.
This is perfect.
It waas classy.
It has character staff was amazing and friendly every day.
Yeah, I just can't see any convenience of the liberation.
It was It was awesome.
A top notch experience for sure.
One of the best helping stayed out.
So if you like this video, please give it up.
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Our Luxurious Hotel Experience at Kimpton Fitzroy London

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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