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  • (Image Source: ITV) 


 A developing story coming out of London — a

  • possible terror attack has left one person dead and two injured. ITV has exclusive footage

  • of who is believed to be one of two attackers. We warn you, the images are graphic.

  • "A man with bloodied hands carrying a knife and machete approaches a camera..."

  • "I'm sorry the women had to witness this today but in our land our women have to see this

  • every day. Remove your government they don't care about you."

  • It is reported the victim was attacked with a machete and possibly shot. The incident

  • happened just after two o'clock London time on Wednesday afternoon. (Via BBC)

  • The Telegraph talked to a taxi driver who witnessed the attack. He said, "he saw a black

  • car swerve off the pavement and crash, before two men got out with weapons... 'Some people

  • were panicking, as you would when people start swinging machetes around. It's pretty shocking.'"

  • Although details are still scarce, London police held a brief press conference.

  • "Firearms officers attended the scene, on arrival they found a man who was later pronounced

  • dead... Two men, who we believe from earlier reports to have been carrying weapons, were

  • shot by police." (Via Sky News)

  • Those suspects were taken to separate hospitals where they are being treated for their injuries.

  • The U.K.'s Channel Five news reports it has been confirmed that the man killed in the

  • attack was a serving soldier.

  • "My understanding is that it did involve a completely unprovoked attack... This is an

  • area where there is a positive relationship between the army and the local community and

  • this event is deeply shocking because of that."

  • The attack was also near a school but no school children were reported injured.

(Image Source: ITV) 


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