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Media neutrality is another topic.
Neutrality is very rare.
People in media often say that empathy,
trust and these things are what is important.
Counties like China have Sesame Credit.
This score is a platform for trust even without a personal relationship.
The credit earns trust for government or individual.
These networks are actually making trust a very strong type of commodity.
We will not have to think about trust anymore.
People should stay engaged though, so how do you see the human touch?
First, trust is a necessary thing.
Nothing is worse than trusting in something which shouldn't be trusted.
Companies and media run campaigns to earn trust from people.
This is natural for entrepreneurs, but businesses cannot always be trusted.
Trust is a negative for a social state.
America has trust in Facebook but not their own government.
This is not good for society.
It is a system inherent to human nature whether to give our trust.
People actively engaged in the system of course see trust as natural.
So, trust is like money, it is better to have some.
What is important then?
We all need to trust in the right things.
People who have our trust need to be responsible for that trust.
I think society needs to offer some type of trust collateral.
Professors and students need to have a trusting relationship.
Even with arguments or friction in regular conversation,
people can still have a layer of trust.
This is not a simple network.
Trust has migrated to other things.
Americans' trust has moved from media and government to social media.
People we trusted had worked by taking responsibility for that trust.
That's not true anymore.
It's dangerous for trust to migrate to a platform and company without ethics.
That's how we should think about it.
Nations are one player in these platforms.
Democracy will have to change.
The current American system is broken.
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“フェイスブックが信頼され、政府の信頼は下がっている” | MEDIA and CREDIBILITY | GET WIRED | Ep5

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 1, 2020
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