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I'm a very busy man, Mr Felony.
They give me belongs to this other guy.
They drowned him in the bathtub, pushed him underneath the water.
Having trouble Radio, Mr Jordan.
I certainly am glad you showed up.
I'm having plenty of trouble.
I can't get anything through this guy's head.
Tell him what happened, will you?
This is Mexico.
Call my manager.
You know the guy that did me up.
This is Mr Jordan.
You know those collective fellas I was telling you about?
Well, that's his department.
He's in charge.
Stay somebody with us.
Oh, please to meet you, Mr Jordan.
Oh, I forgot.
You can't see him.
Well, maybe if I had a good, stiff drink you can't see because you're not dead yet.
Well, well, I guess you two fellas have got Ah, a lot of business to talk over, so I'll be mooching along.
I know you don't, Mr Jordan.
I got to get this through to him.
He's a swell guy.
He's my manager.
I'd be lost in the ring without him.
Make him understand.
Will you just let him see you for a minute?
You can do it.
just sort of Joe try.
Can I?
I'm gonna make you understand if I have to pound you into a jelly.
How would I know about Joe if I wasn't Joe?
And listen to this.
You got 40% of me.
Well, thanks.
Since when did you give me that?
Since that night.
That story when you saw me put away butcher boy Mackenzie.
You said I had color.
You said I had what they wanted.
And how is your sister Rosie and the three kids?
Have the twins gotten over the measles yet?
So who are you anyway?
Joe, your Joe.
This is Farnsworth's body because you burned mine.
Your big stiff.
Wait a minute.
I'll prove it to you.
Do you remember this?
Hey, that's Joe's.
I gave it all for Joe.
Would you get that?
It's mine, I tell you.
I'll play your favorite tune for you.
You always hit that.
It's you, Joe.
He knows me.
He knows me.
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Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - He Recognizes Me Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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