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Here are six unanswered questions about the crabby patty.
Number six.
The origin.
The crabby Patty is the single most popular food in the ocean, and it has been ever since.
Well, that's where things get a bit confusing.
In the episode friend or foe, Mr Crabs claims he invented the crabby Patty during his childhood.
You had first to taste a crabby patty Theo.
But in the episode Dunces and Dragons, we see Mr Crabs, his ancestor King crabs get the idea for a crabby patty from SpongeBob when he goes back in time.
I don't wonder if I could set of these.
So which is the work of an entrepreneurial young crab or a family recipe handed down since the Middle Ages?
Or did Mr Crabs invented in his childhood teacher to SpongeBob SpongeBob could go back in time and give the idea that King crabs creating a space time paradox in which the crabby patty has had centuries to gain popularity and dominate the underwater fast for a crabby patty?
Number five.
Just one bite.
We all remember that first time.
It's squid word a crab.
But was that truly his first bite of the famous burgers Let's take a look back at the episode shoes on its quit working All of these crab and SpongeBob watched it.
In fact, Corn Bob Accident and thin.
Why do they both act like he's never eaten one before?
Are they hiding something?
But then who are they trying to fool?
They're the only ones there.
Did they just forget if you accidentally trip 20 times and sent 20 tipper burgers flying across the room and into the mouth of a friend who proceeded to swallow each burger full?
But you forget.
And isn't the grill usually over here?
Ah, there too many questions.
Let's move on.
My are just number four Perfect Patty Place.
What is the correct order to build a crappy if we take a look at the episode Pickles SpongeBob himself tells us in the correct order.
First son and patty alibi ketchup, mustard, pickles, extra lettuce, cheese, knives and fun in that order.
What if we look at the episode Pickles.
It's gone, Bob himself tells us the correct order is lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles on top.
Fun together in that order.
That's right.
Very same episode.
We get two different answers as to correct crabby Patty Bill.
This isn't number three plankton Patty Purchase.
We've seen countless schemes from plankton and attempt to steal the crabby patty formula.
He's built robots, speak friendships and even called upon an army of plankton.
But the question is, why plankton?
Why would you do all that?
What's the point of expending all that time, money and effort when you could just buy a crabby pants?
I mean, think about it.
In the very first episode Plankton appears in.
We see he has a machine that will tell him the exact ingredients of anything.
He drops in it way.
No, we can afford it based on all the money that planted spend on their various schemes and inventions.
So why not just buy a crabby patty yourself?
Maybe crabs would refuse your money out it His money is no good hair.
What do you say it, Mr Script word.
But either way, you could send someone else to do it.
Or you could use one of your elaborate disguises, which always seem to full SpongeBob.
But instead of trying to pull off some convoluted scheme, just fire crabby patty, walk out the door and drop it into this machine.
Ah, you're killing me, Smalls.
Get it because he's He's small.
Number two extra employees.
Who makes the crabby Patties?
I know, I know SpongeBob but isn't the only one.
Think about way.
No SpongeBob head days on.
How am I supposed to enjoy your day off if you come?
Don't work anyway.
You know, when squid tries to make them, it doesn't work out way.
We know that Mr Crabs is no expert thanks to his experience on the insects diarrhea.
So who is making the Patties when SpongeBob isn't there?
Is that why they have this crabby patty ball?
But in the episode, just one bite smoke.
Bob insists that crab must be eaten fresh Patty, this special should be eaten fresh, be eaten fresh.
And if that's case, then what's the point of the crab?
Patty vaulted all, and that's another unanswered question.
But we won't count them.
Our little secret number one secret formula Finally, the one you've all been waiting for.
The crabby patty.
There is so much mystery surrounding this one.
I don't even know where.
How bout with what is the crabby patty formula?
The episode friend or foe reviews that the formula is related to the batter that makes the pat discovered better.
But in the episode, as seen on TV, Mr Crabs also claims that there is a secret soon topped off with a secret sauce does have its own secret formula.
In one episode, we even get a glimpse of the scroll that supposedly holds secret form on Lee to find that it's gibberish.
Is it some sort of code?
Do you need a cipher to read it?
Is it possible that there is no formula?
Could it just be in a genius marketing technique by Mr Crabs?
Or could the formula secret?
We don't even want to know the answers Way may never find the answer to this question or any of the others, but that won't stop us from Trump.
First, I'm gonna go get myself a crappy for research.
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6 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS about the Krabby Patty ❓? SpongeBob

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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