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Nations are one player in these platforms.
Will society function in the future as entities with force behind them form?
Yes, well, democracy will have to change.
Democracy will have to change.
Our generation earned trust by size and strength up until now.
Youth today give their trust by participating to see first-hand.
I do think neutrality is important.
Diving deeper into this perspective, we eventually find authenticity.
Authenticity is very vital.
Things with a real feel earn trust even if the production value drops a bit.
Computer graphics can make anything beautiful.
The desire is to see the genuine truth when possible.
I debate this often as a New York Times' Director.
The New York Times takes a third-person perspective.
Articles use 'a reporter' even if it is our reporter.
Young readers think our reporters never leave our New York building.
Vice News puts reporters in the field as some kind of hero.
People picture them on the front lines.
So, the change in tastes is one part.
The other is a democratic change.
People used to read, debate and vote before elected officials began a debate.
Citizens now debate and form their own opinions.
The state must reflect these opinions.
I think the indirect democracy we know today has to change.
I wrote a paper entitled Emergent Democracy in 2003.
I felt blogs would spark this.
Social media brought about a wave of revolution known as the Arab Spring.
This has not yet reached a governmental level.
The Pirate Party and others in Europe are using tools like Liquid Democracy.
Some management is now possible online, and Trump is the first real test.
A real online democracy will most likely be born in the next 20 years or so.
The current American system is broken.
So, America may have the first?
America might be or another country may bring online democracy in revolution.
Are there any yet unknown technologies?
Good question.
The extension of mind and body.
Integration between man and machine will really evolve.
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トランプは1つの実験…ネット時代の民主主義とは?| DEMOCRACY and AUTHENTICITY | GET WIRED | Ep6

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 1, 2020
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