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I'll never forget the night we meant talk about two people meeting and becoming like instant best friends for life.
You introduced me the gratitude of meditation, and I used to road Lily, You being shooting a lot of you used to stuff you were saying it like just literally at saying room right house.
I have this little try past pod thing that I'm actually using this so I could, like, set it up on the tripod and like, then click like I pose myself like click it and, like, hide the clicker.
And why did they shoot?
They totally has, like, drop out remote from my hand.
I need to get one of those you dio.
You don't have to bug Caleb every minute, like you take the picture again.
My husband, you know, really is a private man, and I respect that so much so I just kept the gym for my filming Space Mom Sanctuary.
I'd like either in the closet or in my bathroom, trying to do business calls.
Well, kids are running around.
It's so sweet.
That's the funniest thing, right?
So you've been practicing yoga while your home.
It's something actually Evan and I make sure that we dio at least once a week together.
The first actual date was a yoga class like he'd never been to yoga class before.
How brave to go on the first date with supermodel and try yoga.
I, like, was giggling in the background because I was like, Oh my God, what did I get this poor guy into is in, like use Bastable show.
It's like trying to do all these closes.
I love that.
I didn't know that was your first day.
That is so cute.
He clearly enjoyed it because we still practice together.
You've been doing your wellness Wednesday's which I've been loving.
Yeah, it's so simple and so easy that we often overlook it.
But it's so powerful to just take a few deep breaths and just okay, like being a month being present.
Breathe through this.
We met when we were, like, 19 years old or something, and you were so ahead of you really, really are like the person that kind of introduced all that to mean.
I'm so grateful for that because it's such an important practice in my life.
During this time, I realized I had the time to finally enroll in college courses, and I found that Yale offers is course called The Science of Well Being.
And it's like this happiness course.
And my daughter's like, Mom, you're too old to go to college.
And I like No, that would have been some things that you guys have been doing.
It's a family, um, cooking together.
Like yet we've bean baking muffins.
Actually, he's one of our little muffins.
I might just have a little but have your nursing mama.
You got to get all those good snack.
No, I need snap Still the times crazy.
We celebrated hot birthday in quarantine.
I made him a cake in the shape of a cot.
First word was Dad, and he's 2nd 1 was caught.
I was like, What about like, uh, where's Mom?
Calif will be like, cool by and he looks at me and I'm like, Where's death?
And goes, Did you say hi Lives have been doing the cooking?
He has been cooking.
Free meal were out for 10 weeks.
Caleb really loves cooking it, like, relaxes him so good at it.
That's so good.
You actually have made me some of my favorite meals.
Remember when I was pregnant?
I came and have a sleepover at your house.
You make me like sweet potatoes and a roast chicken with coconut oil, and it was so yummy.
I know you have said, and I've said it was like I'm actually loving just being home with my family.
I wanted to come my husband tear and wouldn't let me do have a lot of fun cutting the Hawks hair, but it turned out to be a little bit of a old cut eye.
But he's so cute, though with his little cut, I cut Winston Bangs because they were like going into his eyes.
I put them like, really too sure he had, like, little bangs till here, but it looks so cute, and I'm so proud of your time.
I see his little haircut.
Oh, I'm so bad with my hair, which is why it's just like straight.
But sometimes you know, for my wellness.
Wednesday's I have this where I like loaded up in the little clip, flexes your hair like that.
It's two cubits like not even fair.
How keep was second eyes to you.
It's like nothing No time has passed, I think deliver on like a like a French swimwear casting.
And we've yet and we started talking.
I think I said hi to you first.
Think you did, You know, like I was lonely.
I was living by myself.
Young model in Paris.
I didn't know what you but it was like, right.
And then we met up the next day.
Then we were wearing, like the same outfit.
Remember Isabel?
We've had that many fun times.
I had to do thes photographs full rag and bone on.
But yes, we were dancing around, probably dancing to kings of Leon.
I think you were dating Kayla, but the time I was like getting from the Red Curtain.
Okay, let's jump.
And then I slipped my head back.
Oh, I got I was like, This is why she was a supermodel.
I can't take a bad picture of her.
She's so gorgeous.
It was so fun.
I love you So much has been so good to see your boy base.
So good to see your face.
I love you, Hugs.
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ミランダ・カー&リリー・オルドリッジが自宅で親友トーク!夫との初のデート、子育て、ウェルネスについて。| On The Sofa | VOGUE JAPAN

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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