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But this time, do it at your SpongeBob.
Thank you, those fryers, because I am sure hungry for one.
And my face, My face.
Also my leg, but mostly my face leg.
I was looking for an excuse to get out of jury duty.
Shell Polish, slime deodorant.
Chew toy.
Ah, soda.
Uh, way my leg.
My leg.
Last one.
Put my daughter through college.
All right, let's get this over with.
Feels great.
Thanks, Doc.
I'm glad, Fred.
What you've got to be more careful with.
Come on, Doc.
It's just got another one.
Just Georgians.
Leg your smooth.
Next time you come in here with a hurt leg, I'm going to replace it.
With what?
Robot leg call.
It might be cool, Tiu, Fred, but how does the robot feel about it?
My legs dont think.
Ok, OK, Doc.
I get it.
I'll take better care of my leg.
I promise.
Looks great.
Stay away from my legs.
Spongebob friend, I'm so sorry.
I drove that freight train on a my leg.
Everybody work.
Who's back like Why are you following my life?
You have to listen to me given confident danger.
Isn't that so?
Patrick, you what?
He's just afraid if I hurt my leg, the doctor will replace it with his leg.
Always bad.
All shots he can.
That little girl back thing one is even better than Okay, Here's what we d o Okay, So wow, that's crazy.
They hit me everywhere except my leg.
When I met you, my fingers went numb And my arms were all over your Now my loneliness went because my link is in Lo que my leg I can no snow shoe land fits like a glove My leg is in love Wow, My leg is in love My femur Two of the marrow is recuperate Shot an arrow So my Vega's involved like cats are getting restless, but they're going crazy on with the nurse.
And I think your name is days really made it.
Am I?
Oh, yes.
My list was a fake leg.
Bring to things like sat up, Frank, A leg, my bubble.
A magistrate that's gonna dabble you when you're gonna swim my leg and half or make it disappear or pull a rabbit out of it.
I know that this isn't going to above your leg.
You gotta go, SpongeBob.
I'm washing my thighs tonight.
Shame, Bread.
Oh, Were you injured by this insane lighthouse?
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Every "MY LEG!" Ever in SpongeBob ? ft. Fred the Fish

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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