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so happy.
Right thing is just everything I wanted after tea in London with Experience High, where Kristen, Kanye travel pockets were sisters who are half American and half Japanese.
And we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much way Post videos weekly and would love free to subscribe to our channel always along on all of our adventures you have to do, um What is this?
Eliminate drink, I believe way Just love doing experiments.
Doesn't seem excited.
Nervous making.
But all that stuff here like doctors Nicely done standing now turn green.
And what's the other woman in turn?
Dark blue.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
So this was the part I was waiting for for the science Afternoon tea should dig up my Fosse's His chocolate dirt way have defined dinosaurs.
It's not like my data source.
It's right there.
E That's all day.
And then, of course, you get lots of little appetizers here.
This is smoked salmon avocado way Got brio sh with roast beef.
That's chicken and basil right there with lemon metes And so these air their scones.
I heard I read online that these were really good.
Their homemade scones top way got deserts, Andi.
Believe some type of news chocolate.
I'm not under censure on and in some back room way.
Have a space.
His face.
He's cute and then comes a way.
Got different those different types of tea to candy Got the jasmine tea and I got a green tea and Brown writes to which I thought was interesting.
It's most good, actually smells like Japanese barley.
So my kind of to so happy right?
It is just everything I wanted after tea in London with experience and digging fossils, what more can a girl ask for?
So Mr With So in, just like just like too much froth basil mixtures.
Really refreshing.
I really want to try a rocket ship rocket ship, one house gone.
It's like line chocolate.
Uh, actually, not a big kind of macaroons, but anyway, I think we're not big fans of salmon.
Obviously, that's what way.
I just want to show you how pretty it iss and even has.
It looks like dill on top and the salmon room.
I mean it looks amazing, and I'm sure it's delicious that you like raw salmon or salmon.
I'm just I think I smoked salmon, so I'm gonna leave it.
I've been wanting to try this because I've never heard of a lemon Manning's on women.
Manet's It Sounds really refreshing.
I love Lemon.
Um, I don't eat man is that much anymore, but I do like it.
That's good, is really, really tasty.
Regrettable, over manning.
Just great great crystal, maybe like a little bit spreading a little bit more of chicken.
But I still like it, though I love guns.
Actually, ground comes from scratch Teoh, and they do taste different from like, store bought or pre made are made scones.
Some will excited try there and how scone fundamentally different they have this.
I think it's I just want to ask her what it waas and lemon curd.
So that's what that is.
Really Arian, which I like.
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Science Afternoon Tea at The Drawing Rooms in London - Dig Up Dinosaur Fossils in Chocolate Dirt!

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林宜悉 published on August 1, 2020
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