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Hello, everyone.
My name is Fiona.
Today we are going to be looking at two words that will really help with your English listening and pronunciation skills.
You can see that they looked the same.
But how did they sound on?
What's the difference?
Kate bunching to find out Why are you ready?
Let's begin first.
I will say the sentence quickly.
So really listen well.
I may live videos where I live.
Second time slower.
I make life videos where I live.
Okay, let me show you the sentence.
I make live videos where I live.
What two words go in the blanks here.
Can you tell me?
Well, the answer is I make life videos where I live.
I know, I know they look the same, but they're two different words.
Let me tell you what Let's have a look at our two words in more detail.
We have live and live.
The spelling is the same, but the pronunciation on the meaning is different.
It's a hatred.
What's ahead?
It's where you have two words where the spelling is the same.
But the meanings on the pronunciations are different.
Let's have a look at the meaning on the pronunciation of our two words.
I'll start with life.
Live is an objective.
It means something that is happening right now.
You can go and see it with your own eyes, like a broadcast or a concert hair.
Two sentences to show you.
This the 1st 1 The live debate is happening right now.
The live debate is happening right this second.
You whom Go on, Watch it on number two.
I like watching live streams on the Internet.
I like watching people broadcast themselves on the Internet life right now as it's happening, let's practice pronunciation.
Repeat after me.
Life, Life.
Our second word is lift.
Live is a vote.
It means to make your home somewhere on.
I have two sentences to show you this.
I live in America.
It's where I live, the country where my home is and sentence number two.
They live across the street from me.
I live hit my house.
They live across the street there.
House is across the street from my house.
Okay, let's practice pronunciation.
Live live.
Now let's go back to our main sentence.
I make life videos where I live.
I make lies, videos that are happening right now.
I'm a live videos where I live, where my home is.
I make life videos where I live.
Okay, let's practice.
Pronunciation will go slowly to start on.
Then we'll speed up like a native speaker.
Repeat after me.
I make live videos where I live.
Okay, A little bit.
I make life videos where I live.
Well done.
A great job today, guys.
You had some really great practice in English, listening on pronunciation.
If you wanted to go, and once and more than you can check out any of all of the videos.
This in real gems that Andi, if you want to leave a comment, we've gone down below.
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Live vs Live | Heteronym | Improve Your English Vocabulary and Pronunciation

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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