B2 High-Intermediate 18 Folder Collection
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you, mermaid man in vertical boy, my child, would we used to be.
But now we're retired, But you can't retire.
There's evil afoot.
Before you become a jelly spotter, you have to pass a rigorous test.
Your first test Catch a jelly fish jelly way boys who cry Attention You want to Do you see?
Oh, would you sign my crabby patty?
Oh, I don't sign what I didn't make.
Hey, Big Shut went until step behind the fryer for old time's sake.
Everyone watch and learn.
No one watches, Jim.
One Patty the right way.
Beauty perch.
Perkins here for bikini bottom news today SpongeBob SquarePants will attempt the impossible.
Ah, high sea dive from that diving board will be the first sponge ever to dive up through the ocean.
Pay Toots, check out the debut of my new Uh oh!
What's that on your head?
Eyes That a wig?
A pilot?
Toilet paper.
Come on, give it a chance.
Let me try it on.
You revealed my shiny gold hot If you want it, you gotta catch it.
Dio my beautiful wig.
Good work, man.
I see you've read my book.
Craig Hamilton, the Tanis Man on TV.
None Other gorgeous wrinkles.
I don't mean to brag, but, uh wait time.
You've all been waiting for Kenny.
The cat will do his signature wall.
It would need a lot of time.
My official Kennedy Cats, Bachelot.
Thanks, Kati.
You're so real.
Oh, you're hungry.
What do you say we move this autograph session to the Krusty Krab?
Did you see that?
Can you?
Just gave me a trademark.
A okay sign.
So I just took my private yacht across my private lake to my private heliport.
It's the only way off my private island.
Oh, shrink!
It's my arch rival from high school Scwill iam, Francie, you can see me, Krusty Krab uniform on your lunch break.
And Squiggy Yes, I mean no.
I mean Hey, what you been up to?
Oh, just succeeding in everything you failed in.
You are no great shakes, William.
Fancy son.
Anyone can be a big shot in a hick town like bikini bottom.
Oh, is that so?
Not dead.
Ted Theme And give a warm welcome to jazz helping you seem to have ushered in an entire new era in house fancy nous I have have what you have done here harkens back to the illustrious post primitive movement popularized by famous designers.
Saw Lincoln's say, Was he a big inspiration for you?
Why, yes, I studied him for years, Elise.
Someone worthy of being a royal fried who has freed the spatula from the grease that I did.
Neptune Sponge Bob Square pants.
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Every CELEBRITY in Bikini Bottom ? SpongeBob

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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