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- Where did it come from?
- Nobody knows. It just fell out of the sky and landed here.
- Wow. Was anybody underneath it?
- Just some silverware.
Probably flatware, now though.
- Guys, this is so cool!
It's like a real-life Loot Crate!
- Yeah, dude. That's just called a crate.
- Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man!
I wonder what's inside.
- Something tells me it's Skewerz, you know?
'Cause it says it right there on the side.
- Oh, yeah. I knew that.
I can read.
- You sure?
Seems like maybe you should go back to mini-school.
- I can read, okay?
Whatever. I am outta here.
(door banging)
- It says pull.
- I know that.
(door banging) (grunting)
(ominous music)
- Pear, Look!
I think something's alive in there.
- Don't open it.
Are you crazy?
Look at those warning stickers.
- Nah, don't get stuck on the stickers, Pear.
Whatever's in there, we gotta help 'em out.
There aren't any air holes.
Okay. Now there are air holes.
(loud rattling)
- Orange, maybe we should step back.
- Yeah. Good point.
(laughing) (screaming)
(dog barking)
Aw. They're friendly.
Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?
Go get the stick.
(banging) (screaming)
- Maybe that wasn't the best idea.
- Yo, whatchu talkin' 'bout?
Listen to all the fun they're having.
- Good boy.
He brought the stick back.
- Uhh. I think he brought back more than that.
- Hey, nice.
Having this hole in my stomach finally paid off.
(crashing) (groaning)
- Well, so much for playing fetch,
but at least we gave it a stab.
- Orange!
Listen to me.
We gotta get rid of these Skewerz, now,
before they run amok and destroy the entire kitchen!
- Get rid of them? B-B-But, we can't do that.
I already gave 'em all names.
- You haven't given any of them names.
- Yu-huh! This one's name is, um--
- You're making up a name for him right now, aren't you?
- Would you be quiet
and let me think of the names I definitely
came up with earlier? (barking)
Its Stabby McLancelot (screaming)
Yeah, that's good.
- Great. While you were thinking up his name,
Stabby McLancelot, ran off to lance a lot more people.
- See what I mean?
Did I nail his name or what?
- Orange!
- Okay. Okay. Lemme talk with him real quick.
(whistling) (barking)
- Stabby McLancelot,
Other Skewerz I haven't named yet,
I don't wanna have to get rid of you,
but you have to stop running around stabbing people.
Do ya understand?
I feel so bad, Pear.
I'm keeping them from doing what they are born to do.
- They just killed 12 people!
- You're right. I--
Hey! You smell that? I think it's--
Oh, No!
- Hello, Orange.
- Hello. Vegetables.
- Heard through the root system,
that you're looking to get rid of some Skewerz.
- Yeah, that's right. We're offering them up
to a good home, for free.
- Excellent. Excellent. Tell me,
do these Skewerz have any special talents or skills?
You know, ones that might play well at a circus,
or on Tiktok?
- Well ,they stab a lot of people.
- Nice.
- Yeah. We can work with that.
- Orange, I don't think these veggies are very trustworthy.
- Seems like they wanna put Stabby
and his friends in the circus.
- Or worse. You heard 'em mention Tiktok, right?
- Hey, so do we get to see these Skewerz or what?
We doin' this thing?
- No. No deal.
- No? Whatchu talkin' 'bout?
- Whatchu talkin' 'bout?
I love my Skewerz.
I've even give them one of them a name.
I don't care if they wreck the whole kitchen
and stab people, all to get excited.
They're staying with me.
- I see. Well, unfortunately for you, we brought backup.
- That's right. We brought dozens of our friends.
- Yeah. And we're all standing in a single-file line.
Whatchu gotta say about that?
- Just one thing, I guess.
- Yeah? What?
- Shish kabob.
- Huh?
(air whooshing) (barking)
- Go, Stabby, go!
(thudding) - Uh oh.
(crashing) (screaming)
- You did it, Stabby McLancelot!
You and your friends are free!
You'll never have to join the circus!
Or Tiktok!
As for the mobile game though,
- I think I might have an idea.
- Yeah!
- [Announcer] That's right.
Introducing Skewerz, the new mobile game
from the Annoying Orange.
Using your trusty Skewerz, stab fruits,
and bring them back the handy-dandy
slicing and dicing appliance, the Froomba!
Go ahead, play with your food!
Download it now and give it a stab!
We're also giving away a free Xbox One Roblox bundle
to the first person to get three stars
on every level of the game!
If you're able to complete this feat,
please email screenshots or video capture
to [email protected],
No cheating or photoshopped images allowed!
So get to it and start stabbing!
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Annoying Orange - Skewerz!

19 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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