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- What up, fruity toots?
O to the A here with a funky fresh challenge video.
- Hold up, cut.
(record scratches)
We should take that again.
You accidentally said, O to the A.
- Well yeah, I meant to.
- What do you?
- 'Cause today, we're doing the backwards word challenge.
So get ready to say all sorts of things in reverse
with today's special guest, Wollamhsram.
- Wollam what now?
- Yay!
It's so great to be here!
- Oh, Marshmallow.
- Marshy, you have experience doing things in reverse?
- All the time, Orange.
For example, sometimes I love people
before I've even met them! (giggling)
- Well, it sounds like you'll have
your nonexistent hands full today, Little Apple.
Now let me show you how we do this thing-a-ling.
This is an app that plays things in reverse.
So if I were to say motorboat,
it would sound like this when played back.
(phone plays gibberish)
(giggling) (laughing)
- Wait, so that's all we're going to do today?
Say words and listen to them in reverse?
- No, silly.
You've got it all backwards.
You'll say a real word in reverse the best you can.
Then when I play your backwards word back backwards,
hopefully it'll sound like the real word.
Whosever word sounds most like it should wins the round.
- Yeah, this is confusing.
- I understand completely.
I'll go first.
(triumphant horn music)
- Okay, Marshy, the first word is YouTube.
- YouTube!
Okay, let me think.
- Sounds pretty reversified to me, let's play it back.
- [Phone] YOU-A-TUBE-MA.
- Pretty darn close.
Way to go, Marshy.
- That sounded so weird. (giggling)
- Okay, okay.
I get it now.
Let me try one.
- Little Apple, your round one word is Facebook.
- Facebook, no sweat.
I got this.
- Let's go to the tape.
- [Phone] Little Apple's so small,
he has to use a ladder to pick up a dime. (laughing)
- Orange!
(record scratches)
- What?
You said it, not me. (laughing)
- That is not what I said in reverse.
It's your voice making a joke about my height.
- A joke about your height?
I would never stoop so low. (laughing)
Relax, Little Apple.
It always sounds weird
when your voice gets played backwards.
Remember how weird Marshy thought it sounded?
- It didn't sound that weird, Orange.
- I think you're just mad 'cause Marshy
obviously won that round.
- Whatever.
- Yay!
Let's do Round Two.
(triumphant horn music)
- Your next word is hamburger.
- Let's see how you did.
- [Phone] HAM-BER-GA.
- Approximately correct, yay!
- And Little Apple, your word is hot dog.
- No sweat.
- And let's hear that in reverse.
- [Phone] Little Apple's so short,
he does pull-ups on a staple. (laughing)
- That isn't my voice, Orange!
- Relax.
It's not my fault you don't know
how to say hot dog backwards.
- Round three, round three!
- Gah, fine, but this is the last one, okay.
(triumphant horn music)
- Round three it is.
Triple points, this one's for all the marbles.
Little Apple, your phrase is, Orange is the best.
- (grumbles) Do I have to say it?
- Of course not.
You're welcome to forfeit at any time.
- Fine, I'll say it.
- And the replace says.
- Wow, you nailed it, and it's so true. (laughing)
- Yes, I knew I could do it.
- Now me, now me!
I wanna say something nice about Orange too!
- Marshy, your phrase is, Orange is very handsome.
- So true.
Okay, here goes.
- And reversified, it sounds like.
- [Phone] Mortals, tremble before me.
The hour of your demise is at hand. (sinister laughing)
- Yeesh, I think we're going to have to give
Round three to Little Apple.
- Aww, are you sure?
- Yeah, pretty sure.
- You're absolutely sure you don't
want to rethink your decision?
- Uh, yeah.
Okay, Marshy wins.
- Agreed.
(record scratches)
- Hooray for winning! (giggling)
- Let's get outta here.
- Yeah, right behind you.
- You will stay and celebrate my victory.
(whimsical music)
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Backwards Word Challenge! | Annoying Orange

46 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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