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Hello, everybody.
I'm in a funk.
You ever get in a funk?
I get in a funk.
Sometimes it happens just the world and everything.
Lately it's just been spinning the right kind of direction to get me into a funk On a minute.
I just need a work through this funk that I'm in.
And I thought the best way to do it would be to talk on camera to you guys or not.
Maybe I'll never upload this, but, um, yeah, I just want talking out.
It looks like I'm just saying this right now, but you've missed this whole chunk where I've talked about things and I deleted the whole thing because I'm so self conscious about stuff that I told about on the Internet, and it sucks.
It has become that way.
I mean, it's kind of expected, you know, as the Internet is just a place that is not always a fun place to be, and you know, if you express opinions if you express yourself, if you talk about things, you'll get people finding back.
Well, then you have to really discuss why you feel those things are like, I don't know.
It's just so, like troublesome.
It's so intense to say things on the issues that sometimes I just don't say anything.
I don't like that safe, but it's not very fun, very cool.
I am censoring myself so much on the Internet and it's like that's kind of good in a way because like I look up to people who have this kind of mystery about them, where they're like that, there's just something one of them, like Oh, I don't know their whole life I'll just have to fill it in my head or like guests.
You know, I kind of like people who have that mystery about them, because when you share everything, that leaves nothing to the imagination and then it kind of shows like how you really are busily celebrities out there that now have access to the Internet and are really showing their opinions.
Now I feel like celebrities used to be so like unobtainable, so that's a distance so different yearly read things that people are saying about them or interviews, but now it's like they have Twitter and they just like saying whatever they want and it's just the whole it's a whole mess sometimes It's nice seeing the human side to celebrities, but sometimes it's like I kind of wish that I didn't have to know every thought and opinion so that I could just have you.
Is this this ideal?
Think I don't want to know that every humanist, florid.
I'm fine with not knowing that this is a really big tangent about both my teeth throughout.
Now, going up of my teeth out.
I have video that's like, off edited of my getting mileage to that.
But it's like I don't like the videos there.
I just want you so much amazing content lately, just such good stuff.
On the incidentally, I want to do something like that and then I'm like, I don't think I can is to on I don't know how to stop I don't know how to go about it.
And plus it's so different to my usual stuff that it's like, Is that really who I am?
Or do I just want to make it because I'm watching it and I'm enjoying watching it like maybe I won't enjoy making it.
Maybe it's just something nice to watch.
I don't know if this video could ever be a thing.
Is this video really gonna be better than the wisdom to video?
Is this really like?
Am I gonna want to edit this and be like Well, yeah, this is really stepped up.
The quality Emma Internet is a wit place to be right now.
Always has been right now it's just like it's a whole lot everywhere and get real stressed.
Stress comes from many places, Twitter being one of them.
Twitter is bad eyes, good points and bad points about there's some really good stuff, really funny business.
Some of the best drinks have ever seen a whole life Twitter.
There's also a lot of angry people.
And I get sad when I get out of that.
And I'm like I should place to Twitter and then go to Twitter.
Normally, I leave.
Let me let me talk about a few life changes.
Little update.
This this murder thing isn't about this, but it's a good time to update you about it.
But, uh, about two months ago, Eric and I parted ways.
When I'm gonna make a big deal out of it, just letting you know, updating you.
I've gone through the whole journey myself.
in my own private time in private space.
And now this is just me updating you as my pals.
And then we can move on.
We're still in contact.
He's a good dude.
We still chat, but also sweet Natasha is leaving to your creative.
If you guys didn't hear my my bunny, my coworker, my on screen pal and behind the camera panel to she's She's leaving TC and she's leaving Japan's comeback.
Teoh, Singapore.
So, yeah, that sucks.
A lot of my friends were in funds to, so maybe I am funk ing with them.
Have everyone knows about what a funk is?
Basic summary of how I feel is it is a scary place to be, and I feel worried about posting anything, and I feel discouraged and just worried, in general is, and then I just spend time by myself and doing, upload or do anything which is not cool.
Big life changes Eric.
Farewell, potash.
A farewell are no uncertain situation of what is happening in Japan.
People off on big holidays right now.
Everybody's domestically traveling, and I'm like, I don't know what's okay because the new says this and then you say this and everyone's doing this and I don't know what's going on.
So does that mean having a good time making music?
Music's been like Awesome.
You want to see some?
I mean, with the ISS.
I'm still learning.
I'm going for like what?
A couple months now If you're interested.
Here's a song by me.
Maybe a couple of songs.
Maybe snippets cause songs along This song is not riel per se.
I call us a song I assembled rather than a solid made Because it's loops.
It's not.
I didn't design me of anything.
Notes or anything.
It's a little like place, way, way Theo Streaming is being really fun.
Streaming is being great.
Also, new paper Mario Game.
Excellent Game through Toad.
But I have to ask, How did you face in a Sir Benten?
Oh, no, wait, Stop!
Also on stream.
I'm gonna be making this.
It's King putting.
It's the two leaders of putting.
I'm gonna make it with soy milk.
I'm gonna eat it, twitch, because that's kind of sick contents and doing these days, honor.
I just don't know what I'm doing.
I don't know what I want.
On another note, I'm filming a kitchen chats next week.
So that's cool.
That's planned in the schedule.
So maybe that will drag me out of it.
And maybe this will to a love 100.
GEC's a 100 gigs.
They're great.
Maybe there another reason that I'm so sad.
I feel so you, my friend.
But really, there's no problems.
Look, I'm OK.
A pretty good life.
It's just, um, and Funk.
Yeah, the big fund.
I got the sea funk.
Oh, Anyway, I'm getting sweaty.
I just wanted to give you those, uh, those updates of life and tell you I'm gonna funk.
But hopefully I'll be out of it soon.
Parts in some sweet contents, uh, to you guys.
Otherwise, I am still streaming a lot on twitch, cause I'm not in a funk for that.
For some reason, I'm feeling pretty pretty great about twitch.
Just mainly YouTube.
We just kind of like this, actually.
Like this kind of video.
This is kind of have twitches.
Hi, guys.
Hope you doing all right.
And I'll see you in the next video we doing.
Oh, my God.
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I'm in a funk

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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