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To be honest, I've never actually loved my hair.
I mean, the only time that I've bean really happy with my head's after I straightened it, There's something I do have a bit of a natural call you can't really tell because I just below dried my head.
But I do have a little bit of a net trickle, but I've never found a way to work with it.
I've used so many products and oils and curling irons and stuff, and I just I can't work with the natural call that I have.
I think that it looks kind of cute if I'm around the house, but it's it's always messy.
There's always a lot of top Fritz happening.
I found the only way to fight the frizz is to just flat I in my whole head.
I've been doing it since 2000 eight.
Now I straight in my head when I go out places.
If I have a job, any kind of thing where I have to look presentable in summer, it's the worst and flat.
Ironing your hair in summer is the worst feeling cause you're already sweaty and then putting this hot thing near your face it, Just get so sweaty.
I hate it.
I hate it so much.
So Japan has this thing.
You probably heard of it.
It's called a straight pound.
I have been wanting to get a straight poem.
Um, ever since I heard about them about two years ago, I was like, This sounds amazing and I feel that I've always been too scared.
I've always been way too scared because it's permanent.
It's fully permanent.
You have to wait for your hair to grow out, and then you can cut off the straight bits.
Recently, I realized I haven't been challenging myself, and there's a lot of things that I'm like, 01 day I want to do this And so now is the time to just do it.
I was watching a few videos about straight pounds before I watch Rachel in June's.
I talk to my friends, Sam and Jennifer, about it.
I know so many people that have a straight path here.
I've had some advice and I'm ready to go through with it, and I'm ready to do it.
So I'm gonna be going to Na Liu has salon and yet they're gonna help me out today and finally get me to a place where I'm happy with my hair and I won't have to strain every day and I can just wake up and my head would be ready to go.
So I know that after I get the straight poem done, I'm going to have to wait 2 to 3 days to wash my hair.
Just calm, push my hair.
It'll and I just have toe and I can't put it up in a ponytail or anything, so it's gonna be a little bit difficult with the sweaty summer that we're in.
But hopefully it'll be okay.
It's happening.
I'm finally doing something.
So without further ado, let's go to the hair salon way to turn the corner and then I'll be that I'd be freaking out the entire time.
I don't know why.
Nervous, I guess.
Because it's like permanent.
So I'm like, Oh, my God, it's permanent.
Oh, my God is permanent.
But Italy Fine.
It'll be totally fine.
I just need to get over it.
So this is my hair right now.
I don't know if you can see the fine details.
All right, well, I'm gonna head over there and go inside and let's get this fixed.
He'll be fine.
Oh, there we go.
There we go.
Now you can see.
Okay, with the sunlight, you can kind of see flyways.
That kind of happened to still feel.
There we go.
That kind of business.
So that's what I mean to fix.
That's the main problem that I have just all these frizzy bits.
So here's hoping it works out.
All right, Here we go.
All right, So I'm here now.
Way just about to get started.
First of all, What?
They're going to wash my hair?
I'm gonna go get washed, and I'll be right back.
Also, we are going to straighten my fringe, which is gonna make it look a little bit on.
It's gonna be, like, fully straight.
But just every morning, I'm just gonna use the restraining high and just called me and so should be okay.
That's freshly washed.
A month my boy is out about.
That's a That's more than a five.
Check out these little calves.
Yeah, I can just do it at home.
You Yeah.
So we just finished the first round of chemicals on.
I'm gonna be going to get my hair washed.
And then after that, I think we're straining it.
And then doing another round of So we just wished 11 And now we're going to blow dry and straighten.
Okay, We're gonna blow dry in ST.
So we just blow dried my hands.
And I also ordered a soy latte day.
So I'm excited.
I've got to drink, and then we're gonna straighten.
And I think that enough chemical to the head to bond it it's going to something.
Takes good to make it.
That's some smoothness done to happen it back.
Okay, so this side, like, I think this is what my hair is gonna look like.
Isn't that crazy?
Crazy from this?
Look at that.
Okay, so getting pretty straight, my friends looks a little bit, but I'm gonna be calling it in with a flat line every day, so it's not gonna look so straight every time I look at this.
Oh, my gosh.
It's crazy.
What are we doing now?
Okay, Time to bond.
It's confirmed.
It's a look.
I heard that it sets like this my family and friends, that sleep leaping off my face.
That's the dream.
Okay, so I just had one lost wash.
I think it's gonna be the last one.
I have seen a full hours for 4.5 hours, so I think now I think we just have to dry it straight.
I don't know.
I don't think they destroyed.
I have no idea.
But hopefully when Mary man, I'm ready to eat a course.
I'm so hungry.
I only had only give me today.
It looks quite long now.
Well, look how long it is.
This is where it wasn't long before Neelix.
I've been looking thin, spindly little bit.
It's gonna look good when it's when it's dry way crazy.
It feels so soft.
So we're gonna trim the ends, and I'm gonna get my fringe just a little bit shorter.
So it's not like, kind of like I'm boxed in, but I kind of want to show my eyebrows a little bit.
Looks slicing, guys.
Oh, my gosh.
It looks so good.
Can you guys see?
Look at that.
That's so amazing.
Okay, guys, five hours later, and here we are.
Look at that.
My gosh.
It's so soft.
It's seriously, so soft.
I can't believe this is my life now.
This is who I am from now.
Three days.
I can't wash my head and I can put my hair up in a ponytail because that'll put a kink in it.
So I just have to leave it as it is.
I'll use some dry Pembridge Pemper.
I'll use some dry shampoo so that it doesn't get too greasy on.
Yeah, I will check back in with you guys in.
I don't know, either a day or a week was something let you know how it's going after I wash it and everything.
Oh, my gosh.
This'll feels insane.
Okay, I'll check back in with you guys in a few days and also tell you everything like the price and would find this place and everything like that.
All right, here I go.
Like, um, my friends Magee, look that No, Fritz, No Frizz.
Thank you so much for doing my head.
Thank you.
Did such a great job.
Everyone, this is Yuki bythe three days since I got straight.
Pam done.
It has bean amazing.
So far.
The only thing is, I've been able to wash my hair for three days.
Eso as you can see, it is still very straight.
I have been allowed to, uh, music has straight to slightly kill the ends and call my fringing, but otherwise it just had to leave it as it is.
And I have to leave it exactly like this.
I am very tempted to keep doing this, but I have to keep it as naturally position as possible.
So it's been a bit warm, going a bit greasy, so I feel pretty disgusting.
And I'm really ready to have my first shower.
So gonna shower on, see how it goes.
So I had my dry shampoo ready to go, and I went to use it and empty with nothing left.
Unfortunately, a bad timing, but I've been using corn flour, which hasn't been amazing, but it's left a little bit.
So get cold floor and you put it in your room.
Yeah, I'm gonna have a shops.
So exactly No more Reese.
Right here, guys.
It is being exactly one week since I got my head down.
And this is how it is currently doing.
That So with this hat, I showered this morning and then I blow dried it.
And then I All I have to do these days is just get a straightener and just kind of slightly called ends on.
I call my fringe in because if I don't do that, I'll show you.
It actually looks kind of crazy when I get out the shot because it is so dead straight.
My head is still very, very soft and nice, but I can tell that it is getting a little bit dry as reading about before and permanent.
Straightening does damage your hair.
It just does.
But you could get a treatment with it, which is what I had.
So in the midst of straightening it, they did a treatment on my hair and they say, to do regular treatments after that, to keep your hair smooth and good quality.
My headdress actually said, If you don't do treatments, if you let your hair like dry out and stuff, it can return to being frizzy.
Just pretty much have to keep maintaining your hair, so I'll be doing treatments at home.
I can get like hair, mosques and stuff, or I can go into Salonika treatment.
Their life is very easy.
It's so, so nice.
I really love my hair every time I just wake up and I have straight her a shower.
I've straight her.
It's just it's so much easier.
It's really, truly enjoyable.
I don't regret this.
It'll and I would definitely do it again 100% like that.
Oh oh.
So of course I do want to be open with you guys and tell you all the behind the scenes stuck, so has actually offered this as an offer from now lose.
So I didn't actually have to pay for the straightening, but if you do want to pay for it, it depends on what kind of straightening you get and how long your hair is.
I saw there for, like, 17,000 yen, but I also in reading the If it's a sudden length, it could be over 20,000 yen.
It just depends.
Also, the straightening might be different, depending on the kind of head that you have.
I think it's best to go in there for a consultation and see what they can do for you, and then they give you quote the price.
Now, after this, I will be getting touch ups.
They recommend touch ups like every 3 to 6 months.
But Rachel from her video, she did it like a year after, So pretty much is gonna leave it and see how it goes.
And if I start going crazy with the phrase again as it grows through, I'm gonna get a touch up.
But I still love this hat.
Keep swishing around all over the place.
It's really wonderful.
I don't really have any negatives to say about it.
I haven't thought of a single negative.
Also, it did take 5.5 hours, but they were really busy at the Salone.
So I actually think it would take much less time if I went back in the less busy time.
So just when you go, just make sure you have, like, basically a lot of time free, my friend got it done in, like, 2 2.5 hours about people get it done in three full.
But yeah, 5.5 hours.
It was a lot, but still with it.
And I don't think it's ever gonna take that long again.
There is a problem if you have bleached or colored or damaged hair.
That's why I think you need to go in for a consultation beforehand.
Sometimes with actual bleached hair.
They just can't do the straightening because it would really damage your head.
Luckily for me, my head's all the natural color of gold mine out over time.
So yeah, I'd say Go get a consultation if you can and just see what is best for you.
By the way, I have bean out in super windy weather really hard and sticky weather, all kinds of weather outside.
And I have not had a single bed.
Friends happen.
Look at this.
It's just It's perfect.
Yep, That's right, guys, thank you so much for watching.
And if you're interested in this kind of service, I'm gonna leave a link to NALEO and description down below.
Thank you so much to my headdress that Yuki who help me out with this do She was wonderful, really easy to talk to.
And she used to live Name my old house in Australia, which is crazy.
Thanks for watching.
If you enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs out.
Leave a comment, Angela Hit Subscribe.
If you want to see more videos like this.
Not like this, but thanks for watching and say hello to the new Emma and I'll see you guys in the next booth.
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5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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