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Oh, my goodness.
That's for you.
Hey, Well, yeah.
I mean, I never hear my doorbell.
No one comes to visit me.
You're, like, the first person in a long time.
Oh, welcome.
Welcome to my pop.
Okay, that's after it's like, if I was This is my home, I think.
You say it in Russian.
Those old does?
Oh, yeah.
Careful of my arrows to block out the demons.
Oh, you gotta I didn't even see it was disguised by the umbrella.
Wherever you want to stop, just hit it.
Peaking all your stuff, if you will think of things.
Um well, this is my entrance.
There's a Japanese saying for game I think it is normal.
Your storage on your side with a good amount of storage to be old, like a bunch of important papers.
That note it is on the top toe.
I can understand, but it's something for the apartment.
That's a good she in that way, guys, here they're legit.
Legit fix way have, like a party in China one day, and we thought of 20 look really rich about a full kimchi jumpsuit with a gold chain product.
Glasses like $30 but look like I was 10,000.
Yeah, well, you call it a kitchen.
I told me.
Yeah, you got, like, two guns and Oh, no.
I'm like a lot when I stream, so I really just make breakfast.
And it's usually eggs and bread.
Peanut butter sandwiches, like, really simple you got.
Which is I feel I feel like not that motivated to cook here.
Maybe it's because, like, yeah, just just not enough to work with.
I always find this.
Well, if you're told you have you try to cook.
You have to, like, I think this times fridge like I'm not super simple.
I love you.
Just keep very basic stuff.
Water, yogurt, fruits, eggs strong.
Yeah, actually, not that bad.
That is a lot of strong zeros.
Oh, yeah.
Branches imported every time I go back to us to bring back the ranch.
Very important topic for pizza and slash or other dishes.
I find only year, like in the morning at night from the day I actually gone.
Oh, yeah.
This is, uh, yes, um, viewer like it was a clothing line.
You just gave it to me.
Twitch con recently.
Actually, this is my suitcase has been here for two months.
Oh, my God.
Old story.
Okay, so in Japan, if you have a certain size trash, you have to reserve a time online to come pick up the specific trash and go by little languages.
I get it.
But the only reservation did I get for this in this area with a two months ahead.
So they hasn't sit in my home for two months.
Really crazy.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it is house a small, but God has flavor.
You like?
Yeah, that's a character toilet.
Okay, I think Jackie's batons are amazing.
And I had to get how to get it separate.
It was like I loved separate corsage and like our bacteria.
No, I just like that privacy.
That's my screen.
Yeah, Hardly little combined.
Just This is everything I wanted.
Like a run in their day.
He didn't see what's the dreams of a little thing to help?
Yeah, I think so.
Even to save people.
But like a good one, I'm not here loss.
I think I just like I have just a bare minimum.
Somebody took your creative home videos like more stuff.
Yeah, I've been here for a while.
Use your traveling constantly moving along.
This is the bathroom shower.
All right.
We'll just send, I guess.
Almost stuff out.
Anything special here?
Uh oh, yeah.
Right now is giving you from a Korean friend.
He's great.
This is cool to miss that.
Is that standard engine, You know, it's nice.
I just like, What do you do?
You think he's, like, clean?
Like the area?
What's your face?
You can pull it up.
Maybe you guys taught me my favorite function of this of the sink way.
I don't know what is.
It just has to meet its not going like this.
But like you do that 44 e got it in my face.
You guys here, do you?
Let's do it.
And you got your country here.
Wall fitness.
I don't have a drive.
No dryer.
It is like the spin dry.
Actually, I take my clothes to a nearby quantum.
Just a dry cause.
Sometimes in the humid weather or something, you can get like the nice dry on police business.
So this is like my favorite part about Japan is actually like, I think she should.
You shower rooms?
Bathrooms really cold.
I like crazy.
Cool, because there's like because I don't have a house like this.
This does feel like a hotel.
Me really like.
It's so nice.
It is.
It's such a good son.
Such a big It's nice.
I don't know all these buttons.
Do I just always a fan.
Oh, yeah, I know.
Some people have, like, something keeps their bathwater warm.
I think you do have that function Nice.
Look, I'm almost like a bachelor when it comes to live.
I haven't made it My home.
Maybe I was a child long.
I was staying Japan.
So I haven't really done things like bought really important or, like big assets.
Thank you.
Don't know what the future is gonna be.
It could be hard to settle in.
One place going on here is a lighting good in here.
I care on the half yellow, half white rightness with my adjustable light remote when you go to bed to use, uh, no use remote.
Yes, I just like you see, I'll put it in the night like a zai.
Calm my nerves.
That's kinda cool.
You can just It is normal in Japan.
Is it fancy Oko Yellow?
Why, It's really dark.
Welcome to my bedroom slash office slash dining room.
My new addition.
This is my side office here for water, Lots of folding table that is now an official office here and everything.
Yeah, I want to see just home.
I usually just sleeping or on the computer like craving for supper, playing games, air streaming a little bit like Peter.
And there is a sneaky little tango box back.
Oh, yeah, that's that's an extra one of these.
Oh, my gosh, it's over.
Yeah, it's called Adobo Adobo.
I think I'm on, like Tyga's good boy list or something like they sent me boxes every once in a while, like I met with him one time and they put me on like their list of people that they sit in boxes to and they get the products out.
So, like $1 get little gift like the biggest user of thing is, I started as a joke.
I think when I came to Japan, I was like, What the hell is that warmed up to me?
And it became like a medium and then became my re out of you.
Just about your head laundry trying perfect.
More stories of the little apartment.
Yeah, I think they give me, like, this hangar things and a Rod.
And I bought this hanging laundry because my Washington does not have a drier and you're not allowed to put anything on the balcony.
Yeah, OK, yes, that's I said.
Yeah, I told this apartment.
Talk about this square meters of it, and the balcony was included in that.
But the funny placard I does when I took out the apart apartment check it out.
It says, Do not go out on the balcony except emergency.
You can't behavior.
You can't put like shoes out.
They're not supposed to, but anything.
And I said, like, Why is it Oh, it's just one visuals.
They don't like the building perfectly neat and also to potential wind blowing it collected.
That's insane to me.
So I think all my clothes here and drive with my air conditioning not efficient.
That's crazy.
Yeah, so I was actually like it's almost think it's one of those Japan things.
I was like, I kind of was a joke.
I was like why their placards like So I can't go in the morning and just have a tea and just, like, sit down in a chair and enjoy the sunrise like, Nope.
I mean, I have, like, a little bonds.
If you'd grown out there, don't tell anyone, but it's dead.
I water to go.
Hey, you got a lot of stuff in this corner.
Yes, This is like my every time I come home from my streams Like I kneel down here, put my backpack, and this is like my the viral streaming outdoors.
You mean set up corners?
Stepped in.
Just looks like it's just all over the place, but directly myself charged.
How many batteries do you travel with?
Usually four big ones like this is like 1,004,000 like power banks and four of them back.
That needs a lot powered.
And I don't have any issues when I'm overseas and coming whole heavy.
Uh, okay.
This is from Valentine's Day.
Just filled it with chocolate.
Yes, on a real thing show.
I'll try it.
Take hold five months.
Six months old.
But water.
Yeah, I won.
I think it's ok.
It looks normal.
That's actually really good water.
Got me.
This is to keep my hair back When I wash my face, it's Dumbo.
So I don't wash my face like this.
Oh, you couldn't wash your face again.
You guys should help me.
Like, what are these hooks for?
What the hell are built like I'm hanging ship for?
Because it looks like it should be for a curtain, But there's no window there.
Yes, that's I originally thought.
Is this for hats?
I mean, I think you're doing a good thing with them.
I don't know what this supposed to be for.
What's this?
That she was donut pillow.
I won from a crane.
It's actually really comfortable.
I don't know, like you put your head, I guess.
But I mean, it's like and it doesn't like.
My idea is, like, totally restricted by your Yeah, be careful.
Emelec's steals What's When did I steal with a Almost took my banana home.
I did way.
Wasn't the stressful banana.
Anyway, I got some questions for you.
Oh, cool.
Yeah, yeah.
How big is this place?
With square meters?
Uh, double check.
I think it's 25.
I don't know how to say it like what is the layout?
So in Japan and low, different layouts like LDK DK, like living, dining, kitchen and the number stands for a number of rooms.
So what's the layout?
I think it's a one K, and I think that hallways counts.
Is the kitchen okay?
So every point, this could also qualify.
Just this two years calling without a kitchen, one are are they could But because they put that maybe I'm just picking, like, not used to that.
And what can you tell us about the area that you live in near Shinjuku station?
And, uh, yeah, I don't know what area.
It's very a lot of businesses offices around here.
Okay, It's great cause of convenience and location, but actually aspires, feeling like a residential area with like, families.
And I like that kind of suburban feeling.
It doesn't have that at all.
It's like you don't you downstairs and it's just business people runs off work.
And so I was gonna ask, What's the thing that you like about the Everything would be the convenience of your definitely location.
That's likely the reason I chose because I know that when I stream like, I kind of just go outside and turn my camera and just start streaming.
So I wanted to be an area that I could just do that and I could already be in your station and you're ready to move.
What's something that you like about your place in particular?
Probably the how modern it is.
It's very new.
So everything was new.
Like when I came round.
I was the first person in this apartment.
So brainy building.
So that was kind of nice.
I mean, I think that's a great future.
It's so moated.
It's a nice finally, uh, can you let us know how much it costs?
I think the apartment is cereal, Mongols, and I think there's like me, mon of the management.
Use whatever guessing to know if you do come to get an apartment in Japan is to maybe make sure make sure some of you would you come posting for a while because if you do move, it is a lot of hassle and good advice.
Okay, well, that's it.
Thank you for having us.
Thanks for coming.
If you have a favorite pot of Jake's apartment, let us know in the comments down below.
And don't say tangos.
Could you be a nasty person?
Yes, it ISS Yeah.
Thank you so much for watching.
And we'll see in the next video.
Going bald for sure.
Well, they have led more right there.
My gosh, you heard another two months to take him out.
I've been I've been thinking, man for, like, two years in a row now, and this year may change it up.
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Jakenbake Gives us A Tour of His Modern Japan Home [TC Homes Ep. 8]

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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