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lovers ao in the game coming at John with a super spooky, shocked over challenge video.
I'm here with grapefruit pear work, Not your height, that's for sure.
So right now it's 2 58 in the morning and I wish I was in bad.
You scared Pan?
No, just tired.
Nothing's gonna happen at three AM, guys, all this 3 a.m. challenge stuff is baloney.
Somebody called from May know Honestly, let's not the first time this has happened People are always saying my name.
Boy, am I glad my name isn't bologna.
Some got a call from A Anyway, it's gonna be three m soon way.
We're gonna do all sort this stuff.
We're not supposed to do what they say not to use offended Bitter at 3 a.m. Well, guess what I'm doing.
They say not to touch your tongue to your highball at 3 a.m. They say anything about not being in bed at 3 a.m. Because I'm doing that actually broke.
I have heard that being in bed at 3 a.m. is a bad idea because thier way pretty ominous, smooth like how is that possible?
How is that possible?
I guess I kind of like that.
It Okay, I get it.
What do you want?
Fidget Spinner joining lamp Teoh.
Oh, like you back on a turn them back off.
Some people are trying to get some sleep.
I just told you Broke the lights.
Turned back on.
Nothing happened.
We've been sitting around playing Oh, no, by candlelight for the last hour.
You don't remember any of that?
No, Seriously, What are you talking to?
He's just a little mad that he laughed it.
You know, it's a little apple.
It's not three m yet.
What are you talking about?
That look, It's 2 59 What are you talking about?
What about okay, Can be 59.
That's baloney.
Why you leaving so soon?
It's almost three.
We've got to see if the weird stuff happens.
This week's Boje Wrapped cuts Currency of Jedi rapture.
Orange rap about fidget Spinners, please.
Oh, we're go.
Just go win with us being a school like I had three cups of coffee.
Devilish, devilish!
You're right.
I don't have to get me back 200 days.
You Brickley?
When the school day began I fidget, Fidget, fidget Try to lock down here with, you know jump So don't laugh.
Gonna tell you at the best Abbey citizen fidgeted while apple baby midget image It'd not clowning, boy, straight down Fever is most you relate Teoh.
I be season together Teoh Bend my back to Bridget Be heavily, happily Go Give it a stab that on its head has been upside down.
You cry up from the stress but you don't say a word.
We'll get it, Just go Page It's a four picks Do your mom but the biggest Yeah, it's a house and we're back with another episode of questions you have for me today Fruity Looked out Hey Orange, Do you have a bitch?
It's better lying around Never tried them Maybe it's time to give it up Orange It's not like you're gonna fly away Dio there's a C like i e Why on Earth Dio raining money?
Oh my God!
It's writing Or can you fly?
That was disgusting.
Would like one like all black 10 a broom fiber link It drip rebbe, But But was anyone Goody burble burble.
Okay, knock it off Orange.
Why Are you so cool?
Probably because I'm chillin in the freezer.
Get it?
It's a joke.
Don't you?
Snow wear orange?
Can you annoy care 10 times?
This is gonna be unfair.
Get a good one.
Nixa, Y t I just barely got that job.
Awesome pair puns.
My favorite tonight?
No, my montages Way that spring.
You okay?
What are you doing?
I know you have to annoy me one more time, so let's get this over with, okay?
I know where this is going to just do it.
Dude, come on.
Would you just say something?
The Where did the vampires go To open his savings account.
Answer the blood bank.
Ello, Ello, ello, Ello.
Well, thanks for the joke, buddy.
Say one million.
Bad words.
One million bad words.
We still don't know if marshmallow is a boy or a girl.
Okay, marshy.
Are you ready to reveal your agenda?
All right, here we go.
If you're a girl, please yell.
Hey, if you're a boy way tells us nothing become Mario and forth.
What would you do that to May little pair, Can you use a midget spinner?
Get it?
Get it midgets.
Bitter, perfect sides.
Thank you so much.
Right now, Howdy Doody's or debate your toe blow yard lines with new episode Way won't be blowing anyone's mind.
With the help of TNT way, find out what this week's prompt is.
Okay, use a fidget spinner.
Love in this episode up ready a fidget spinner.
I don't even know what the heck of midgets been or even in that because you're out of touch.
Bear that.
It's bidders on a cool, huh?
Well, I guess I'll learn something new today.
Take it away, Orange one pick up fidget spinner.
Seems simple enough so far down your back.
Its been er, um Okay, please tell me this is going somewhere, E I mean, there's, like a point to it, right?
Like it gets more complicated.
Step down pair.
Okay, good, good.
You with your big it's been or the way that's that's just the same step is before it's totally different fidgeting this time.
Fidgeting is fidgeting.
Spoken like someone who has no clue about 1/5 of the right way.
Are you seriously getting snobby about visiting?
Dude, there is no right or wrong way to fidget.
Favorite lacks may be set for my help.
You understand it?
All right for you.
With your digits bitter and yet a different orange.
Bridget spinners have to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard off doing it.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You think you look cool right now?
Why don't So I have to get my dung get happen.
Not my cough.
I think it's safe to say this video is over.
You haven't even fidgeted yet.
I think you know I'm not fishing with anything.
Don't move on the body, bear.
No, I'm not spending one of those on top.
Well, I guess you're just gonna have to use your stand, man.
Don't do that.
Uh, crap.
Get this type of a guy.
Got control?
No, J.
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Annoying Orange - Fidget Spinner Episodes!

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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