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>> Narrator: The Northrop Grumman F-35 electro-optical distributed aperture system
The cornerstone of a fifth generation fighter capability
Provides missile detection and tracking
Launch point detection
Situational awareness IRST and cueing
Weapons support
and Day-night navigation
[Computer sounds]
The revolutionary AN/AAQ-37
electro-optical distributed aperture system
or DAS
is composed of six infrared sensors
situated around the aircraft
The advanced IR sensors provide
long-range detections
and near 20/20 visual acuity
Day or night
The result is spherical sensor coverage
around the aircraft
The six sensors have an extremely fast update rate
and are digitally fused to virtually eliminate seams
and perform multiple functions
in every direction
at all times
Surface-to-air missiles can no longer hide
The DAS instantaneously detects SAM and MANPAD launchers
Predicts the missile's target
Alerts the pilot
And allows time for a choice of countermeasures
With DAS, a counterattack is possible well before the target can hide
Triple A, artillery, and tactical ballistic missiles can also be detected
Integrating this into the mission computer
will enable the EOTS and AESA radar to image and ID the target
Allowing an immediate counterattack to a hostile act
Situational awareness IRST is also a key function of the DAS
DAS detects and tracks incoming aircraft from any angle,
reducing the potential for mid-air collision
[Jet sounds]
Even with a tactical radar warning receiver,
pilots can still be surprised during non-radar or visual intercepts.
The DAS detects and tracks threats
360 degrees around the aircraft,
virtually eliminating surprises.
With DAS and a high, off-boresite weapon,
the F-35 can actually have a kinematic advantage
over a pursuing aircraft.
The enemy can either break off the attack,
try to defeat the inbound missile
or suffer the consequences.
DAS maintains continuous track and identity of wingmen
and other in-range aircraft
During close-in engagements, automatic identification systems
are practically useless
and identities of similar-looking aircraft are easily confused.
DAS sensors allow for instant tracking and ID correlation
even in dynamic in-combat manuevering
With DAS, aircraft IDs are maintained, despite similar aircraft appearance
or loss of visual contact by a pilot
In the age of high, off-boresite weapons and highly manueverable aircraft,
hesitation means defeat
and turning at the merge can lead to disaster.
[jet sounds]
[missile fired]
[jet sounds]
>> With DAS, instead of engaging in a classic dogfight
The F-35 has the option to simply to exit the dogfight
[missile fired]
and lets its missiles do the turning
[jet sounds]
For navigation function, DAS imagery replaces
bulky night-vision goggles, or NVGs, and provides
better overall visual acuity
DAS video imagery is projected directly onto
the pilot's helmet visor
is independent of cockpit lighting and
protects pilots against blinding laser devices.
Side-by-side video of daytime and night carrier approaches
Shows that even waves are visible with the DAS.
Landings in foggy and dusty conditions are also possible with DAS.
DAS imagery is unaffected by cockpit illumination and urban lighting.
Nighttime imagery of the city has clarity unimaginable using NVGs.
And when integrated into the mission computer,
DAS can provide optical visuals of multiple moving targets
in every direction, simultaneously.
DAS provides day and night vision spherically around the aircraft.
A pilot may have good eyes, but he can't see through the floor.
Unless he has DAS.
The revolutionary, multifunction distributed aperture system
for missile defense,
ground targeting,
air combat
and visual modes.
The electro-optical distributed aperture system provides
fifth generation lethality and survivability,
Seeing everything, everywhere, all the time.
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F-35 DAS

1551 Folder Collection
羅致 published on May 14, 2014
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