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  • Japan Rail Transit.

  • There are, ah lot of APS a lot of garbage, too.

  • So today I'm going to share the good ones.

  • Welcome back to Japan in a Jiff today.

  • We're talking about getting around Japan, using this right here, no going quick today.

  • So pay attention.

  • And do not be shy about sharing your ideas and all that in the comments section below starting Super Simple with the Japan Transit App, which is a basic point A to point B navigation and timetable app.

  • When I first moved in Japan, like 10 years ago before smart phones were a thing I see is this company's website to get around.

  • So I trust that Mexes the Japan travel at by nappy time, which is still a really basic app but has incredibly useful features like offline spots which, needless to say, is very useful in a disaster prone country like Japan.

  • Speaking of offline maps, I love maps that m E for exactly this reason, and they have one more really good feature that I like, which is the cycling maps that actually worked really well in Tokyo.

  • I always recommend that you rent a bicycle and explore Tokyo It can be kind of hilly at times and they give you like, an elevation estimate.

  • Everything still maps.

  • Not Emmy.

  • I like this.

  • And while these three should have you covered, for the most part, I haven't even gotten to my favorite ones yet.

  • I do feel, though, that I should given honorable mention to hyper dia, which has Japan Rail pass option.

  • I've just never been able to get the app toe work for me.

  • If it works for you, try to let me know what you think.

  • Down in the comments below my to absolute favorites are in Japanese, but one of Miss Super useful.

  • The 1st 1 is by the same company that does that second app.

  • Maybe time it is the most popular app in Japan can even give you an estimate of how crowded your trains are so that that's really cool and the other is specifically for the Tokyo Metro subway line, but is by far the most used app on my phone because it lets me know which train car to get on for quick and easy transfers that I'm not fighting the crowds, which is super useful when you've got a bunch bags.

  • Also, yes, Google Maps does work, but I find it likes to recommend city buses with in Tokyo and roads that don't exist in the countryside.

  • Kind of using your own risk type scenario.

  • And for those that like to travel in luxury Japan, Taxi has an app that works really well in English.

  • Also, in the case of the Tokyo transit system terrifies you.

  • I've linked a video on how to use it and get around and all that.

  • So feel free to check that I was told you were going quick today.

  • If you're new to the channel, I would love to have you so hit that subscribe button and regular viewers know I will see you again, really.

Japan Rail Transit.

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